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WordPress & avoiding a £1000+ headache

Wordpress it's brilliant website platform that makes people's life much easier. It's a really easy to use and flexible system. Sometimes it can be a huge headache! In the past 9 years I saw a lot of Wordpress websites. Surprising large number of the websites are NOT updated regularly. No wonder why over 30000 websites

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Top 6 Website Tips to Get More Clients

Did you know a mobile responsive website is an essential asset for every business to get clients? It's like a shop front that represents you and your company 24/7. It can work against you or for you. Could your ideal clients find you quicker and easier on the internet? What does your website say about

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Websites Are Waste of Money…

… IF you don’t know how to generate business with them. On the other hand if you know how to do it your website will be a really profitable asset for you and your business.

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How to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

Did you know over 30,000 websites are hacked every single day? Are you taking the right steps to keep your website secure? Or are you risking your website, your visitors, your online credibility, your business, your money and risking to help cyber criminals to achieve their evil goals?

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5 deadly mistakes that can kill your online credibility

Learn how you can avoid making 5 deadly mistakes that can kill your online credibility on your website and social media. #1 Not having a mobile responsive website, or having a dodgy one The first one is: Not having mobile responsive website or having a dodgy design. The reason why it’s really

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Top 13 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

After reading several books in the past years I felt it's the perfect time to reveal the list of the best books I read about entrepreneurship, business, financial freedom, sales, niching, mindset, and a lot more. Check out the top 13 books! ;)     The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy "No gimmicks. No Hyperbole. No

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5 simple ways to increase your online credibility

1) People buy from people. Show yourself to increase credibility! Build credibility in your website and social media visitors by presenting real photos of you and your team. Researches show people find companies more credible when they can see who's behind the brand. Also it's much more inviting for them to

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The Great Little Story of a Veggie Hero

Hi! My name is Istvan, CEO of 47 Links. Let me share a little about my tale with you… Once upon a time a boy – mini me 🙂 – was born in Hungary, in a little European country where less people live than in London. Was born and raised in a small town. My parents took care of my brother and me with their best intentions. Had a normal life, at least how it looked from outside. Inside it felt something was missing and I would find that somewhere else. I moved to the UK in 2012 on a quest for that missing thing. Since then the missing key became clear. It was inside me all along…