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Istvan Bujdoso with the AG Team in 2009
Jul 11

[PWBS] Ch. 1 of 5

By Istvan Bujdoso | Blog , Website

Hey, my name is Istvan, and I’d like to welcome you to my World! In 2007, while I was still at college, website building became my passion… A few friends of mine asked me to help them with their website… I said yes, even though I had no idea how to do it at that […]

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You are a badass Istvan Bujdoso
Jul 06

you are a badass

By Istvan Bujdoso | Blog , Website

“You are a badass…” That’s what the lady heard over the phone on the other side… …while she was talking to me… I went into awkward silence for a second… We were in the middle of a business call when this happened… (Ooops…) Let me tell you quickly where did that sentence came from… I […]

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Istvan Bujdoso in a Bentley GTC
Jun 02

Unusual sunny Saturday excitement

By Istvan Bujdoso | Blog

It was 11am on an unusually sunny Saturday in England… I was excitedly sitting in an amazing black Bentley GT convertible… The elegant tunes of the engine were roaring into my ears… Both of my hands were gripping the wheel… Was staring through the wind shield right to the racing track…

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