Websites Are Waste of Money…

By Istvan Bujdoso | Blog

Sep 04
Waste of Money

… IF you don’t know how to generate business with them.

On the other hand if you know how to do it your website will be a really profitable asset for you and your business.


Your website is the centre of your online universe

This is the place where you direct people from everywhere. E.g.: social media, emails, other websites, business card, leaflets, radio shows, live events, webinars, etc.

They can get more information about you and your business on your website. It’s like the shop front of your business.

And you better to impress your visitors with the look and feel, and the content otherwise they leave and may never come back.



If you build it they will come… Unfortunately not!

Some people still believe if they build a website people will come and visit it. Unfortunately this is not true!

Just imagine a freshly built website like an ice cream shop in the middle of the desert, maybe a few people find it but it’s highly unlikely.


What will make them come and make your wish come true?

To get people to visit your website you have to invite them there. This what we call driving traffic to your website.

You can drive visitors to your website from different channels. E.g.: social media, SEO, emails, other websites, business card, leaflets, radio shows, live events, webinars, etc.

When people stop by to your website it has tell your potential customers how amazing your services/products are in an authentic way.

This is where your credibility comes into the picture to impress and build trust in them.

You have to give them the value they want and they’ll more likely to take the action you wish them to do. When they do it they are converted into leads.

E.g.: they contact you (phone, email, online chat), leave his/her details on your websites by filling in a form or buy a product.

This process is called lead generation.


The quality of it matters a lot

It’s not just about the quantity of the visitors and leads you get from your website. The quality matters!

You can have a million visitors every month if they are not interested in your services/products at all then it’s kind of like you wouldn’t have any traffic on your website.

On the other hand if you have 100 visitors and 30-40 of them buy something from you every month then you have a pretty awesome and probably profitable website.

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Surprised Woman

OMG! This is HUGE!

Your credibility can bring you huge opportunities for you and your business. And you can leverage it on your website as well.

Build your credibility strategically. Leverage it on your website and social media, and you can impress your visitors and build trust in them.

The impressed visitor will turn into lovely leads. And you’ll be able to make more deals.


Impress them to get lucky

Why credibility matters so much?
There are sooooo many options and information are on the internet. You have to stand out of the crowed, show how you help your clients and who you are in an authentic way.

A website that radiates huge credibility will be much more profitable than the ones that barely leverage any credibility.

Average websites bring average deals to their owners.

Massive opportunities and big deals are won by credible companies. Let your website tell the tale of your credibility.

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And your wish comes true…

After your visitors are impressed you want them to take an action on your website (e.g. contacting you, downloading an ebook, buying a product, etc.). And they more likely will.

This is another crucial point of the lead generation process. If you’re doing it the right way it’s really rewarding.

What your website says, how it presents things, the way it calls the visitors to take action, even little things like positions, shapes, colours, etc. can significantly influence your results.
The results that will decide if you sleep under the stars or under 5 stars on your next holiday. 🙂

Conversion rate optimise your website to get more leads. By increasing the number of people who do what you want them to do on your website you can make more money.

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Your website, the online shopfront of your business, is available 24/7 like a restless pre-sales agent.

By applying the correct principles your website can generate you a stable flow of leads that you can turn into juicy deals.

When you build and use your website the right way it will help you to make your dreams come true.


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