shameful & exciting 😅

Istvan Bujdoso
From: Istvan Bujdoso
Luton, UK

I felt ashamed and excited at the same time… 😅

…as I re-discovered one of the most important elements of digital marketing.

Something that every entrepreneur should know and keep in mind all the time.

A few months before that, Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels officially announced they had acquired Dan Kennedy’s company.

While it was an exciting news by itself, I knew something HUGE was coming soon after that…

Not long later, an email popped up in my inbox that they were re-launching Dan’s infamous NO B.S. Marketing Newsletter.

I was like “I’m NOT going to sign up for another thing now. But I’ll have a quick look.”

Well 😅, that plan went out of the window almost in the blink of an eye when I saw the incredible offer.

One of the many signup bonuses was a recording of a bonus event.

An exclusive marketing event that was held only once, and only members of a $25,000 coaching program could attend.

When I got my access, I was super excited to watch it…

…but I didn’t expect this… 😲

Besides MANY other lessons…

At one point, I felt ashamed and excited at the same time…

…as I re-discovered one of the most important elements of digital marketing.

Successful list building and email marketing is NOT only about the numbers…

…more importantly, it’s about the quality of the relationship with your audience. 🤝

It wasn’t a lesson I had heard for the first time, but it was an excitingly timely reminder.

And it’s a lesson that you, me and every entrepreneur should know, and keep in mind all the time.

Sitting in front of the screen, most of the time we ONLY see the emails, the open and click through rates and other stats… 📊

…shamefully, it’s so easy to forget that real people 👨👩 are reading our emails on the other end. And are living their busy lives.

So, first of all…

Thank you for taking the time to read this email newsletter! 🤗

And I hope you find the marketing tips and resources shared in these emails useful for growing your business. (Let me know.)

And second…

↪️ Back to the marketing lesson…

Your email list doesn’t have to be huge.

You can leverage your list to grow your business further, even if it’s a small one.

The KEY is NOT only to build your list consistently…

…but also to build the RELATIONSHIP with the people on your list every single day.

That’s how your email marketing efforts will turn into REAL results.

And now, I’m challenging you to put this into practice.

(1) Build your email list on AUTOPILOT, consistently.

(2) Build a STRONG relationship with your list.

You might be wondering what the best way is to start doing that…


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Istvan Bujdoso

Thank you,
Istvan Bujdoso

P.S. Remember… you’re almost there… just a system away…

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The whole audience bursted into laughter. 😆

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…but because it was also awkwardly TRUE…

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