5 simple ways to increase your online credibility

By Istvan Bujdoso | ARCHIVED

Mar 30

1) People buy from people. Show yourself to increase credibility!

Build credibility in your website and social media visitors by presenting real photos of you and your team. Researches show people find companies more credible when they can see who’s behind the brand. Also it’s much more inviting for them to contact you when they know who they are going to talk to.

2) Time to show off!

Show that you are the expert of your field and why people should do business with you instead of your competitors. When you talk to your potential clients in life your body language helps you to show your confidence. Online your website and social media pages have to do this for you by showing all your expertise. Make sure you provide information about what you’re the best in, the problem you solve for your client and/or the benefits you give them.
Have case studies on your website and social media. The best way to show what your new clients can expect from you is through examples of you achieved for your existing clients.

3) The power of social proof!

Get testimonials from your existing clients about the projects you worked on and put them on your website and social media pages. Let others tell your potential clients how amazing you and your services are. This makes you more credible than if you would say these things about yourself.

4) Mighty Social Media!

There are 2.31 billion active social media users Worldwide every month! It’s a must to have social media presence for your company at least on the most popular platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+. Hang around where your potential clients are.
Post on your social media pages regularly. And not only promotions, use the 80/20 rule, give 80% value to the followers and only promote via 20% of your posts. Make sure you reply to the comments on your social media posts, answer their questions, acknowledge their opinion, build trust in them and increase your credibility.

5) Don’t hide your contact details!

Make sure your website and social media visitors can find your contact details easily. If you have your contact details somewhere hidden you can loose deals as some people won’t look for your phone and email more than a few seconds, and if they can’t find it easily they will go somewhere else and probably contact your competitor. There is no reason to hide your contact details at all. Show it and make sure someone’s ready to respond.

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