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Istvan Bujdoso
From: Istvan Bujdoso
Luton, UK

She looked at me with concern in her eyes. 👀

OK, the truth to be told, I had been talking about THAT ONE topic almost all the time.

I was completely obsessed.

On that day, we were sitting in the kitchen, on the opposite sides of a wooden table, munching on some snacks… 🍿

…and casually chatting about marketing, business, and life.

Just in the middle of a sentence of mine, she interrupted me half-jokingly with…

…something I’d never forget. 😱😅

Just a few months before that, I re-listened to the audiobook version of “The 4-Hour Workweek” 🌴 by Tim Ferriss.

(One of my all-time favorite business books.)

But that time was something different than before. I committed myself to actually implement what I had learned from it.

I got obsessed with seeing my business and life through the core, fundamental lesson of that book…

Systemization is the path to freedom.

To get MORE things done in much LESS time. And grow financially along the way.

I might have even gone overboard with it 😅 because…

When my ex kept hearing me to talk about all the things I was systemizing…

…she half-jokingly commented on it once like…

“You love this so much, one day, you may even outsource our dates.” 😱😅

“No, I’d never do that.” – told her.

But I’m digressing…

The fascinating fact is that…

As entrepreneurs, we have endless opportunities 🤩 to get started freeing up our time… and get MORE things done in much LESS time.

We can get started with delegating everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, gardening, and others…

…and use that extra time to grow our business faster.

AND we can start with hiring freelance virtual assistants to do simple marketing and business tasks…

…and specialized freelancer to do more complex activities.

AND you can even level that up by creating your own SYSTEMS with the combination of automation tools, delegation and processes.

OR you can leverage an existing system as a SHORTCUT. Like this…

Special marketing system…

…to generate leads and get customers in an automated fashion.

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Thank you,
Istvan Bujdoso

P.S. Remember… you’re almost there… just a system away…

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