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Istvan Bujdoso
From: Istvan Bujdoso
Luton, UK

🤣 Days of a Rookie Entrepreneur…


(1) Your “digital rooster” 🐓 goes off early ⏰

(2) Excitedly, you get up right away 🚶 🛏️

(3) 😃 “This will be THE day!” – you feel it in your bones

(4) Quickly… you grab a cup of hot coffee and a bite  ☕ 🥪

(5) Watch a few motivational videos on YouTube 🎥

(6) You feel ready to conquer ⚔️ the “online-business-realm” so you start working 🕘

(7) Hours later… 🕑

(8) The past few weeks of obsession over a shiny-new-magic-course “pays off”

(9) Finally, you launch 🚀 your new funnel with an awesome-looking offer

(10) The morning motivational videos told you to celebrate 🎉 small successes, so you do

(11) As your stomach is already loudly growling for food 🥴 you order a “celebratory-meal” from your favorite Chinese restaurant.  🐉 🍜

(12) While enjoying some Suc Sum Tit and Too Can Choo… 🥡

(13) 🤩 With complete thrill, you keep refreshing the stats to see the sales and dough rolling in

(14) But all you get is zilch, nada, nothing. 😕


(15) Refreshed and ready for the new day ☀️

(16) The light-bulb 💡 goes ON over your head… “Life isn’t like Field Of Dreams , I need to share my offer!”

(17) You quickly grab your phone 📱 and as you lift it up it slips out of your hand 🙋

(18) And it bounce-slides through your desk knocking over your favorite coffee mug ☕

(19) Whoa! 😱 😱

(20) Luckily, no harm, no foul… 😌 You burst into awkward laughter 😅

(21) Carefully and slowly, you pick up the phone again 🤗

(22) You share 📲 your funnel with family, friends, and on social media

(23) A few views roll in, but NO sales… 😢 not even a pity-order from your mum 👩‍🦳

(24) The day’s gone… 💨


(25) 💡 You realize: without enough traffic it won’t work… so you spend the entire morning researching 🔍

(26) The sheer volume of information makes you feel completely overwhelmed 🤯

(27) Not surprisingly, you think… “This would take ages to learn!” 😵‍💫

(28) To get the ball rolling now, you decide to hire Hardik in India 👳‍♂️ to do your Facebook ads

(29) He says “YES” to everything and promises to launch 🚀 the first ads the next day

(30) You happily slurp into a new cup of coffee ☕

(31) Feeling excited again… The hustle and grind continues 😃



(32) After 5 days of radio silence 😶, Hardik 👳‍♂️ emails you

(33) Delayed but finally… Your first 3 Facebook ads are up and running 🏃🏾‍♂️

(34) Like a child on Christmas morning 🎁, filled with excitement 🤩, you check them out

(35) You feel shocked when you notice a typo in one of the ads (“duck” was spelled with an “i”) 😱 😅

(36) Anxiously 😟, you try to contact Hardik… but NO response


DAY 11

(37) Can’t reach Hardik for 3 days 😡

(38) At last, he fixes the ducky-ad 🦆

(39) Emergency has been diverted, you take a deep breath and feel a bit more relaxed (at least for now 🙄)

(40) You realize you haven’t even checked the results 📊 of the other 2 ads yet, so you do…

(41) 😱 “WHAAAAT?!” – the shocking first thought in your head when you see the stats

(42) Facebook has taken your hard-earned ad money 💸 for views, BUT barely anybody visited your offer in the funnel

(43) Feeling confused, you contact your Indian ad guy again… “What’s going on?” 🤔

(44) He explains… “This is how it works.”

(45) 👉 “… The fact is Facebook and most ad platforms charge for ad views, but there’s NO guarantee for clicks and website visitors.”

(46) Then he says… 💬 “Don’t worry! We’ll test a different ad.”

(47) All night, you can’t steal any sleep, anxiously just keep turning around and questioning your business choices 😳

DAY 12

(48) In a yawn-companied drowsiness 🥱, you accidentally spill coffee no. 4 all over your keyboard. ☕ ⌨️ 😱

(49) But it turns out it’s all under CTRL. 😜

(50) After a quick clean up, you take another sip of your hot coffee. ☕

(51) And you continue reading funny sugar ads from the 1960s. 😅

(52) You’re just too tired to even think about ads and business. 🥱


DAY 15

(53) You feel refreshed and ready for the new week. 😃

(54) Until you realize Hardik has completely disappeared with your money… (What a “duckhead”, huh?) 🤬

(55) And your ads are still running and burning 🔥 money on ad views, but bring almost NO website visitors

(56) You freak out and start yelling F-bombs out loud 🤬

(57) Hardly, but you find a way to turn OFF all the ads ❌

(58) At least your money is not being wasted, BUT NO results either 😖

(59) Totally pissed off and angry 😤, you quit working for the rest of the day

DAY 16

(60) ☀️ New day, new ideas…

(61) “Maybe I should try YouTube, Google, or LinkedIn ads?” 🤔

(62) Along with those thoughts, FEAR pops its ugly head up… 👿

(63) “What if those won’t work either? 🤔 I don’t have money to WASTE on just ad views but NO website visitors!”

(64) You “successfully” talk yourself out of learning and trying any paid ads 😞

(65) In your desperation you even think about doing TikTok videos… 📱

(66) BUT… dressing up like a giant yellow chicken 🐤, and dancing with your cat 🐈 dressed in a fish costume 🐠, while singing the latest trending k-pop song… 🎤 is just NOT your world

(67) You decide to keep your dignity 😇

DAY 17

(68) You feel like every 1 step you take forward is followed by 2 steps back 😡

(69) But you grind harder than ever on your online business… and start living on 17 coffees a day 🤯

(70) You hate your boss… but you realize… you’re the boss 🙈

(71) NO traffic, NO sales 😰

(72) You run out of energy… NOT even a drop of coffee left 😖 🤧


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