Dean Graziosi 🗣️, slap in the face 🤦, reality distortion 🌀

Istvan Bujdoso
From: Istvan Bujdoso
Luton, UK

Just like that…

…the sound of my right hand slapping against my forehead broke my silence… 🤦

…and my awkward laugh filled up the entire room. 😅

I wasn’t laughing because of the unconscious movement of my hand…

…but because of the realization that hit me a moment before.

I was using it more than I was proud to admit.

And it kept distorting my mind and reality.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

About 30-40 minutes before that, I got ready for my daily workout. 🏋️‍♂️

It had been a good habit of mine for years to exercise my body and mind at the same time.

That week, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi happened to be doing a 5-day challenge on mindset, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

I put the live-stream 💻 on and started my workout routine.

It’s always amazing to see these two great entrepreneurs in action, not only soaking in WHAT they teach, but also HOW they teach it.

There was a point when Dean was talking on the virtual stage…

…and he grabbed my attention so much that I even put the weights down and I was solely listening to him. 👂

Let me ask you the same question he asked the tens of thousands of people at that event…

“Have you ever felt or said ‘I don’t have time for this or that.’ ?”

If so, raise your hand. 🙋 OK, I won’t see it, but humor me and yourself for a moment. 😜

We all have used it at some point. Right? And may even use it in the present.

On that day, it hit me, I was using it more than I was proud to admit.

But what Dean said next was much more eye-opening…

“We make time for what we really want.”

How true is that?

When we TRULY want to achieve a business or life goal, we find the time for it somehow. Right?

And when we say or think ‘we don’t have time for something’, that’s kind of a distortion of reality…

…because the reality is that we don’t want to achieve that goal strong enough…

…we have time, but we choose to use it for other things.

👉 There’s a great habit to practice every day…

When you feel that “I don’t have time for something”, instead of letting it slide in a frustrated state…

…ask yourself “Is this something I really want? If yes, how can I make the time for it?”

Because that actually gets you to think and find the time to do it.

• Sometimes this means we’ll make the time by putting another marketing or business activity on hold for a while.

• Other times, we’ll leverage somebody else’s time and get them to do the work for us.

• And in the best case scenario, you can set up the right marketing SYSTEM that does a consistent work on AUTOPILOT…

…WITHOUT relying on anybody’s ongoing time. Like this…

Lead and sales system that can get you results on autopilot.

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Istvan Bujdoso

P.S. Remember… you’re almost there… just a system away…

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