Entrepreneurship 🙃, Ethan Hawke 👨‍💼, space 🚀, + more…

Istvan Bujdoso
From: Istvan Bujdoso
Luton, UK

Something very unusual was going on. 😱

You could hear the clicking sound of formal shoes on the office floor as the crowd was gathering.

But only this guy called Jerome was in sight yet.

He stopped walking in the corridor. Just around the corner.

His head followed the people in motion. And his eyes got locked. 👀

You could feel something strange had happened.

Finally, through the crowd, things became visible…

An open office door, a pond of red liquid spilt over the bluish floor…

…and the reflection in the glass door, a body was lying in the office.

But the oddness didn’t stop there… 😯

You could hear the thoughts of Jerome. A confession…

“…I am NOT Jerome Morrow.”

That’s how one of my favorite movies, Gattaca, starts.

But what does it have to do with marketing and entrepreneurship? You may ask.

Well, let me explain…

(Spoiler alert!)

The events of the movie happen in “the not-too-distant future…”

…in a society where everybody’s life is LIMITED by their genes. 🧬

It’s an open secret that companies not only hire people by skills and experience…

…but also based on the quality of the applicant’s genes.

If somebody’s genes are NOT good enough, they are discriminated, and NOT hired for certain jobs like police, doctor, space navigator, etc.

The main character, played by Ethan Hawke, was born with a set of genes that is considered ‘low quality’.

And because of that, many aspects of his life are really RESTRICTED by society.

From an early age, his dream is to travel to space 🚀, but his family and society keep telling him that it is IMPOSSIBLE.

Fast forward in our hero’s life…

Vincent, aka “Jerome”, refuses the LIMITATIONS by his genes and society, and he finds a risky way to overcome the RESTRICTIONS.

Through many challenges, including falsely being suspected for a murder…

…he becomes a navigator/astronaut in a space program.

And he achieves his dream. 🚀

“OK Istvan, but how is this related to business and marketing?” – you might be still wondering.

Bear with me, we’re getting there…

The reason why Gattaca is one of my favorite movies is because I could absolutely relate to the main character.

While I didn’t face the exact same RESTRICTIONS and LIMITATIONS like Vincent (“Jerome”) in the movie…

…one key aspect of my life was very similar.

From an early age, I told my parents and people around me that “I want to be an entrepreneur.” .

And I kept hearing responses like “You’re not an entrepreneur type.”, and “Sure, dream about it.”, and others.

Back then it hurt 😞 a lot that my family, friends, and others didn’t understand and support me.

Luckily, that movie in my teen years gave me the inspiration to go for my entrepreneurial dreams and follow through.

Without that, this newsletter wouldn’t exist.

And more importantly, you wouldn’t get THIS today…

Seemingly, there are 2 types of LIMITATIONS in life…

(1) RESTRICTIONS by others.

Like when our spouse, family, friends, or society tell us that we can’t do something.


(2) LIMITATIONS by yourself…

…which is, in reality, the only type. ⚠️

Get this!

Others do what they do, and tell us what they tell us BUT…

…ULTIMATELY, it’s your decision and responsibility what you take upon yourself…

…and what you choose to believe in.

Instead of RESTRICTING yourself…

…decide to go for your dreams and goals…

• Start that other business you really want to.

• Take that marketing step you desire so much.

• Launch that new offer you dream about.

• Make that life transformation you yearn for.

Do something NEW today, like…

…start growing your business on autopilot.

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Istvan Bujdoso

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Dean Graziosi 🗣️, slap in the face 🤦, reality distortion 🌀

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Just like that…

…the sound of my right hand slapping against my forehead broke my silence… 🤦

…and my awkward laugh filled up the entire room. 😅

I wasn’t laughing because of the unconscious movement of my hand…

…but because of the realization that hit me a moment before.

I was using it more than I was proud to admit.

And it kept distorting my mind and reality.

How does this come to YOU and YOUR business?

Find it out here.

“freakishly accurate” 🙉

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🙉 “This is freakishly accurate!” – I thought.

And kept staring at the screen, eyes wide open, and without even blinking.

My whole body was frozen in shock. I just couldn’t move.

At the same time, I felt a weird sense of amazement about what I had just discovered.

I was like… “How the heck do they do this?” 🤔

Would you like to know what I discovered?

And how does that come to YOUR marketing?

If so, head over here.

the key to your success… (🤫 watch it before it gets removed)

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Did you know? 👇

Whatever SUCCESS means to you…

As Russell Brunson says… “You’re just one funnel away!”

And here’s WHY and HOW.

Now, you can watch the recording 🎥 of the keynote speech of a prestigious marketing event, called Funnel Hacking Live.

It is an annual conference, where most entrepreneurs pay thousands of dollars 💲 just to attend.

And typically, NO sessions of that event are released anywhere.

🤫 BUT right now…

…you can watch the keynote speech…

…that had such a big impact on the audience of entrepreneurs.

⚠️ Enjoy it before it gets removed!

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