😅 NOT my smartest moment…

Istvan Bujdoso
From: Istvan Bujdoso
Luton, UK


The panic surged through me…

…as my vision got blurry, with tiny spots popping up and floating around over the blur.

“Whoa! Am I going to pass out?” – my dizzy 🥴 mind asked…

…and directed my lungs to gasp for air faster.

Not only I could feel the rapid heart pounding in my chest…

…but the same beats were also weirdly pulsating in my ears.

I bent down and put my hands on my sweaty and shaky knees, with the hope of not crashing down into the dirt and gravel under my feet.

When I had left the house half an hour before, I was definitely not aiming for that panic-filled experience.

I just wanted to quiet my racing mind… 🤯

…so I went for a run along a narrow gravel path among the green-grassed rugby fields close by.

But I pushed myself way too hard on that hot summer day.

It was far from my smartest moments… 😅

…but at least that “almost-passing-out” experience took my mind off a bit of the returning frustration I was going through in those days.

Failures after failures kept repeating themselves.

And I almost constantly felt like I was supposed to be far ahead in business and life by then.

On that day, I didn’t know yet it was all going to change in just a few weeks.

And boy oh boy… in a surprising 😮 way that I could not anticipate at all.

I was part of a several-thousand-dollar-per-year business mentorship program around those days.

And a few weeks later, we had a 4-day, intensive, live event. VIP sessions from early in the mornings, till late in the nights.

On one of those high-energy days, I learnt a truly life-changing lesson…

…that can be summed up in 8 words by Nelson Mandela… 👋🏿

“I never lose. I either win or learn.”

In other words…

There are ‘wins’ in marketing, business, and life.

BUT there are NO ‘failures’.

What people normally consider as “failures” are actually OPPORTUNITIES.

Opportunities to ‘learn’, ‘grow’, ‘adjust’, and ‘restart’ from a better position than before. 😃

When I started seeing the world through that lens it was like a tonne of weight fell off of my shoulders.

My failure-fueled frustrations were gone.

It doesn’t mean I had NO failures ever again.

In fact, I had more “failures”. And I keep experiencing new and new “failures” every day.

BUT, what has changed forever on that event is THE WAY I look at them…

💡 “Failures” are actually OPPORTUNITIES to learn, grow, adjust, and restart from a better position than before.

Once you too start seeing it that way… You’ll never lose again. You’ll either win or learn.

And if you feel your business should be way further ahead by now…

…it’s NOT a failure, it’s an OPPORTUNITY to…

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Thank you,
Istvan Bujdoso

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😱 What has she done?

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