“50 shades of BROWN” 🤔

Istvan Bujdoso
From: Istvan Bujdoso
Luton, UK

The whole audience bursted into laughter. 😆

Not only because it was FUNNY…

…but because it was also awkwardly TRUE…

…to realize that we ALL do THAT, without an exception.

BUT sometimes THAT hits back HARD. 😵‍💫

In a minute, you’ll see why.

First, let me start with this…

It’s a fact about Tony Robbins that he RARELY does private events anymore, apart from his own events.

He only makes the occasional exception when both the event host and the audience are EXTRAORDINARY.

So when Tony Robbins said ‘yes’ to speaking at an EXCLUSIVE marketing event in 2017, that was quite an exception.

Although I couldn’t attend live in Dallas, Texas… 🤠

…I had the luck 🍀 to find the exclusive recording of that 4.5-hour long session in a hidden corner of the ClickFunnels “universe”.

It was, and still is, a pure marketing, business and mindset gold mine. 🤩

In one of the exercises, Tony got the large audience to look around in the room and count how many BROWN 🟤 things they can see.

“Look for brown, look for brown, keep counting.”

Then about a minute later, he said…

“OK, stop counting. And now tell me… How many RED 🔴 did you see?”

While a short laughter took over the room, Tony continued…

“Take a minute to look around… and look for RED. You can see more RED now than previously. Right?”

“Seek and you shall find.”

The lesson didn’t end there. Tony said next…

“In fact… ☝️ Seek and you shall find, EVEN IF it’s not there!”

“How many of you counted beige and cream as BROWN just to be able to count more?”

At that moment, everybody bursted into laughter.

It has been an awkward and funny realization to ALL how we do that with many things in life.

The GREAT side of it is that when we look for POSITIVE things that’s what we will find.

The BAD side is that if we choose to seek for things that don’t serve us, we’ll find that.

AND what can hit back hard, if we let the mind make up more negative things than it’s really there.

In marketing and business, it’s up to us what we seek for: problems or solutions.

Yes, problems exist. Like not knowing the ‘what, where, how, and when’ of lead generation, or you feel there’s just not enough time to do it…

…or you may have troubles with marketing automation, or your sales have dropped…

…or some other problem.

BUT, no matter what the problem is, as long as you’re focused to keep seeking for the SOLUTION, that’s what you’ll find. 🤩

And most of the time, it turns out the solution to many marketing challenges is a 4-pillar SYSTEM…

(1) Completing repetitive part-activities in bulk.

(2) Automating as much of the activity as possible.

(3) Delegating what’s not possible to automate.

(4) Using processes to get the overall system work on an optimum level, without the entrepreneurs’ day-to-day involvement.

For example…

People who seek to get rid of lead generation and sales problems fast, they can find and leverage this…

“solution focused” marketing SYSTEM

The Infamous Online Business Challenge
Istvan Bujdoso

Thank you,
Istvan Bujdoso

P.S. Remember… you’re almost there… just a system away…

either way… you're right… ✔️

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I could feel my heart racing in my chest like CRAZY…

…as the equally strong fear and excitement were fighting against each other, and for my attention, inside my head. 🤯

My sweaty hands were uncontrollably shaking…

…which was very far from ideal for everything that I was about to do.

I took a long, deep breath and somehow got myself to look up…

…and I led my eyes along the seemingly infinite steps of the way too tall ladder 🪜 just a few steps ahead of me.

At the top, what was waiting for me was far-far outside of my comfort zone. 😨

But why was I there?

And what does it have to do with YOUR marketing, business, and success?

You can find it out here.

3 keys to attract more customers 😃

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“Why can’t I get more customers?!” 😞

So many entrepreneurs have asked this question at some point throughout their journey.

Have you ever done that too?

🔔 If yes, almost certainly, you’re missing 1, or all of these 3 core marketing principles.

Which are, in fact, actually pretty simple, and have nothing to do with your products and services.


“When you understand them you can apply them to any business to…

…create a movement of people who are gonna go to the end of the Earth to buy your products and services.” 🧑‍🦱 👩‍🦰 👱 👩 👨‍🦳 💰 💵

Here they are…

The 3 Core Marketing Principles To Attract More Customers

the KEY to generating more profit… 🔑

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👋 Did you know?

Every successful entrepreneur who makes money online, understands and uses THIS KEY marketing concept every day.

Whatever your business is…

…it is the KEY 🔑 to generating more profit

…even if you’re selling the exact SAME product or service as your competitors.

⚠️ Because…

“This is a concept that is one of the least understood YET one of the most important.”

…I want you to fully understand it today.

Head over here and watch this video now.

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