Wordpress and Wix Website Training Packages

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WordPress and Wix Website Training Packages

Our team of experts takes the stress out of learning how to build your optimised website and makes sure technology doesn’t stand in your way so you can focus on growing your business. We proudly offer fantastic WordPress and Wix Website Training for You.


  • DIY Wix website video training series
  • It’s always available for you
  • You can watch it any time and as many times as you need
  • Super easy to follow step by step videos
  • You won’t need to wait for anyone if you want to change your website
  • Topics:
    • – The Beginning
    • — Intro – What you will learn about
    • — The website – Overview of what we will build
    • — The checklist – Overview of the steps of the process
    • – The Preparation
    • — Registering to Wix
    • — Picking a template and creating your first website
    • — Picking and registering the domain
    • — Overview of the Home Page of Wix
    • — Managing your website
    • — Overview of the editor
    • – The 1st Success – Home page
    • — The Header (phone number, social icons, logo, menu)
    • — Video background, 1 sentence description and Call to Action
    • — Services
    • — Parallax design element
    • — Animated testimonials
    • — Another parallax design element
    • — Contact Us
    • — The Footer (social media, copyright)
    • — Basic SEO
    • — Look! Look! Look! It’s Alive!
    • – Contact Us
    • — Parallax page title
    • — The form and address
    • — Basic SEO
    • — Publish!
    • – Testimonials
    • — The power of Testimonials
    • — Parallax page title
    • — Video testimonials
    • — Testimonials
    • — Animated Call to Action
    • — Basic SEO
    • — Publish!
    • – Case Studies
    • — The power of case studies
    • — Parallax page title
    • — Case studies
    • — Animated Call to Action
    • — Basic SEO
    • — Publish!
    • – About
    • — The power of showing who is behind the business
    • — Parallax page title
    • — Description about you
    • — The team
    • — Contact us
    • — Basic SEO
    • — Publish!
    • – Services
    • — Slideshow
    • — Services main description
    • — Service 1-4 descriptions
    • — Contact us
    • — Basic SEO
    • — Publish!
    • – Blog
    • — The power of the blog
    • — Parallax page title
    • — Blog feed
    • — Managing posts
    • — Adding your first post (video, images. text, formatting)
    • — Single post page (sidebar)
    • — Basic SEO
    • — Publish!
    • – Mobile version
    • — Tweaks Home
    • — Tweaks Testimonials
    • — Tweaks Case Studies
    • — Tweaks About
    • — Tweaks Services
    • — Tweaks Blog
    • — Tweaks Contact Us
    • — Publish!
    • – Congratulations!!!


  • DIY WordPress website video training series
  • It’s always available for you
  • You can watch it any time and as many times as you need
  • Super easy to follow step by step videos
  • You won’t need to wait for anyone if you want to change your website
  • Topics:
    • How to register to a fast and secure hosting solution?
    • How to buy a domain name for your awesome website?
    • How to install WordPress?
    • Overview of WordPress, explaining essential term.
    • Overview of the WordPress settings.
    • Changing the essential WordPress settings.
    • How to buy the top responsive WordPress theme on the market?
    • How to install the theme?
    • Overview of the theme settings.
    • How to install a SEO plugin?
    • How to set the essential SEO settings?
    • How to install a cache plugin? (to keep your website fast)
    • How to set the essential cache settings?
    • How to keep the SPAM comments away? (registering and setting up Akismet)
    • How to set up the menus?
    • How to add/edit/delete pages?
    • Overview of the editor page, explaining essential terms.
    • Overview of the visual page editor, explaining essential terms.
    • How to manage media files (photos, documents, etc.)?
    • How to find beautiful stock photos that will make your website look amazing?
    • How to create an amazing photo/video slide for the Home page?
    • How to do the on-site SEO for pages and posts?
    • Creating the Home page.
    • Creating the About page.
    • Creating the Blog.
    • Creating the Contact page.
    • How to add/edit/delete post categories?
    • How to add/edit/delete post tags?
    • How to add/edit/delete posts?
    • Creating your first post.
    • How to embed a YouTube video?
    • How to embed a Vimeo video?
    • How to keep your website up-to-date?
    • BONUS: How to set up Google Analytics?
    • BONUS: Quick overview of Google Analytics.
    • BONUS: How to get a great custom logo almost for free?