The Great Little Story of a Veggie Hero

By Istvan Bujdoso | ARCHIVED

Nov 24

Hi! My name is Istvan, CEO of 47 Links. Let me share a little about my tale with you…

Once upon a time a boy – mini me šŸ™‚ – was born in Hungary, in a little European country where less people live than in London. Was born and raised in a small town. My parents took care of my brother and me with their best intentions. Had a normal life, at least how it looked from outside. Inside it felt something was missing and I would find that somewhere else. I moved to the UK in 2012 on a quest for that missing thing. Since then the missing key became clear. It was inside me all along…

Mission, NOT-Impossible

My biggest mission in life to be free and help others to achieve the same thing.
What does freedom mean to me? To do whatever I choose, whenever I choose it, and a feeling of lack of limitations.

Enemy at the Gates

Limitation. Restriction. Untapped potentials. Lost dreams. The arch-enemies I’m fighting against.
It’s amazing to see when people feel unlimited and unrestricted, they fulfil their potentials, make their dreams come true and create a better World.
Sometimes only a sentence of encouragement enough to start someone on their journey. Other times it’s an ongoing support. And there are times when it’s indirect, helping others with my talents who fight against the same enemies.

Perfectly Imperfect

I used to want to be perfect. In everything! It was exhausting. I realised life is not about being perfect it’s about appreciating the journey including both the perfect and the imperfect things.
Among those imperfectness a fatal flaw is hustling! I have to admit I’m easily loosing focus. You know how it feels when we should do something in life, but we pick something else to do that is more fun, more comfortable, more exciting, or more… You know… I could continue the list forever. I regularly have to re-focus myself to go towards my goals, dreams and mission.

Can’t Fly, Don’t Have X-ray Vision but Have Other Super Powers

I’m that guy who digs deep into techy stuff (e.g. websites), understand how they work separately and together, and make them do things that help us making a better World.

… and I also convince people to eat vegetables! šŸ™‚

Where did this kid come from? And why is he so …?

Let’s jump back a bit in time. When I was a kid I was introvert and shy, only spoke a little when I was surrounded by not-so-familiar faces. I used to blame my parents about it (inside myself, never out loud). They barely let me do the things that the other kids did at my age. So I rarely hung around others. I felt I was being limited, restricted in my freedom. I thought they were the reason I was introvert. The truth is that I was the one who chose to accept what I was told as a little kid. All they did, they loved me and they did everything how they thought it was the best for me and my brother. Now I’m thankful for how they raised me! I wouldn’t be the same person otherwise.
The best part of spending a little time around others and a lot with my “best buddies” (the techy things) was the more time I spent with them the more I learnt about them. It became natural to make them do “favours” for me and help solving problems for others and myself.

I Wanted to Stop the Train

The more I opened up and let more of the World in the more I felt websites and other techy stuff are part of my past and I should let them go completely. I chose to explore other things in life, and still, everywhere I was keep bumping into people who asked for my help with techy things. And even if I helped them I was keep saying “I don’t want to do anything with websites any more, it’s just a tool, it’s not enough help to anybody, …”. Many people keep asking me for help them with techy stuff and websites, I guess this is a sign to keep doing it and find love in it. I made a choice to use my powers to help those who fight against the same enemies and help others to be free, make their dreams come true and fulfil their true potentials.

Now that I’ve told you a little about me, Iā€™d love to hear more about you. And Iā€™d be super grateful if you’d fill out the survey below. I read every survey response. And don’t feel pressure to produce a novel, I just want to get to know you a bit. Scroll down and fill it out.

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