boy oh boy 🤯

Istvan Bujdoso
From: Istvan Bujdoso
Luton, UK

Something strange was going on… 😯

Our living room turned into the scene of an unusual event.

While I was growing up my parents rarely had friends over.

Even though my dad had told me and my brother upfront that some people would come over that evening…

…I still felt a bit confused as I was standing just outside of the room, almost hiding behind the door frame, and shyly peeking in 👀 at what was going on.

Chairs were lined up next to each other in a few rows, 8-10 silent people were sitting and focusing on a white board at the front…

…as a blond lady was drawing and a well-suited gentleman was talking to the little crowd.

Neither what I was seeing nor the words I heard made any sense to me as a young boy.

But it ignited a great deal of curiosity 🤩 inside me to understand why the couple at the front was so excited, and why all those people were there.

The event ended, but my curiosity stuck.

In the following months, I kept asking my dad questions after questions.

And it kind of started to make some sense what network marketing was.

Don’t worry, this email is NOT about that.

What happened next was much more life altering in my life.

Because of network marketing, my dad kept reading one new book after another.

One day, I picked up one of those books and started reading it. 📖

It was titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

Boy oh boy, my young mind was blown away 🤯 even though I probably didn’t understand half of the book. 😅

But even then, one KEY lesson got stuck in my brain forever…

People’s success depends on their mindset, and the right mindset to it can be gained by anybody.

Fast forward many years…

Nowadays, no day passes by seeing and experiencing what difference having a ‘success mindset’ makes in marketing and business.

When we’re scared of doing something new and have no idea how to do it…

…be that marketing automation, or lead generation, or sales, you name it…

…BUT we still go for it, keep doing it and adjusting until we figure it all out… that’s ‘success mindset’. ✔️

And when you see failures as opportunities to learn and grow… that’s also ‘success mindset’. ✔️

And when we lack resources, we can make up for it with creative and smart resourcefulness… that’s ‘success mindset’ too. ✔️

And when you consciously leverage SYSTEMS as ‘ethical shortcuts’ in marketing and business…

…to get from where you are, to where you want to be QUICK and EASY… that’s ‘success mindset’ as well…

Automated lead and sales systems like this one. ✔️

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Istvan Bujdoso

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Istvan Bujdoso

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Warren Buffet 📈, Marketing Secrets 🤫, 25 years 😮

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You know how some odd things stick with you for life? 🙊

Even though I was looking up at him with eyes wide open, and kept nodding in admiration…

…for sure, I didn’t imagine how that ONE SECRET 🤫 would change my life forever.

Neither could I anticipate that moment and feeling would still be with me even 25 years later…

…nor that it would define me as an entrepreneur even today.

It’s a secret every entrepreneur should know…

…and more importantly, use it every single day.

This is that secret.

😅 NOT my smartest moment…

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The panic surged through me…

…as my vision got blurry, with tiny spots popping up and floating around over the blur.

“Whoa! Am I going to pass out?” – my dizzy 🥴 mind asked…

…and directed my lungs to gasp for air faster.

Not only I could feel the rapid heart pounding in my chest…

…but the same beats were also weirdly pulsating in my ears.

I bent down and put my hands on my sweaty and shaky knees, with the hope of not crashing down into the dirt and gravel under my feet.

Then this is what happened. 😅 👋🏿 😲

(Nelson Mandela, marketing, 8 life-changing words, and more.)

Guaranteed Result!

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