10 Lead Generation & Marketing Automation Best Practices


10 Lead Generation & Marketing Automation Best Practices For Businesses

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it’s always wise to make sure you are maximizing all resources available to you. This includes your time, your tools, and yourself. 

Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs find it hard to maximize their most important asset in their business — themselves. 

You can only do so much in a day and if you’re a one-person, do-it-all team, it’s crucial to find ways to automate some of your tasks so you could do more without spending more time working. 

But how do you do that? Today, you will discover: 

  • Top lead generation best practices to help you grow your business
  • How to generate leads without getting tied down in your computer for hours — or even days
  • Marketing automation for small businesses
  • How to use the A.D.P. strategy in your business 
  • How to K.I.S.S.
  • The importance of tracking and optimizing your strategies 

Are you ready to turn your business around without feeling like you’re a slave to your work? Try these marketing automation tips and discover more possibilities and opportunities for your business. 

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“Today, you’ll not only find out about 10 lead generation and marketing automation best practices for small businesses…

…but also about the BEST strategy to replace yourself in your lead generation, while getting MORE leads and MORE freedom as well.

And on top of that, this episode will also reveal which are the 4 KEY lead generation best practices that can DOUBLE the conversion of any business.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time…

…and ultimately replace yourself in digital marketing and business.

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OK, let’s dive right into the list.

Marketing automation best practice for lead generation No. 1: Start With The End In Mind. Why do you want to get leads? What are your specific lead generation goals?

Those answers not only will give you the directions on which way to go…

…but also the starting point to work out your lead generation strategies backwards from the end goal to where you’re now. So you know what steps to take to achieve the desired end result.

The next best practice is No. 2: Understand The Journey Of Your Customers. Even though in this episode we are focusing on how to generate leads…

…and what are the related best practices are, it’s important for every entrepreneur to understand the big marketing picture, and where lead generation fits into that.

Normally, this is the journey your customers go through. At the very beginning, they are strangers, and don’t know anything about you or your products and services.

Then in the first stage, they consume some of your content, like videos, podcasts, blog posts and they get to know you, like you, and trust you to a certain level.

They turn into your audience. The next stage is when some of your audience goes beyond just consuming your content.

They react to the calls to actions and visit your landing pages. The third stage is when some of that traffic gets really curious and turns into your leads.

We are focusing on the related best practices today. And after the lead stage, the next stage is when some of your leads gain enough trust in you to purchase a product from you.

This leads us to the fifth stage, when some of your customers gain a STRONG level of know, like, and trust in you…

…and they become your returning clients who pay for your products and services over and over again.

Now that you understand the journey of your customers and where lead generation fits into that.

Let’s talk about best practice No. 3: Know Your Customers.

It is KEY for any entrepreneurs to know their customers better than their customers know themselves…

…because that information is the fundamental of your marketing being able to get your customers through the stages we talked about.

Every part of your marketing has to talk to them. To give you a simple example, let’s say your target customers are first-time puppy owners of a specific breed, who live in the countryside.

If your landing page would talk about how to keep elderly cats healthy in the city you would get 0 of your target customers.

But if your contents, your ads, your landing page, and every other part of your marketing is focused on first-time puppy owners of a specific breed who live in the countryside…

…then your marketing automations and lead generation will get you the RIGHT customers. The more you know your customers, the more efficient your marketing can get.

Another one of the marketing automation best practices on our list, No. 4: Mindset. Lead generation and marketing automation are big…

…and complex and can be quite overwhelming at the beginning.

That’s why your mindset is KEY. Instead of worrying about how big and complex to get leads on autopilot chop the entire thing up into smaller steps…

…even into baby steps and get started now, in small, and progress step-by-step.

Which leads us to the fact that you need to be persistent to be able to succeed because it’s going to take a LOT of steps for a long time.

And besides being persistent, you need to be consistent with your lead generation as well because getting leads here and there will not get you to your end goals.

OK, in a moment, I’ll tell you about the BEST strategy to replace yourself in your lead generation while getting MORE leads and MORE freedom as well.

And after that, you’ll find out about which are the 4 KEY marketing automation best practices that can DOUBLE the lead generation of any business.

Best practice No. 5: The A.D.P. Strategy. This is the strategy that is KEY to ULTIMATELY being able to replace yourself in marketing…

…and business and at the same time, keep growing your business, and have more freedom as well.

This A.D.P. Strategy not only can be applied to lead generation, it is a best practice in that area. The first part of the strategy is to AUTOMATE as much as possible.

In this case, as many parts of the lead generation as possible. The second part is to DELEGATE what’s not possible to automate.

And the third part is the most important part: PROCESSES.

The processes makes it possible for your marketing automations and team to work on their most optimum level WITHOUT your day-to-day involvement.

And that’s how you can replace yourself in lead generation and more. Recently, we’ve published a full, dedicated episode on the A.D.P. Strategy.

I’ll leave you a link to that in the description, so you can check it out after this episode.

Before we move onto the 4 best practices that can DOUBLE the lead generation of any business, let me ask you a favor.

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And now, let’s continue. Years ago, by using the following best practices I experienced our lead conversion going from around 30% to an average 60%.

Ever since, I always apply these lead generation tactics to any new marketing campaign.

So what are those 4 marketing automation best practices that can DOUBLE the lead generation of businesses?

The first of those, No. 6: Use Lead Funnels Instead Of Websites.

In case you’re not familiar with lead funnels, they’re SPECIAL step-by-step websites that tend to convert a LOT better than NORMAL websites.

And here’s why: NORMAL websites have a structure that gives the visitors options to click around, check out multiple things. Sometimes a lot of different things.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever gone to a shop that had a lot of things in it and you felt unsure where to even start looking for what you want?

And then you start feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, and then you left WITHOUT what you wanted to get?

That’s kind of the experience a NORMAL website gives to your audience, to your potential leads. It scares most of them away. Now imagine a very different experience.

You’d go into a shop, somebody would welcome you and present you ONLY ONE thing that you need. You’d have ONLY ONE decision to make: take it or leave it.

No question where to start, no overwhelm, no frustration. Just one simple decision to make. In a nutshell, that’s why lead funnels tend to convert a lot better than normal websites.

Besides the better conversion rates, a lead funnel is an amazing form of marketing automation for small businesses.

OK, the next of the 4 marketing automation best practices is… No. 7: KISS: Keep It Super Simple.

Getting more leads is not only about presenting one thing to the visitors, it is also KEY to keep that one thing super simple.

Which makes it even easier and more pleasant for your potential leads to make the decision to become your leads.

No. 8: Make Them Curious.

The landing page of a lead funnel has ONE, and ONLY ONE, purpose: to make the visitors so curious that they type in their email address to find out more and get the lead magnet.

And the way that great level of curiosity is built is by using a powerful HOOK. Which is usually a heading and image on the landing page, with a bit of design, and that’s all.

Remember: Keep It Super Simple.

Here’s an example of a PROVEN, curiosity-building hook…

…“How To Get Your Next 100 Days Of Engaging Social Media Posts Done In Less Than 30 Minutes WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Social Media Team!”

With that said, let’s talk about the next marketing automation best practice: No. 9: Bring The Right Traffic.

As I mentioned earlier, knowing your customers and audience is a KEY best practice for every area of your lead generation.

And that includes the area of bringing traffic to your lead funnels.

Just imagine this: To stick with the previous example, let’s say your target customers are first-time puppy owners of a specific breed, who live in the countryside.

If you’d bring visitors who have elderly cats in the city, that would be a total mismatch and obviously, the conversion rate of your lead funnel would suffer.

On the other hand, do you think your funnel could convert much better if most of the traffic would be from the RIGHT people?

Like first-time puppy owners of a specific breed, who live in the countryside. When the RIGHT traffic matches with the RIGHT landing page, then you can get a lot more leads.

Besides generating traffic from new people, another part of bringing the right leads is retargeting those who have visited your landing page, but not YET signed up.

They are obviously interested in the topic, but may not be ready to opt-in YET. Some people naturally need to see your lead funnel and hook multiple times before they opt-in.

And that’s why it’s a best practice to keep bringing them back in different ways until they are ready to turn into your leads.

These 4 lead generation best practices can have a HUGE impact on any small business, in some cases, even DOUBLE the conversion rate.

And now, let’s talk about another marketing automation best practice for getting leads, No. 10: Track And Optimise.

When it comes to lead generation in digital marketing the rule of thumb is to avoid guesswork. No matter how well your lead funnels seem to convert, there’s always space for improvements.

And it’s best practice to always do that based on REAL numbers.

So, from the very beginning, track the performance of your lead funnels then use those REAL numbers to optimise the relevant part of your lead generation campaign.

While it’s good to know these best practices, you only enjoy the REAL benefits of them when you take action and implement them.

So I’d like to challenge you, and invite you to do that. The good news is you don’t have to do that all alone.

I’ll leave you a link in the description to the One Funnel Away Challenge that will help you to set up your first (or next) lead funnel step-by-step.

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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.”




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