13+ Email Marketing Automation Best Practices – Part 2


13+ Email Marketing Automation Best Practices For Small Businesses – Part 2

Would you like to convert more of your leads into customers? One of the most effective strategies to achieve this is to do email marketing consistently. 

Email marketing for small businesses gives you the opportunity to reach out to your target customers and nurture your relationships with them. This way, cold leads could eventually turn into warm leads and then convert to customers. 

Not sure how to start with email marketing? No problem! Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. It also doesn’t have to take up much of your time. 

Today, you will learn: 

  • Three email marketing best practices
  • Email marketing hacks 
  • Importance of email marketing automation 
  • How to consistently create effective email marketing content 

If you haven’t tried email marketing for your business, now is a great time to do so! Use these tips for a great start! 

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“Welcome to this episode. Today, you’ll find out about a few awesome email marketing automation best practices. One of them is A PROVEN 2-Minute Automation SHORTCUT To Email Marketing Success.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that helps entrepreneurs like you to get more done in less time, grow your business…

…and gain freedom through marketing automation, delegation, and processes.

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This episode is part of a series on email marketing best practices. You can find the links to the previous parts in the description.

One of the best practices I talked about in the previous episode is “NEVER stop emailing your list” Because when you stop, your leads get cold…

…and they can end up spending their money at your competitors. Which is NOT good for your business.

Without a question, one of the most challenging parts of email marketing for small businesses is keeping up the consistency, writing new emails, and emailing your list EVERY day.

That’s why in this episode, we are focusing on 3 email marketing shortcuts, so you can easily overcome that consistency challenge.

Okay, let’s go through the list, from the point where we left it off in the previous episode.

Best practice No. 7: Hack And Model Emails. One of the most frequently asked questions among beginners is “What emails should I send to my list?”

And even experienced entrepreneurs end up running out of email marketing ideas every now and then or maybe even often.

In those times, the quickest and easiest way to avoid staring at the blank page and getting more and more frustrated minute by minute is to get out of your own head and look for inspiration.

A GREAT place to do that is inside your email inbox. The best practice is to CONSCIOUSLY find people who are successful in email marketing, in your industry, and even outside of your area.

Simply sign up to their email list. And that way you can build up a swipe file collection over time that you can use for inspiration any time. But don’t stop there.

Organize or filter each person’s emails into separate folders. That way, you not only can see the emails as individual emails but also you can get more insights into the email marketing process.

How the emails are related to each other. In what order they arrive. What time you get them. How regularly. And so on.

When a subject gets your attention, peaks your curiosity, then flag the email as a subject line idea. Open the emails, read them, analyze them, flag them, use them as inspiration and even model them.

It’s a great and free email marketing automation shortcut that can really save you from ever running out of email ideas, staring at the blank page and being frustrated.

Not to mention, that modeling successful people, not only can speed up your progress but also can get you better results than what you could achieve by yourself.

Okay, in a minute, I’ll tell you about the PROVEN 2-minute automation SHORTCUT to email marketing success. And before that, here’s another one of today’s email marketing hacks.

No. 8: Leverage Email Templates. Another one of the great email automation shortcuts is leveraging email templates.

They serve a specific purpose: you can get started really quickly with your email marketing and get your momentum going even IF you don’t have copywriting skills yet.

And in the long run, templates make it easier for you to keep up your momentum with less work.

Some email marketing templates are ready-made that entrepreneurs can simply copy and paste, and use as they are.

The advantage of copy/paste email templates is that it’s really quick to get started, and use them with barely any work.

They are better than nothing, and can help you to gain initial email marketing momentum.

But the disadvantage of copy/paste email templates in the long run is that they lack the KEY to build a strong, resultful relationship with your email list.

That’s why, long term, a different type of templates are better, and leveraging them is even an email automation best practice. And those templates are ‘framework templates’.

They give you the RIGHT email sequence and structure, plus some of the KEY elements and you’ll add your stories, personality, and details that fit your business and audience on your email list the BEST.

And with those, you can efficiently keep up your email marketing momentum, and build a strong, resultful relationship with your list.

A great collection of those framework-type templates is called FunnelScripts.

The way it works, you answer a few questions in minutes, click on a button and the tool generates the copies that you can simply leverage in your email marketing.

It’s a template software that was created with the purpose of helping people, who don’t have copywriting and sales experience to CREATE successful sales copies, emails, ads…

…and content EASY and FAST. And the gentleman who created it is Jim Edwards. He’s a copywriting and sales expert with over 25 years of experience in those fields.

Although FunnelScripts is useful in many copywriting areas, in this episode we are only focusing on the email copies and templates.

Inside the tool, there’s an “Email Scripts” section where we can find plenty of useful email marketing templates including almost 200 proven ‘Subject Line’ templates that we can use…

…to get people to actually open the emails. And the more people open your emails, the more sales and results you can get.

Also, we can find templates for ‘Onboarding’ and ‘Welcoming’ new leads on our email list. In email marketing, the first impression matters a lot as well.

Because if your first emails are boring, then people won’t read your next emails, and may even unsubscribe quickly.

That’s why a GREAT ‘Onboarding’ or ‘Welcoming’ sequence is so important, to make a GREAT first impression so your email marketing can bring you results long term.

Besides those email marketing templates, we can find ones that give dozens and dozens of email topic ideas so you NEVER have to stare at the blank page and wonder in frustration:

“What should I write about?”. Those are a few of the most important email templates you can get your hands on in FunnelScripts.

There are a lot more you can use as shortcuts to get MORE done in LESS time and with LESS work.

And not only in the area of email marketing, you can also find templates for sales copies, videos, ads, content, and more. I’ll leave you a link to it in the description.

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With that said, let’s continue with the next of the email marketing tips.

Best practice No. 9: Use This 2-Minute SHORTCUT. This is the PROVEN 2-Minute Automation SHORTCUT To Email Marketing Success. I call this ‘The Loop Hack’ and solves the following problem.

When you stop emailing your list, your leads get colder, and you can miss out on the days when they are ready to buy. And with that you can lose money.

But coming up with DAILY email ideas, writing them, and scheduling them takes a lot of time. And if you’re like most entrepreneurs you have a lot of other marketing and business activities to do as well.

This tiny, 2-minute hack is a great way to send daily emails to your list, even if you don’t have time and resources to write daily emails.

Really simply, you send out your daily emails with email automation and the hack is, instead of letting people to finish the daily email automation…

…and then not get any email until you add new ones, instead of that, you create a loop, and once they get the last email in the automation from the next day…

…the loop will start sending them the daily emails from the first one again. This way the leads on your email list will get something every day, they never idle and get cold.

And because of that, you can also experience a boost in your sales. I recommend you to have at least 3 months of daily email in your loop.

If your leads on the list don’t read an email for the first time, it will be NEW for them. And even if they read it the first time, a few months is enough time for people to forget…

…or simply see it as a reminder email. And whenever you have time and resources, you can keep adding new emails to the loop, and expanding it.

In most email marketing software you should be able to create an automation loop like this. And I’ll leave you a link in the description to ActiveCampaign which can definitely do that loop.

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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.”



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