13 TRAFFIC And Marketing Automation Best Practices


13 TRAFFIC And Marketing Automation Best Practices

Two things that you need to have when establishing an online presence and getting leads are a website and a funnel. But did you know that you shouldn’t stop there? 

This is where many entrepreneurs often make mistakes. They know they have to build a website and some funnels, but they stop there. 

Unfortunately, people won’t simply show up just because you built funnels and a website. You need to have some strategies in place to drive traffic to your website. How? 

In today’s video, you will learn how to increase website traffic the best way without getting tied down to your computer or spreading yourself thin in your business. 

You will discover: 

  • The importance of getting to know your customers and understanding their customer journey 
  • Marketing automation strategies and best practices you could apply to your growing business 
  • Marketing automation strategies for small businesses
  • The benefits of viral loops
  • What is retargeting and why you should do it
  • The importance of repurposing
  • What is A.D.P. Strategy and why you should use it

Grow your business exponentially with these tips and still have time for other things. Give this a shot and let us know how it works for you. 

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It is a simple fact that it’s not enough to just to build your funnels and website, and then wait for people to show up.

They will NOT do that by themselves. And that’s why today, I’ll walk you through 13 TRAFFIC and marketing automation best practices.

You’ll not only learn about how to increase website traffic…

…but you’ll also find out about a PROVEN traffic best practice that can EXPONENTIALLY grow any small business in just a few weeks.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that helps entrepreneurs like you to get more done in less time…

…and grow your business and gain freedom through marketing automation, delegation, and processes.

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Just a quick note this is a special collection episode, which means we put this together from previous episodes so you can find the BEST traffic tips conveniently in ONE place.

With that said, let’s queue up the content. Enjoy it!

Traffic best practice No. 1: Start With The End In Mind. Before you do anything else, ALWAYS figure out what your business end goal is.

And from that point of view, work out backwards the marketing automation strategies that will support you to get to your end goal.

Including how to get traffic to your website and funnels on autopilot.

Best practice No. 2: Understand The Journey Of Your Customers. Your future and current customers can turn into traffic at MULTIPLE points and times throughout their journey.

You’ll see that soon. And that’s why it’s important for you to understand what the journey is that they go through.

The first stage, they are strangers, they don’t know anything about you or your products and services.

The second stage, when those people, as a stream of traffic, find and consume some of your content and from strangers…

…they turn into your audience who knows you, likes you, and trusts you to a certain level. The next stage, some of your audience, as traffic, is visiting your funnels and website.

The fourth stage is when some of your visitors turn into your leads. And can turn into additional traffic to your products and services. The next stage is leads turning into customers.

And can also translate into extra traffic. And the last stage, when existing customers turn into traffic, and become returning clients, who buy over and over again.

As you can see, traffic is pretty much part of every stage of your customers’ journey.

Okay, the next marketing automation best practice is No. 3: Know Your Audience.

This is KEY to drive traffic to your website and funnels because every one of your contents, ads, and other marketing materials have to talk to that ONE, SPECIFIC audience.

The best practice is to create an avatar of your ideal clients, BEFORE you’re doing any marketing and tweak it a bit as you progress.

Invest time into writing down what your ideal client is like, how they think, what they feel, how they behave, what their beliefs are, and so on.

The more detailed your avatar is, the better your marketing will be.

The next traffic best practice is No. 4: Mindset. Marketing automation can be scary and overwhelming at first look, or even at the few glances.

The REALITY is, it is NOT magic. Anybody who achieves success in this area they do the following things, which you can do as well.

Get started TODAY, to get momentum. Learn, plan, and implement marketing automation step-by-step. Even if you’re taking just one baby step a day.

Be persistent, it takes time and work to get more traffic to your website and funnels. Keep going until you make it work. Just like the way we all learnt to walk. We kept trying until we walked.

When you fail, learn from it. Get up and do it better next time. And be consistent, every day work on your marketing automations and traffic strategies to keep the momentum up and going.

Okay, the next marketing automation best practice for small businesses is TRULY the KEY to be able to replace yourself in traffic generation, digital marketing…

…and business while your business keeps growing WITHOUT your day-to-day involvement.

And later on, you’ll also find out about a PROVEN traffic best practice that can EXPONENTIALLY grow any small business in just a few weeks.

Now, let’s talk about best practice No. 5: The A.D.P. Strategy

It’s a simple, but POWERFUL, 3-step strategy that you can use to replace yourself once you identified a PART of your marketing or business, like bringing more traffic via YouTube.

The first step is to automate as much of that activity as possible. And then the next step is to delegate the parts that are not possible to automate.

The last, and most important step, is processes.

Creating clear and detailed guides on what needs to be done by automations and your team how and when, WITHOUT your day to day involvement.

With this 3-step A.D.P. Strategy you can create SYSTEMS that can TRULY replace you, not only in traffic generation, but in ANY parts of your marketing and business.

And with multiple systems like that you have a lot of freedom while your business keeps growing as well.

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The next best practice is No. 6: Diversify Smartly. Marketing is constantly changing. Any traffic generation method that works today, may not work tomorrow.

Some of them can completely stop working for everyone, other methods may stop working for you either permanently, or just temporarily.

And that’s why every entrepreneur who wants to have a stable stream of traffic they need to diversify, and have multiple traffic sources.

BUT here’s the most important part. You gotta do that SMARTLY. Start with only ONE traffic channel. Master it. And then, ONLY then, add another traffic channel to your arsenal.

Master that one too. Then add another one, and so on.

No. 7: Track And Optimise. A marketing automation best practice to avoid guesswork in getting traffic.

Always track the performance of your traffic channels, whether they are already systemised or not.

Because those numbers will tell you which traffic channels are working, or need optimisations, or you should pause them, or replace them.

Instead of guessing, make your decision based on REAL numbers.

The next marketing automation best practice to generate traffic is No. 8: Create Content With This Hack.

Soon, you’ll see that hack is a MAJOR efficiency boost in order to drive traffic to your website.

But first, let’s talk about the fact that why content creation and publishing is one of the BEST marketing automation strategies.

Because every content piece you publish is working for you 24/7/365 days to build your audience, a group of people who know you, like you…

…and trust you to a certain level and turn that into warm traffic to your website and funnels.

And do all that on autopilot, without your day-to-day involvement. Which is not only automated traffic but also a form of organic traffic.

When it comes to content marketing, there are various formats like videos, podcasts, blog posts, social media posts, and so on.

Besides that, you can leverage different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, your blog, podcast platforms, and the list could go on and on.

You can imagine publishing to multiple platforms in various formats is a HUGE challenge for most entrepreneurs.

That’s why leveraging the hack called “repurposing” is a best practice in this area. Simply put, this is how it works. You record one video and shoot a few photos.

Then from that, you get your team to create 25-30 content assets like videos in different formats, a podcast, a blog post, multiple social media posts, emails, descriptions, thumbnails, and so on.

Making sure that in those 25-30 content assets you have calls to action and links to your website and funnels.

And then, you get marketing automation tools and your team to distribute those content assets to various platforms. Then rinse and repeat the whole process consistently and regularly.

With that, the most efficiently, you’re publishing more and more marketing automation assets that can keep bringing traffic to your website and funnels 24/7/365 days.

OK, the next best practice on how to increase website traffic is No. 9: Leverage Guest Content And Interviews.

While in the previous best practice we talked about getting traffic with your OWN contents this best practice is all about tapping into

OTHER people’s existing audience to bring traffic to your OWN website and funnels.

Either you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or have been doing business for a while it’s ALWAYS a good idea to collaborate with other content creators regularly.

For example, getting interviewed or providing guest content. In both cases, with the primary goal of giving REAL value to their audience.

And with a secondary goal of having calls to action and at least one link to your website and funnels.

The more you do this best practice the more marketing automation assets you’ll have all around the internet that reach audiences you might not be able to reach otherwise…

…and generate you warm organic traffic.

In the upcoming items on our list, we are going to talk about different types of traffic generator marketing automation best practices for small businesses.

Including that PROVEN best practice that can EXPONENTIALLY grow any small business in just a few weeks.

No. 10: Use Retargeting Ads.

Creating and publishing content regularly is not only a best practice for building your audience and getting organic traffic it also has other marketing automation benefits.

One of them is being able to retarget your audience with paid ads to your website and funnels.

Think about this, your audience who consumes your content, they know you, like you, and trust you to a certain level.

Obviously, when somebody from your audience visits your funnels they are more likely to turn into your leads and customers.

One way of turning your audience into traffic is the organic way, which I told you about earlier, best practice no. 8. The other way is retargeting your audience with paid ads.

Imagine this: Anybody from your audience who watched more than 95% of any of your videos or spent more than a few minutes reading a blog post of yours…

…they are interested in the topics you talk about they have already got value from you they are a warmer segment of your audience.

When your paid retargeting ads show up in front of them they are more likely to click and turn into traffic, leads and customers.

Use retargeting ads to keep reaching out to your audience on autopilot, and keep turning some of them into warm traffic.

Best practice No. 11: Reach Your Target Audience With Paid Ads.

Paid ads not only can be used for retargeting your audience…

…but also to reach out to your TARGET audience, who may have never seen any of your contents and generate traffic from them to your funnels on autopilot.

Although this is going to bring you cold traffic…

…which tends to convert less using paid ads is still a really beneficial marketing automation best practice that can get you a LARGE amount of traffic.

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No. 12: Use Email Automations.

Your email list and automations are not only great for automated follow-ups it’s also a best practice to use them as a source of warm traffic to your website, funnels, and contents.

Your email list is a traffic channel you have the most control over.

Other traffic channels, like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Podcast platforms, and social media platforms can massively change overnight…

…and show your contents and ads to fewer people, or even cut you off completely. Which happened in the past multiple times, with many people losing a lot of traffic.

Don’t misunderstand this! It’s NOT a “use only this or only that” type of situation. All those traffic channels have their own benefits, and while they work it makes sense using them.

And besides that, you have the most control over your email list. So strategically, use it as a marketing automation to bring traffic to your website, funnels, and content.

Every time when you publish a new video, or podcast, or article or you launch a new offer then send it to your email list to generate traffic to those.

AND do NOT stop there Add them to your email automations so it keeps bringing you warm traffic on autopilot, even for years.

OK, now let’s talk about the PROVEN best practice that can EXPONENTIALLY grow any small business in just a few weeks.

No. 13: Use Viral Loops And More. Let me explain quickly how viral loops work and how they can massively grow small businesses in a short period of time.

The core part of a viral loop is either a fixed giveaway or a giveaway contest that is related to your business.

In the case of a fixed giveaway, imagine this when somebody sends you the right traffic…

…and refers you a certain number of leads they get a fixed prize, like a product for free, or a subscription for a few months for free, or some other value.

In case of a give away contest, you have one or a few BIG prizes, people send traffic to your funnel and refer you leads and only the first few contesters…

…those who referred the MOST leads, will get one of the prizes. Imagine this: Let’s say you have a giveaway contest. Initially, you need to send some traffic to it.

People sign up to the contest, which is some new leads for you. And here’s the HUGE POWER of this best practice.

Those new leads will start sending traffic, new people to your contest. Some of those people will sign up. More leads to you. Those leads will start sending another stream of traffic.

Which will bring you a new set of leads. And this loop goes on and on and on and can EXPONENTIALLY grow any small business in just a few weeks.

A giveaway contest always has an end date, a level of urgency, and while it takes initial work from you the loop, and getting referred traffic, leads, and customers are automated.

As the focus of this episode is marketing automation best practices to bring traffic, it was just a quick overview of viral loops.

I’ll leave you a link in the description where you can learn more about viral loops.

And in the description, you’ll find other traffic-related resources as well, like the New York Times Best Selling Traffic Secrets book.

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