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17 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Landing Pages and Funnels – Part 1

By Istvan Bujdoso | The 47 Marketing Show

Are You Sick And Tired Of Cold Calling & Chasing Leads? Discover The Solution

Oct 07


17 Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website And Funnels – Part 1

You’ve got your landing pages and funnels set up. Your social media profiles are also good to go. The only thing missing is a lead generation strategy to get the ball rolling. 

Many entrepreneurs understand the importance of having a funnel and a landing page. But only a few know how to maximize these assets and drive traffic that converts to their funnels and landing pages. 

There are many lead generation techniques you can implement for your business. If you’re only using one, it may be time to consider adding more to your lead generation plan. 

Let me help you get started on driving traffic to your site. Today, I’ll share with you some of the best and most effective techniques I use to get traffic and convert leads. You will learn: 

  • Why your email list is the best source of traffic 
  • Different types of content you can share with your email list 
  • The importance of consistent content creation and publishing
  • The benefits of repurposing content and how to do it
  • Reasons to consider paid advertising
  • What is retargeting and remarketing
  • Why you should add retargeting and remarketing to your digital marketing strategy

Are you ready to drive traffic to your landing pages and funnels? Try out these tips today and let me know how it goes!

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Welcome, Freedom Hero!
When I ask entrepreneurs what they want to find out about more when it comes to lead generation and marketing, most of them mention getting more traffic among their top answers.
It’s been a few months since I did the last traffic dedicated episode.
So, I thought it is the perfect time to start a new series, 3 episodes, in which we’ll talk about “17 Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website And Funnels.”
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show.
Let’s start with #1 which is your email list.
If you’ve been following me for a while, you could hear this multiple times. Your email list is the BEST traffic source for various reasons.
The biggest reason is that this is the ONLY traffic source you truly own. It doesn’t rely on any social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on neither on Google or YouTube.
Those 3rd party platforms can change anytime without any upfront warning which did happen multiple times.
And some of the bigger changes on Google, Facebook, and other platforms seriously cut down the traffic of a lot of businesses overnight. And because of that, some businesses even died.
When you have an email list, you can survive easier or even thrive in the time of those slaps. Plus, your email list gives you virtually UNLIMITED opportunities to reach out…
…and generate warm traffic for free that you can send to your website, funnels, new offers, blog posts, videos, and so on.
Besides the traffic generation, there are other marketing benefits as well as having an email list. If you don’t have an email list or haven’t made it a high priority in your business yet…
…today is the perfect day to start doing that.
Okay, let’s move onto the next on the list, Number 2: Consistent Content Creation And Publishing.
It is another great way to generate traffic to your website or funnels, especially because this traffic is usually warm traffic.
People consume your content, they get to know you, like you and trust you to a certain level which means your marketing will be able turn more of them into leads or even clients.
Depending on how, what and where your target audience likes consuming content.
You have various ways to generate content: videos, podcasts, written format and different platforms to publish your contents on consistently.
Make sure you use call to action in the descriptions and inside your content and over time it can generate you a stream of warm organic traffic.
And the greatest benefit is that it is a form of traffic automation because your published contents are working for you 24/7 as long as they are public.
Okay, #3 on our list, Repurposing Content.
This is an awesome way to be efficient, come up with a content topic, and produce that into different formats: videos, podcasts, blog posts, social media posts, infographics.
And publish those content assets onto multiple platforms over time. That way, multiplying the amount of traffic you can get from each content idea.
Okay #4: Paid Advertising.
Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube provide a great way to drive targeted cold, warm, or even hot traffic to your website and funnels.
On some social media platforms not only a great way, but pretty much the only way to get significant traffic from.
Like from Facebook, they cut back on organic reach which means only a very small percent of your audience sees your posts, and with that usually, organic traffic from Facebook is very little as well.
And that leaves paid advertising pretty much the only way to generate a great amount of traffic from Facebook.
The major paid advertising platforms provide quite a good amount of data on the performance of your ads which makes it possible to eliminate, adjust…
…and optimize your ads to achieve higher ROI, more leads, and more clients. Besides the PPC advertising services I mentioned earlier…
…there are other paid advertising solutions as well that might be worth exploring for your business like solo ads, banner ads, paid ads on shows, paid ads on podcasts, and so on.
Okay, #5 is Retargeting And Remarketing.
Facebook and Google ads provide another HUGE benefit for marketers and that is being able to show certain ads only to people who interacted with your content, websites, and funnels, and so on.
What is really amazing about retargeting and remarketing is that it is usually more cost-efficient than ads to cold audiences, it increases conversion rates…
…and gives you the opportunity to get more leads and clients easier.
Okay, #6, Community Engagement.
The more brand recognition you have, the more traffic you can get to your website and funnels. By consistently being active in your own community and in other relevant communities…
…you can strengthen your brand recognition and get more traffic.
So, participate regularly in relevant Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, on Twitter, on social media, Quora, and on other platforms where your target audience likes hanging around.
And over time, you will see the results showing up as more traffic and more leads as well.
Okay, this was the first 6 of the 17 great ways to get traffic to your website and funnels. In the next episode, we will continue this series.
And for now, two important things are left say: First, thank you for being here today. And the other one is…
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Are You Sick And Tired Of Cold Calling & Chasing Leads? Discover The Solution


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