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17 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Landing Pages and Funnels – Part 2

By Istvan Bujdoso | The 47 Marketing Show

Are You Sick And Tired Of Cold Calling & Chasing Leads? Discover The Solution

Oct 14


17 Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website And Funnels – Part 2 

In our previous post, we talked about some of the things you could do to set up and optimize your landing pages and funnels to get more traffic and improve your conversion rate. We focused on building an email list and the importance of having a content creation calendar. 

Today, we will expound on what we’ve talked about on our previous post to help you further maximize your landing pages and funnels.

Getting traffic to your landing pages and funnels isn’t just about creating content. There are a lot of elements in the works. One of these is to network with like-minded individuals who could help you expand your reach. 

To make the most of your lead generation efforts and achieve your marketing goals, we will teach you: 

  • The importance of collaborating with influencers and ways to choose influencers that align with your goals
  • Why you should consider guest posting and how to do it
  • The importance of SEO in driving traffic to your landing page
  • The basics of Voice Search Optimization and why you should think about it when creating blogs and other types of content
  • How to update old blog posts and why you should take time doing so
  • The amazing benefits of podcasts 

Optimizing for search engine and voice search; guest posting; and being a guest on podcasts are just some of the ways you could maximize the audience reach of other sources and drive leads to your business. When you put your brand out there, more people would see you, and check out your website. 

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Welcome, Freedom Hero!
Today, we’re continuing the series on one of the most challenging areas of marketing traffic generation. In the previous episode, I shared the first 6 of 17 Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website And Funnels.
And now, we will carry on.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show.
The next item on the list is #7: Collaborate With Your Dream 100.
Think about your Dream 100 as a group of influencers, brands, entrepreneurs who already have good relationships with your ideal leads and clients at the same time, they are not your competition.
Find ways to collaborate with your Dream 100 in win-win scenarios, where both you and them win on the collaboration.
These could be joint webinars sharing the income, or joint giveaway competitions where both of you build their email list, or a joint podcast episode, and so on.
There are many other ways as well, be creative, and make sure it’s a win-win collaboration. It is a KEY element in this marketing strategy to understand that it is not a “do it once and you’re all set” strategy.
It may take quite a good amount of effort to start a really successful collaboration at the same time, even one collaboration can bring you huge results like thousands of followers, leads, or sales.
And one more important tip before we move to the next item on the list.
“Dig your well before you’re thirsty.” Which means, build a great relationship with your Dream 100 way before you want to collaborate with them.
That way you have a much bigger chance to do a collaboration when you need it. For example, when you launch a new marketing campaign. It makes sense, right?
Okay, the next on the list is #8: Guest Posts.
Another great way to get traffic is finding blogs that your target audience likes reading regularly and write new, valuable guest posts for that blog and its audience.
For example, a knowledge-based article that fills in a gap in their contents. In your guest posts, include some “helpful resources.” These are relevant useful links that point to posts on your own blog.
This way some of the readers will turn into traffic to your blog which can direct some of them into your funnels to turn that traffic into leads and sales.
Besides the direct traffic you can get from the guest posts, there’s another big benefit.
The links in the guest posts are backlinks that can help you to reach better SEO ranking for your own blog as well which can also bring extra traffic.
Number 9: Blog Posts + SEO.
Just like in lead generation, in SEO as well, understanding your target audience is KEY. In this case, knowing what keywords your audience is searching for in Google is a fundamental element.
Based on that knowledge, you can write about topics that are interesting for those readers, and increasing the chances they will find your blog.
Besides choosing the right topics, make sure every post is SEO-optimised to get better ranking in Google and other search engines which can result in more traffic.
Both in the area of keyword researching and on-page SEO optimization there are various great tools out there that can make your work easier and faster, and get you higher return on investment.
Okay, #10: Voice Search Optimization.
Voice control is getting more and more popular in everyday life, Siri, Google, Alexa, just to mention the big names. And with that, the way people are searching is changing as well.
Because of that, optimising your blog posts for voice search is essential. Here’s a few tips that can help you with the optimization.
People use voice search differently than when they type, they usually ask full questions instead of just a few keywords so optimize for long-tail keywords and full sentences as well.
Another tip is to publish posts that answer the questions that your audience potentially will ask. And the last tip, Siri, Google, Alexa, they all search for short, specific answers.
Because of that, including short summaries in your content helps smart speakers and search engines to find the relevant answers in your posts.
Number 11: Update Old Blog Posts.
Things are constantly changing in life, and because of that SEO is not a “do it once and it will be OK forever“ type of activity.
For example, if your blog posts are ranking well in Google, that may change after a while when Google finds more up to date posts on the same topic.
And with lower ranking, the amount of traffic you get can drop as well. That is one reason why updating your out-of-date post is important.
And even if your posts are still ranking well in search engines, it’s worth refreshing old posts because the refreshed content can give a quick boost to your traffic and lead generation.
There are two ways you can update old blog posts. One is actually updating the existing post and the other is launching the updated article as a brand new blog post…
…and to the top of the OLD post, adding a call to action that points to the NEW post.
Number 12: Be A Guest On Podcasts.
Podcasts are increasingly popular. A lot of people are listening to multiple podcasts regularly. And besides the big potential reach there’s another HUGE benefit…
…in general, only a small percent of people watch videos from the beginning to the end. On the other hand, a bigger percent of listeners listen to full podcast episodes, even if they are long.
So on podcasts, the audience has more time to get to know you, like you and trust you, which has a positive impact both on traffic and lead generation.
Each time you show up on a podcast as a guest, that usually means one or multiple of your links will be listed in the show notes which are backlinks…
…and that means two things: one, potential direct traffic and better SEO ranking.
Okay, I hoped you enjoyed the 2nd episode of our traffic series. These were another 6 of the 17 great ways to get traffic to your website and funnels.
In the next episode, we’ll complete the list with some powerful traffic hacks.
Thank you for being here today. And before you go, here’s one more thing…
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Are You Sick And Tired Of Cold Calling & Chasing Leads? Discover The Solution


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