3 Lead Generation Lessons From The Book The DotCom Secrets


Top 3 Lead Generation Lessons I Learnt From The DotCom Secrets Book – Part 1 – The Secret Formula

Are you looking for actionable marketing lead generation ideas to help get yourself unstuck in acquiring and closing leads? 

I want to share with you and talk about life-changing lessons I learned from Russell Brunson. He is the author of The DotCom Secrets. You’ll learn about three important lessons you could incorporate to your simple lead generation system. You’ll also discover why you still feel stuck and miserable even when you’re getting clients and business is going smoothly. 

In this episode, you’ll get to answer four important questions that would turn your lead generation around. You will also find out: 

  • The first step that you have to take before you can grow any company

Lead generation doesn’t have to take the life out of you. Take a few minutes of your time to truly understand these secrets and make the most of your lead generation efforts. 

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“Welcome, Freedom Heroes! 

Today, we are starting a new series which is the top three lessons I learned from the “DotCom Secrets” book by Russell Brunson. This is part one. And, in this episode, you are going to learn about the secret formula that’s the first step that you have to use when you want to grow any type of company. 

My name is Istvan Bujdoso, the founder of 47funnelsecrets.com and let’s get started. 

Russell Brunson, the author of this book, he’s a brilliant marketer, he grew his company from zero to a hundred-million-dollar company in just three years. And, in this period, he was helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to grow their business and achieve incredible success. And, the “DotCom Secrets” book is one of his book and Tony Robbin says about this book that, “A simple process that any company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online.” This is right on the cover. 

And, Russell, in one of his chapters, one of the chapters in the book, he tells a story about many years ago, he was in his bed, it was 11 a.m. and he felt sick, he didn’t want to get out of bed and wished he would have a boss who could fire him but he didn’t, he was his own boss and it didn’t make sense the way he felt around the time because he was running a profitable company and they were helping people and at the same time he felt miserable. And, he started thinking about what is the reason that he feels miserable and he realized the people who he was working with on, it didn’t like to work with those people or working with. And, around the time, he was still trying to sell to anyone and everyone and not speaking who he’s working with and just ended up tired, frustrated and empty inside. And, when I was reading the book, I could completely relate to his story because a few years ago, I was going through the same situation as well when I was working with anybody in the business and the people, most of the clients I was working with, I didn’t like to work with them and it was tiring, frustrating and I was angry. And, I was really curious about, when I was reading this book, to find out what was his solution. The secret formula that we’re going to talk about today is a simple 4-question formula and at the same time, it’s really, really powerful. 

Okay, question number #1: who are your dream clients? The book suggests to go into really details to write down who they are, what did they look like, what are they passionate about, what are their goals, desires and dreams? To know these in details, have a detailed list who they are, what they like and why this is so important to know in details who your dream clients are because if you think about it, you’re going to spend day-to-day– you’re going to spend a lot of days with them, you’re going to communicate with them day-to-day and if they make you feel miserable, then your whole business and life is going to suffer from it. And, if you have a detailed list, it’s going to give you an amazing clarity and perspective on your dream client and you’re going to help later on as well, okay? 

So, question number 2 is where to find your dream clients? Where do they– think about where they hang around. Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, what groups are they in, what kind of email subscription they have, what blogs do they read, what videos do you watch, what are they into? Are they into fishing, are into racing, are they into photography? Just know these details, think about this where you can find them and what they like because if you don’t know who they are and what they like, it’s going to be hard to find them, pretty much impossible to find them and that’s another reason why you need to know, why you need to have a detailed list who your dream clients are, okay? 

Question number #3 is what baits you’re going to use to attract them? Once you know who they are and where they hang around, you need to create a bait that’s going to attract them to you, to come to you. This bait can be an eBook, can be a video, can be a DVD, can be a physical book, can be anything that they want. When I say “want,” this is a key thing, “what they want,” something that they want, not something that you assume that they need, something that they want. And, it’s going to attract them, that’s going to get them to you, leave the place where they hang around and come to you and check out who you are and what you do. Does this make sense? 

Okay, question #4 is the result. What result you are going to give them? When I say “result,” it doesn’t mean the product or service you provide them. It actually means the result that you can get to your client. And, once you and your client understand this concept, the price is no longer going to be a barrier. Just imagine that your client could pay anything that you help them to achieve the success they want. Just imagine that, then, what would you do to help them to succeed? Just keep that in mind because that’s where you want to get them and that’s a key of this step, okay? 

This is a simple exercise, at the same time, it’s key to do before you can take any business to the next level. This was part one of the series that top three lead generation lessons I learned from the “DotCom Secrets” book. 

And, before I wrap up this episode, let me ask you a question, would you like to get a free copy of a “DotCom Secrets” book? Today, we covered about five pages of this 250-page book and there are a lot more secrets in there. If you’d like to get a free copy of the “DotCom Secrets” book, then, check out the link in the description. 

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Thank you for being here today. My name is Istvan Bujdoso. I hope you enjoyed this episode and see you in the next one.”


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