3 Lead Generation Lessons From The DotCom Secrets Book


Top 3 Lead Generation Lessons I Learnt From The DotCom Secrets Book – Part 2

Have you ever wondered why your competition is getting more sales than you when you’re both giving the same discounts and have the same pricing? They have probably mastered one simple sales lead technique that you haven’t! 

In the DotCom Secrets book by Russel Brunson, he narrated a short story with a powerful lesson on marketing lead generation tactics that many businesses often overlook. I would like to share that lesson with you. 

In this episode, we will answer the following questions:

  • Did you know that most businesses could easily make a lot more money by doing one simple thing?
  • What is a value ladder and how can you use it for your lead generation and marketing strategy?
  • How do you identify your free bait for your sales lead strategy and attract your dream clients? 

You don’t need complex and costly lead generation techniques to get more clients. With this one simple thing, you could attract more leads to your doorstep. 

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“Welcome, Freedom Heroes! 

Did you know that most businesses could make a lot more money by doing one simple thing? 

My name is Istvan Bujdoso, the founder of 47funnelsecrets.com and this is part two of the top three lessons I learned from the “DotCom Secrets” book. 

Let me tell you a story that I’ve read in this book. Russell Brunson, the author of “DotCom Secrets,” he got a leaflet that was promoting a free teeth cleaning and he decided to do that. When he went there, in ten minutes in the appointment, the doctor asked him if he’s smoking or drinking coffee because his teeth were yellow. Brunson replied no to both questions. “Are they so yellow?” And he thought, “I don’t want yellow teeth.” The dentist replied, “Don’t worry. I can make you a custom teeth whitening kit and if you follow the steps for a few weeks then your teeth are going to be white again.” And Russell said yes because he didn’t want to have yellow teeth. The doctor continued the examination and he asked Russell, “Did you have a retainer when you were young?” And, Russell replied, “Yes, how do you know that?” The dentist was saying, “Because I can see your bottom teeth are shifting again. I can make you a retainer that keeps your teeth in place.” Russell said yes too because he wanted to keep his teeth in place. 

He went in for a free teeth cleaning consultation and left paying over $2,000 for a teeth whitening kit and for a new retainer. Plus, on top of this, they actually booked him in for the next check-up as well. Let me explain how this story comes to making a lot of money in your business. The dentist had an amazing value ladder. He had a bait, the “free teeth cleaning” and he knew that his dream clients are going to be attracted to this opportunity, to get the “free teeth cleaning” and this will get them through the door, a lot of them. Of course, the dentist is not living on the free teeth cleaning, not living on a free teeth cleaning. But, if you would go to–he’s making the most money on cosmetic surgeries but if you would go to strangers and tell them like, “Hey, give me $10,000 or $20,000 and I’m going to make your smile beautiful,” you would have no clients, no one would pay him that money because they don’t know him, they don’t trust him yet. 

And that’s where the value ladder comes into the picture beautifully. Just think about it. The “free teeth cleaning,” when people come in, a lot of people come through the door through his bait and they get a lot of value from it. And, naturally, some of them, going to want to move forward and they want to get more value in a form of teeth whitening kits. And, of course, they’re going to get value from the teeth whitening kits as well. For those who gets the value, some of them going to go to the next level because they want to get more value. They’re going to get a retainer and they’re going to get a lot more value from it again. And, naturally, some of them is going to want to go to the next level which is the cosmetic surgery, the biggest, the number one service of the dentist which he can make the most money out of it. But, if he would promote this directly, the cosmetic surgery, then, he would have no clients or barely any clients because $10,000-$20,000-service to sell to strangers is really difficult. But, he’s clever and he’s promoting the “free teeth cleaning” which gets a lot of people, a lot of dream clients through the door and he’s giving them value and taking them to the next level that is giving them value, taking them to the next level, giving them value, taking them to the next level. And, along the way, along with the value, he’s charging more and more and more for the services. Does this make sense? Can you see how this works? Can see how the value ladder makes it possible to make a lot of money in your business? Can you see how people are entering, coming in for a bait, a free gift or free something and they are getting value and going to the next level and getting value and going to the next and then getting value and going to the next level? Can you see how this works? 

I know you might be thinking that that you’re not a dentist and you don’t know how the value ladder would work for you. But, this, the value ladder works for any professional services, any B2B services and consultants and coaches and agents. It’s pretty much for any businesses. There is a way it’s build up a value ladder and get people through it and make more money. 

The “DotCom Secrets” book mentions that most of the businesses have the number one service and there is always a gap in front of it, in the value ladder, and there’s a gap after it. Think about it, what would be your free bait? What would be the free thing, the sexy, the awesome thing that you could give away, you could give to your clients that would attract a lot of your dream clients here, note that your dream clients are here. This can be a free eBook, this can be a free consultation, a free cheat sheet, a free video, a free training, something that your dream client wants and attracted to. Think about it after that, when you give them– when they get value from the free bait. After that, what is the next best value that your dream clients want to get from you? Because, think about it, this can be a paid consultation, entry-level paid service, something that your dream client gets value from it and you’re getting money from it. And, remember, the goal is to give them value on every step of the value ladder and they will naturally move to the next one, to the next one, to the next one. After a few steps on the value ladder, they’re going to get you, it’s going to be easier to sell your number one service to them, to charge more for your number one service, to sell to more dream clients, sell your number one service to your dream clients and make more money with it. Are you getting this? 

Okay, one last thing. There’s always a gap after your number one service, there’s always a way to add another level to the value ladder and charge more, give more value to your customers and charge more for it. This can be a continuity program, this can be a subscription-based service which has another benefit. The subscription-based service that brings constant cash flow in your business. 

Okay, that was it for today. This was part two of the top three lead generation lessons I learned from the “DotCom Secrets” book. Before I wrap up this episode, let me ask you a question. Would you like to get a free copy of the “DotCom Secrets” book? Today, we covered about eight pages of this 250-page book and there are a lot more amazing secrets in it. So, if you’d like to get a free copy of the “DotCom Secrets” book, you can find a link in the description. 

And, if you’d like to find out more how to get more hot leads while working with much less hours, then visit 47funnelsecrets.com. You can find that link in the description as well. Thank you for being here today. My name is Istvan Bujdoso. I hope you enjoyed this episode and see you in the next one.”


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