3 Myths That Make Your Lead Generation Process Fail


3 Common Myths That Make Your Lead Generation Fail… And How You Can Avoid Them… 

Have you been working very hard on your lead generation process but can’t seem to find any success? You might be doing any of the three common myths in marketing lead generation. 

So much of our attitude and mindset when it comes to challenges is often the result of our schooling or the effect of society on us. In this episode, you will learn how to break through those learned behaviors. You will discover a new mindset that will help you be on your way to success — just like it helped me. 

We will discuss the three common mistakes you might be doing: 

  1. Thinking that lead generation is difficult 
  2. Perfecting your lead generation process the first time 
  3. Expecting instant result in your lead generation sales or marketing efforts

If you’re doing any —or ALL— of these things, then you now have the opportunity to make smart business changes. Approach this with an open mind and follow this truly effective mindset that all successful entrepreneurs have. 

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“Welcome, Freedom Heroes to The 47 Marketing Show. My name is Istvan Budjoso and in this episode, we are going to talk about the Three Common Myth That Make Your Lead Generation Fail and how you can avoid them. 

Myth number one is that lead generation is hard to learn. I believe this false belief comes from our schooling that the way we learned during the school years that we had a bunch of different subjects and they were teaching them. But, I remember most of the time, I didn’t understand what we are going to use that knowledge for, how and when we are going to use that knowledge for and even if we are going to use that at all. And for that, that was demotivating and made most of the subjects boring because I couldn’t associate any goal to it and made it really difficult and hard to learn and I believe most of the people go through that experience that they associate learning that it is hard and I believe that this is something that we can change and I remember what I had a completely different experience in my childhood about learning with my childhood best friends. We came up with an idea to create a computer program. We had no idea about what we are doing, we didn’t know about programming, we just had this idea to do that and because of that we had a motivation, we had a goal and we had a big problem because we didn’t know how to do it, we needed to learn something. So, we started learning about it. As soon as we learnt a little bit, we implemented it, we used it, we had a little bit of success. And then, we bumped into another problem so we needed to learn more. We learnt more and we implemented it, we used it, we had another success and then another little success. We bumped into another problem so we learnt and implemented and had success. Even though I didn’t know around that time but what we were using just-in-time learning. We were just learning that little bit of knowledge that we used right away and we got success from it and that was really, really amazing because I believe that kept motivating us along the way. And, with that, we were keep getting success from it and we were working for a bigger goal all together…a bigger goal, vision, that it made the whole process easy and fun to do it to learn things that way. So, I recommend you to use, I want you to actually use to have this mindset and start using a mindset of just-in-time learning that when you have the automated lead generation that you don’t know how to start, then find a way to start it, learn a little bit about it and implement it, have a bit of success. And then, start, and then, learn a bit more, implement it and have a bit of success and learn, implement, have success. With this way, just-in-time learning, with this mindset, you can sort and grow your automated lead generation much faster. The truth is that, when you’re doing it this way, you will realize the actual learning is easy and fun. 

Number two on our list, myth number two is that lead generation has to be perfect to the first time. I believe this is another false belief that comes back to the schooling and our society that somehow, we built up this that we need to achieve perfect and I believe our school system or schooling and our society is the reason why we’re thinking about this way. You should remember that if we make mistakes in school that resulted in punishment, in some sort of punishment that we got a bad grade, we got some bad comment from the teacher, we’ve got some bad comments from our parents or some sort of punishment and it’s crazy because that made us associate that we have to be perfect about things, how we do things. Well, if you think that how children, how you learnt as a child and when you were even younger and how children learn to walk and talk, for example, how they do things walking and talking, it’s not something that it happened that children stand up from one day, another day, they start walking perfectly or running perfectly. It happens gradually, it happens with mistakes, with a lot of mistakes, just think about it. First time, they kind of like rolling, then crawling and putting ourselves up on a table or something and we’re standing and then we’re standing without holding anything and we start walking, and on the way, we’re learning and learning and as we keep practicing, we’re learning to walk and run. Along the way what happens is actually we’re falling down and we’re standing up, we’re falling down, we’re standing up and we are basically learning on the way and implementing and it doesn’t have to be perfect and as children, they don’t care about if it’s perfect, they just want to do it and they keep trying and keep trying and keep trying with talking, with walking and the same thing happens with children, doesn’t care about perfectness just keep doing it and trying it over and over again until it turns into a master skill. We are walking and talking and I have to tell you that imperfect action always beats perfect inaction. This comes back to basically what we do, the way we learned along the way like walking and talking. Along the way, we’re actually cheered by our parents and people around us. Even every single little success like just standing up or just start walking, there was a little bit of success and the parents were happy about it and showed up some…we felt success about that along the way and positive feedback. Somehow that changes in our school and society that basically if we are making mistakes, we are getting some sort of punishment and I believe this negative mindset has a huge effect on to a lot of things in life and on to automated lead generation as well. If you feel that your lead generation has to be perfect, I have to tell you, it doesn’t have to be, you just need to start it and then keep improving it, improving it, improving it to make it better and better and better but it doesn’t have to be perfect, it never has to be perfect. You just start it and improve it and improve it and when you are falling down, when you’re failing with your automated lead generation you just stand up and cheer because you actually learned something. So, look at it that way, that failing is just learning something new and you can cheer on it and you can move on and next time do it better. And, when you’re succeeding with it, you can cheer for it because you succeeded. Yeah, this is how you move on and actually use implementing things by keep trying and moving on. 

So, myth number three on our list, that there is a magic button that will bring instant lead generation results which is absolutely not true. I know I can’t see it but raise your hand if you ever started something and you never finished it. It’s kind of like building a half-bridge. We did it all, I did it myself as well and I started something, I never finished it and it’s kind of building a half-bridge. How many half-bridges do you have in your life? I have many, many that I started something and I never finished it and I believe this goes back to the way we live in an instant world that basically everything is instant. We can pick up a phone, we can call our friends on the other end of the world and instantly start talking to them. It’s not like many, many, years ago when we needed to write, people needed to write a letter and post it. It’s not like that. We can instantly reach our friends on the other end of the world, we can instantly order things from online, we can have instant food, instant drinks, different instant things. I believe that the way we live our lives, it’s kind of that instant– there are a lot of instant things that build up a mindset of the kind of we are expecting that everything should be instant in our life. But, the truth is that, everything huge and everything amazing and every huge success is something that takes time and takes consistency to actually build it up. I believe that every overnight success is the result of years of consistent hard work and it takes time to master any type of skill. When it comes to automated lead generation or comes to anything else and I just think about how we learn, just back to how children learn like walking and talking consistently, there is a consistency. I’ve never have seen any kid standing up one day from another and start perfectly walking and running. They do it consistently, every single day. They see it, they try it, they fall down, they stand up and every single day, as children, we consistently learn to walk, consistently learn to talk and we had an amazing consistency in our life, in our learning and using it and implementing it every single day. As I back, basically, you can guess that English is not my native language, based on my accent or on my name, you can guess it. It’s not my native language, English, and I remember back in elementary school and high school, I was struggling with English, I was barely making through English classes and I literally hated English and I didn’t learn it, to be honest. And, at some point in my life, I decided to “I need to learn it, I want to learn it.” I had the motivation and the best thing I did that I started consistently learning every single day, start a little bit– learnt a little bit of English and I was watching a movie or I was writing or reading an article or talking to someone but every single day, consistently, I was learning a little bit of English and at the beginning, it didn’t show much of the results but after months, after years, I could see a huge, huge result in my knowledge. The most amazing thing is not just because of this consistency and not just I learned English, the most amazing thing is that learning, that consistent learning and using English is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life. Basically, I could move to the UK to start a better life, I met the love of my life, we have an amazing daughter, we could travel to different countries like US, China, Portugal, different places around the world and I could start my own business, my international business, recording these videos, recording these episodes, this marketing show and it’s just amazing results, the most rewarding things happening in my life because I was consistent years ago with learning and using English and the same thing happens with your automated lead generation. If you are consistently learning about it, using it, implementing it, then, automated lead generation is going to turn into one of the most rewarding things in your business and in your life. 

So, this was it today, thank you for staying till the end of this episode. There’s one more thing before we go, I want to tell you. If you need any help, if you want any help with learning, implementing and being consistent with your automated lead generation, then visit 47funnelsecrets.com. Once again, thank you for staying to the end of this episode. I really appreciate it. My name is Istvan Budjoso and see you in the next episode.”


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