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4 Marketing Tips To Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

By Istvan Bujdoso | The 47 Marketing Show

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Aug 26


4 Marketing Tips To Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

It’s a cutthroat world out there! Whether you’re in a B2B niche or a B2C market, staying on top of the competition is crucial to your digital marketing strategy and lead generation effort. 

“But, I’m only starting out, how do I do this?”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the industry for a minute or 10 long years. Being competitive will go a long way — especially in lead generation marketing.

Do you want to know the secret to keeping yourself apart from the competition? Knowing your target market in depth! Yes, it’s not enough to identify who your customers are. You must get to know them on a much deeper level. 

You could get started today! I will share with you marketing tips to help you stay ahead of your competition. 

You will learn: 

  • The importance of getting to know your target market in depth
  • How to perform the Why Questions exercise and why this is an essential part of any marketing strategy
  • An effective framework you could easily implement with your digital marketing strategy
  • Why you should always show proof for anything

Don’t be the second choice of your customer. Be their first! With these marketing tips, you will definitely slay the competition. 

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Welcome, Freedom Hero!
In this episode, you’ll find out about 4 marketing tips that will help you set yourself apart from your competitors, get more leads and make more sales.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show.
Here’s the first tip. Are you ready?
Number 1, Know Your Target Audience Really Well, In Deep Details. In every area of your lead generation, marketing and sales, the deep insights of your target audience is KEY.
In a few minutes, I’ll give you some examples and you will see how that knowledge can change everything.
Figure out who you want to serve EXACTLY, their fundamental human needs, feelings, motivations, values, roadblocks, questions, what results they want…
…their age, gender, how they look like, where you can find them, what gets them excited, what their current situation is, where they want to go and so on and so on and so on.
When you keep collecting the insights consistently along the way as you do your business and marketing, sooner or later, you’ll know your target audience better than they know themselves.
Okay, let’s talk about the next marketing tip which is #2, Ask 7 Why Questions. One of the things I’ve been doing pretty much consistently in the past 5-6 years is self-development.
Because I believe if somebody’s not growing, then they are dying. A few years ago, I found an interesting exercise on figuring out your own WHY in life that motivates you to do things.
That exercise showed me when people are asked what their WHY is, their first answer is not their real WHY. It is only scratching the surface of the truth.
And the exercise showed how to dig deep down to the REAL WHY by asking the “Why?” question 7 times. I tried it.
First I asked myself, “What is my why?“ And I wrote down on a piece of paper “I want to have a successful business.” Then I asked “WHY do I want to have that?” I wrote down the answer.
And then I asked “Why?” again and again, till I did that 7 times. Each answer showed me a deeper and deeper level of truth about myself. The 7th answer was really different than the first one.
This was it, “I want to be free and happy. Love and be loved. Have plenty of quality time with my family and friends, be the best partner for my wife…
…the best parent for my kids, the best son for my parents, and the best friend for my friends.” Can you feel the huge difference between the first answer and this one?
Here’s how this all that comes to your marketing. You can use the same exercise on your target audience to look beyond their obvious motivations…
…and see from a very different angle, why they would want your service or product.
Let’s say your target audience is married couples who are parents of young children, both of them are working a lot, they are entrepreneurs.
They are tired by the end of the week, they raise the kids, cook, they do cleaning on the weekends, barely have time for each other, and so on.
You can figure out what their big WHY is in life by asking the “Why?” question 7 times. And on each level, ask what part of your service or product and how can help them with that.
Here’s a few examples in case of a cleaning service: I’m using this as an example, but you can apply the framework to other types of services or products as well.
Let’s say an answer to a WHY question is “They want to keep their children healthy and happy.“
Then in your marketing, you may talk about how your cleaning service only works with the best organic cleaning products that kill all the bacteria without leaving anything behind that could cause allergy.
Or an answer to a WHY question might be: “They want to have more time for each other as a couple.“
Then your marketing might communicate how the cleaning service will give them extra 3-4 hours of time a week and save them energy so they can enjoy some special time together as a couple each week.
Can you see how this works? Some people may not even know they want your service or product they just feel they have some problems in life or business…
…but they don’t know the solution is your service or product.
Okay, the next marketing tip is #3, What, Facts, Advantages, And Benefits. This is a framework to put your marketing message together based on the first 2 tips plus a few additions.
Okay, so, the first element is: What do your clients get?
Think about the parts of your service or product. To stick with the previous example, this could be: full house cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning surfaces, and so on.
The next element is facts about each of the things they get. For example, professional cleaner cleans, HEPA filter vacuum is used, microfiber duster, organic cleaning products, and so on.
The third element of the framework is Advantages: Why each of the facts is beneficial, helpful, advantageous, etcetera, for them?
For example, if the fact is “organic cleaning products” and it’d be beneficial for them because “those organic cleaning products kill all the bacteria without leaving anything behind that could cause allergy.”
And the last element of the framework is Benefits: How their life will be better, changed, renewed, etcetera, by each fact and the related advantage?
For example, “they’ll have the peace of mind that their children are playing in a clean and healthy environment.”
Let me share with you a full example, everything together.
“Your home gets a careful, complete weekly cleaning by a professional cleaner to ensure you experience the highest quality service. So you can enjoy a sparkling clean house without the work.
From the second you look around after your home is fully cleaned, you will feel relaxed and proud of your spotless home…
…and you’ll feel free to enjoy the precious extra hours on the weekends, the well-deserved time with your loved ones.”
Can you see how these tips together make a huge difference in a marketing copy?
This was one example. You can use this framework for each and every one of the parts of your service or product to create a powerful marketing message.
And to make it even more powerful, here is another tip: Number 4: Proof. For each advantage and benefit you claim that your service or product can deliver, you should have proof.
Which can be a relevant testimonial, or a quote from relevant study, or a relevant demo video, or something else that proves the claim. And show each proof right after the relevant claim.
Are you getting this?
Okay, these were the 4 marketing tips you can use to create powerful marketing messages, set yourself apart from your competitors, and get more leads and make more sales.
Thank you for being here today. Before we go, let me share with you one more tip.
The TRUTH is that, in today’s business world…
…getting the right leads or NOT… can mean the difference between growing your business… or losing it!
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Are You Sick And Tired Of Cold Calling & Chasing Leads? Discover The Solution


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