52 Content Creation Ideas For Small Businesses – Part 1


52 Content Ideas For Small Businesses – Content Marketing Tips – Part 1

One of the most frustrating problems that an entrepreneur could have when it comes to small business marketing is running out content creation ideas. 

Imagine this: You have a content marketing strategy ready, but don’t know what type of content to create. 

If you are currently experiencing this problem, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I will be sharing top content marketing tips and content ideas.

With this list, you won’t have to worry anymore about content creation because you will always have content ideas to work on. 

Today, you will discover: 

  • Why you should make the most of trending news and information in your niche
  • The importance of sharing ideas on how to make money 
  • Why you should consider creating reviews of the software and content creation tools you use 
  • Why you should share your top free resources 
  • The importance of creating tutorials for your audience 
  • Why you should consider creating giveaways

There are a lot more ideas you could try for content creation for your small business marketing. Give this list a try and see amazing results!

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Content Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses With Productivity Hacks



“Welcome back to the show! 🙂

Either you’re just starting to create content or you already have a content marketing strategy in place, running out of content ideas is a frustrating problem to have.

In this episode, we’re going to go through 52 content ideas for small businesses. You can use this list as an inspiration, again and again, so you never run out of ideas.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals smart tips and efficiency hacks for busy entrepreneurs to get more marketing done in less time.

When I put together this list, I aimed to focus on content ideas that not only will grow your audience but you can also repurpose them.

Which is a great efficiency hack in marketing to save a lot of time and work.

For example, you can create a video and then turn that into podcasts, blog posts, emails, social media posts, and so on. Right now we are not going to go deeper into that marketing strategy.

I’ll leave you a link in the description if you want to learn more about that. And now, let’s jump into the list of the content ideas for small businesses…

Number 1: Trending Topics.

Look around what the news is talking about in your industry, in your niche. What is creating the buzz currently or will do that in the close future. And create content about that.

Number 2: How To Make Money.

It is always a popular topic. People are curious about how they can grow their bank account in certain ways.

Like how to make money as an agency owner, or how to make money with affiliate marketing, and the list could go on and on. Pick some topics relevant to your niche.

Number 3: Software Reviews.

From so many software available today it’s hard to select the right ones. You can save a lot of time and frustration for your audience by reviewing useful tools and introducing those to them.

Number 4: Hacks.

These are usually little tricks that can bring huge results, or a lot more efficiently.

If you’ve been in your niche for a while, most likely you already know some. And those can be great for content.

Number 5: What Softwares You Use.

This is a bit different from software reviews. Because instead of talking about one tool in detail, you list up the best software you use and mention a few key benefits of them.

Number 6: Your Routine.

Related to your niche, create content on the routines that you do and why.

This can be a morning routine, or your regular work process, or your steps you always take before a presentation, and so on.

Number 7: Rant.

If something in your industry moves your emotions, pisses you off, frustrates, annoys you, etc, you can turn that into content.

And after that, make sure to let those negative emotions and thoughts go.

Number 8: Product Reviews.

This similar to software reviews but instead of talking about digital tools, you can review physical products. Those that are relevant to your audience and they can be interested in.

Number 9: What You Spend.

People are always curious about the cost of things. So it’s a good idea to create content around that.

Like what you spend on marketing in a month, how much you spend on healthy food in a day, and so on. As always, make it relevant to your niche.

Number 10: Testimonials.

Turn into content what your happy clients say about your business. You can talk about those testimonials and feedbacks.

Or even you can involve your clients to create that content if they are up for it.

Number 11: Stories.

Tell a story that happened to you, or you heard about, or you read about. And then bridge that story into a relevant topic related to your business.

This is a really powerful way of creating content that will grow your business. “The Expert Secrets” and “Building A Storybrand” books are really great guides in this area.

I’ll leave you links to them in the description.

And the next one on the list is #12: Live Q&As.

Go live on YouTube or Facebook or on a platform where your audience likes to hang around and answer their questions.

Leave the recording on the platform and later on, you can repurpose it.

Number 13: Highlights Of Live Q&As.

One of the ways you can repurpose long Q&As is getting the best parts of it, the highlights, and then republishing those smaller parts as separate, more specific contents.

Before we move on with the list, I want to ask you a favor. If you enjoy these tips so far, click on the like button right now.

It’s a small way you can support us a lot to create more content like this one. Thank you for your thumbs up. And with that being done…

Number 14: Top Free Resources.

Create a list of the top free resources in your niche that can be useful for your audience.

Not only because they are free, but also those resources will help your audience to get from A to B, and achieve something specific.

Number 15: Tips And Tricks.

Little beneficial things that will make the business or life of your audience better. But may not be big enough to create separate content about them.

Or simply combining them gives more benefits to your audience.

Number 16: Tutorials.

Showing and telling your audience how to do something simple.

Like how to build a lead funnel in ClickFunnels in 20 minutes, or how to make bacon popcorn flavored ice cream, and the list could go on and on.

Number 17: Reaction.

Another widely popular content type. You can grab a currently buzzing content and react to that one. Sharing your opinion and views on the topic through your own content.

Number 18: Giveaways.

Besides doing giveaways to your audience, use that opportunity to create content around that. And you can loop those contents back to the giveaway.

Number 19: Promotions.

Not all the time, but every now and then, create promotional content introducing your offers to your audience. Or reminding them of the existing offers.

Number 20: Myths / Misconceptions.

In every industry, there are misconceptions that stop people from achieving their goals. And that’s a good opportunity for you to tear those myths apart and help your audience.

Number 21: Dos And Don’ts. In your niche, find a specific topic, and craft content about what people must do and shouldn’t do to achieve success.

Number 22: Best Apps. Create a list of the top apps in your niche that people can use on the go or at home. Fitness apps, productivity apps, business apps, the list is endless.

No matter which industry you’re in, you’ll have some great ones.

Number 23: Before And After.

You can do this through a story or make it more visual with videos and images. The key is to show or tell a transformation in your niche. This is also a quite popular content type.

Number 24: Top 10. For a long time and still top 10 lists are interesting for people. You can create many contents based on this concept.

Top 10 tools, top 10 strategies, top 10 ideas, top 10 mistakes, top 10 lists, which is kind of an inception. The list is almost endless even within your niche.

Number 25: First Impression.

Tell your audience about your first impression when you see, get, or try something new that can be interesting for them too.

Number 26: Answer A Specific Question.

Each and every question you get is an opportunity for some good, new content. Because you know that people are interested in it.

If your audience is small, and don’t get questions yet, get inspiration from relevant Facebook groups and YouTube comments.

Look out for the popular posts and comments that have already generated engagements.

As I’m conscious of the time, we are going to cut off here, and complete the second half of the list in the next episode.

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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.



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