7 KEY Marketing Automation & Lead Generation Best Practices – P1


7 PROVEN Marketing Automation Best Practices For Lead Generation – Part 1

For some small business owners or entrepreneurs, finding clients and customers online may feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

When you have the right tools and strategies, finding the RIGHT clients could be quite easy and won’t even have to take much of your time.

Don’t think it’s possible? Let me share with you key marketing automation and lead generation best practices you could apply to your business to get amazing results. 

Ready to turn your business around? Today, you’ll learn: 

  • How to generate leads 
  • Lead generation examples you could use for your small business
  • A powerful hack that could give you instant ROI 
  • What is a hook and why it’s important 
  • Why you should KISS

Having a good lead generation strategy makes a lot of difference in bringing in leads that could easily turn into clients or customers. Try these tips and lead generation examples today!

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Part 1 of this series: 10 Lead Generation & Marketing Automation Best Practices

Examples – landing pages:

47smi.com: www.47links.com/t47ms-smi

Secret Funnel Strategy: www.47links.com/secretfunnelstrategy

Funnel Builder Secrets: www.47links.com/funnelbuildersecrets

Examples – hooks:




Hook collections:





“The simple fact is that one of the most challenging and time-consuming activities for a lot of entrepreneurs is lead generation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, as you’ll see it in this episode.

You’ll find out about 7 PROVEN marketing automation best practices for lead generation including examples, tools…

…and a simple but POWERFUL hack that can give an instant ROI in lead generation for any small business, on autopilot.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time…

…and ultimately replace yourself in digital marketing and business.

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Just a quick note before we go through the best practices. This is kind of the second part of the previous episode, which was more focused on strategies.

And this episode is more lead generation tactics and example centric, including an instant ROI hack. The link to the previous episode will be in the description for you to check it out later.

And now, let’s dive into the first PROVEN marketing automation best practice for lead generation.

No. 1: KISS And Hook. KISS means Keep It Super Simple. This best practice should be applied to your landing pages, lead generation, marketing automations…

…and to your entire business. Complexity works against your lead generation results. And even can kill it. Before I show you some real-life examples, let’s talk a bit about the HOOK.

The only purpose of it is to make your POTENTIAL leads as curious as possible.

Because the more curious they are, the more likely they will click on your ads, visit your lead funnel, type in their email address and become your leads.

And there’s a lot more to hooks, which we’ll talk about a bit later.

Now, let me show you 3 real-life lead generation landing page examples and how they apply the KISS And Hook best practices. The first one is 47smi.com.

It’s a really simple landing page with a bit of a design, and a heading as the hook that creates a great level of curiosity.

The whole landing page is focused on making the visitor, the target lead, curious, and NOT on providing info of the owner or the business.

The page is concise, clear, and answers KEY questions WITHOUT revealing the actual product. That way, it builds curiosity.

When somebody looks at this landing page it becomes clear really quickly. Who is this for? It’s for “Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners.”

What BENEFIT will they get? “Get Your Next 100 Days Of Engaging Social Media Posts Done.” In what timeline? “In Less Than 30 Minutes”

And, without what headache? “WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Social Media Team!” And below those, there’s ONE clear call to action, a button to click, that says “Yes! I Want This”.

And that’s it. Super simple.

With a curiosity-building hook to get the right leads. A lot of entrepreneurs make the HUGE mistake that their landing page is complex, with too much info.

Right away, they want to tell who they are, their life story, the services they provide, and a lot of other things.

But here’s the HUGE mistake in that instead of creating curiosity in the POTENTIAL leads it overwhelms them and scares them away.

The more you tell them upfront, the less curious they will be, and the less likely they will type in their email address. And that means you’ll get less leads.

Keep it super simple and have a hook that builds a HUGE curiosity. I’ll leave you the link to the examples in the description.

And now, the second example, The Secret Funnel Strategy. Again, super simple, clear, and builds BIG curiosity.

It’s easy to see that it’s for entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketers.

The curiosity building hook is “We’ve Uncovered A ‘New Secret Funnel Strategy’ That Almost Nobody Knows About”

“(That Has Helped Businesses Grow From ‘Startup’ To ‘Two Comma Club Winner’ Insanely Fast)”

And it has a clear CTA, call-to-action and outstanding button “Register For The Webclass Now”.

OK, the third example, The Funnel Builder Secrets. It’s for entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketers.

With a great headline as the hook “After 2,039,482 Funnels and 70,728 Split Tests Here’s What We’ve Learned (New Research)”

“3 Simple Tweaks Our Top Members Use To Instantly Boost Sales by 540% Without Driving Any Extra Traffic!”

Besides the hook, this landing page also gives social proof, which we’ll talk about in detail later in this episode.

And this page, as well, has a clear CTA, call to action and outstanding button “Register For The Webclass Now”.

OK, it’s time to move onto the other PROVEN marketing automation and lead generation best practices including more examples, tools…

…And that simple but POWERFUL hack that can give an instant ROI in lead generation for any small business, on autopilot.

Best practice No. 2: Hook Your Leads.

Although we’ve already talked about hooks, it’s so important that I wanted to have a dedicated section for it with deeper insights and more examples on how to generate leads on autopilot.

A quick reminder: The purpose of hooks is to make your potential leads curious and to get them to take action: view your ads…

…click on your call to action buttons and links, view your landing page and lead funnel and most importantly, opt-in to your email list.

The rule of thumb is the MORE curious your hooks can make your potential leads, the MORE likely they will turn into your lead.

Let’s talk a bit about commonly made mistakes among entrepreneurs.

The biggest ones are that their hooks reveal too much of the actual lead magnet or offer and the hook focuses on the wrong parts.

For example, the hook talks about things like features, how-tos, the owner, and other things that rather satisfy curiosity and create assumptions than they would build curiosity.

Here are some curiosity-building elements…

…the BIGGEST benefit your potential leads will get, the NUMBER ONE result in numbers or words they can get, the BIGGEST headache they can get rid of…

…the QUICKEST time they can get the results…

…the magic word: FREE.

Curiosity-building words and phrases like “unknown secrets”, “surprising”, “strange”, “proven”, and so on and the list could go on and on about curiosity-building elements.

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OK, in a moment, I’ll share with you a few lead generation examples related to this marketing automation best practice. Just an important note before that.

Your hooks can MAKE or BREAK your lead generation. So ALWAYS invest time and energy into crafting them.

AND measure their performance, and test multiple hooks, and decide which one is working the BEST based on REAL numbers.

And now, let’s go through the hook examples.

The first one is “How To Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, Scripts And Webinar Slides, Emails And Ads Written (In As Little As 10 Minutes) WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter!”

It talks about the BIGGEST benefit, the QUICKEST timeline, and the BIGGEST headache it helps to avoid WITHOUT revealing the details of the actual product.

And in the target audience, it creates a great level of curiosity to click and register for this free webclass.

Alongside with other examples and resources, you can find the link to this one as well in the description. The hook in the second example uses a different strategy.

Listen to this: “The Weird (Almost Backwards) Funnel Secret That Is Currently Being Used By An Underground Group Of Entrepreneurs To Sell Almost Anything You Can Dream Of!”

This hook tells the main benefit “sell almost anything”

And it’s surrounded by curiosity-building phrases like “weird”, “almost backward”, “secret”, “used by an underground group”, “anything you can dream of”.

Just like the previous hook, this one as well, peaks the curiosity of the right people without revealing the actual content of the webclass. And curiosity equals leads.

OK, let’s talk about one more hook example…

…which is “30 Millionaire Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Day To Day “To Do’s” For Taking Their Business From Dead Broke To Success In Just 30 Days!”

It’s another great example of telling the benefit, “taking their business from dead broke to success.”

The timeline “in just 30 days,” and sprinkling in some authority, “millionaire entrepreneurs”. No actual details of the content are revealed. At the same time, it creates great curiosity.

Now let’s talk about where you can find inspiration for your own lead generation hooks It’s a best practice to create yourself a Google Doc…

…and keep saving into it the great hooks and landing pages you bump into. Over time, it builds up and you can easily return that document over and over again to get inspired.

For example, if you liked any of the examples in this episode then find those in the description and save them for yourself.

Besides finding great hooks in adverts, on landing pages, sales funnels, and in other marketing materials…

…you can also get existing collections like The Lead Funnel Swipe Files, “106 actual case studies of the world’s most successful lead funnels”, including great hook examples.

Another amazing hook collection for lead generation you can get your hands on is through one of the examples from this episode…

…”How To Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, Scripts And Webinar Slides, Emails And Ads Written (In As Little As 10 Minutes) WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter!”

The link to this, and all the other examples, will be in the description.

At this point the realisation hit me, this episode is getting too long so we’ll continue in the next episode including more examples, tools…

…and that simple but POWERFUL hack that can give an instant ROI in lead generation for any small business, on autopilot.

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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.”



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