7 KEY Marketing Automation & Lead Generation Best Practices – P2


7 PROVEN Marketing Automation Best Practices For Lead Generation – Part 2 

What if there’s a way for you to get more leads without spending a fortune or working longer than you want to, would you give it a try?

Many small business owners know the importance of having a lead generation strategy. But only a few follow lead generation best practices that yield mind-blowing results. 

Are you feeling stuck with your lead generation strategy? It may be time to try something better such as marketing automation for small businesses.

Here’s what you’re going to discover today:

  • Lead generation examples that work
  • Ways to automate lead generation
  • Reasons to use marketing automation for your small business
  • Goals of automation
  • The difference between a funnel and a normal website

If you want your small business to be cost- and time-efficient, try these marketing automation tips and lead generation best practices.

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ClickFunnels 14-Day FREE Trial: www.47links.com/clickfunnels

ClickFunnels Review (1+ hr): Which Marketing Automation Software Is The Best?

Examples – lead funnels:

47smi.com: www.47links.com/t47ms-smi

Funnel Hacking Secrets: www.47links.com/funnelhackingsecrets

30 Days: www.47links.com/30-days

ProveSource FREE Trial: https://www.47links.com/provesrc



“In this episode, you’ll find out about KEY marketing automation and lead generation best practices. Including a tiny, quick-to-set-up tool that can boost conversion on autopilot by an average of 17.4%…

…and a simple but POWERFUL hack that can give an instant ROI in lead generation for any small business, also on autopilot.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time…

…and ultimately replace yourself in digital marketing and business.

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Just to quickly let you know, this is the third part of the series on marketing automation best practices for lead generation. The link to the previous two episodes will be in the description.

With that said, now let’s talk about the lead generation tactics and examples you are here for from the point where we left off in the previous episode.

Best practice No. 3: Automate Lead Generation. Earlier in this series, I talked about the strategy, in detail, why to use lead funnels instead of websites.

In a nutshell, because lead funnels are SPECIAL step-by-step websites that tend to convert a LOT better than NORMAL websites. And as you can guess, on autopilot.

Today, we’ll focus on the best software to use to automate lead generation and the related marketing automation benefits.

When it comes to automating any part of marketing or business, the 3 KEY goals are always to set up the marketing automation as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible to test it…

and optimize it in REAL life and to be able to leave it to bring us results, in this case leads, while we step back and have more time to do other activities.

The best tool, I found so far, to tick all those boxes and much more is ClickFunnels. The link to a 14-day free trial is in the description with other resources.

It’s an easy-to-use platform to create and launch automated lead funnels, in about 30 minutes. Even without experience, if somebody is new to it, it’s possible to do it in less than a few hours.

And without hiring an expensive tech team. Which means it’s a quick and cost-efficient marketing automation tool. Once the lead funnel is public, you can start sending traffic to it.

And ClickFunnels provides all the features, like split testing, statistics, and more…

…for REAL life testing and the ease of being able to make optimizations fast, based on the REAL numbers, with just clicks and typing.

And when that’s done, it’s generating leads on autopilot and gives the freedom to entrepreneurs to step back and do other activities.

Besides satisfying the 3 KEY goals of automations, ClickFunnels offers a lot more. Not long ago, we published about an hour-long detailed review of it. The link to that is in the description as well.

Check that episode out later, because it’s insane how much it can help to get leads, and grow a business online.

Now, let’s go through 3 REAL life lead generation landing page examples, great ways to automate lead generation. All of these were created in ClickFunnels.

The first one is 47smi.com. Which is a simple lead funnel with the sole purpose of turning visitors into leads on autopilot. It’s a great example of why lead funnels convert a lot better than NORMAL websites.

NORMAL websites provide too many options to click on, people need to choose from too many things those websites have too much information on them…

…they create a certain level of confusion in people’s minds. And “the confused mind always says no”. That’s why NORMAL websites tend to generate LESS leads than funnels.

On the other hand, a strategically built lead funnel, like 47smi.com, focuses on only ONE thing. And it builds HUGE curiosity with that ONE thing. WITHOUT causing any confusion.

People have only ONE decision to make: “Do I want this one thing?” That’s it.

And for those who decide they want to find out “How To Get Their Next 100 Days Of Engaging Social Media Posts Done In Less Than 30 Minutes WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Social Media Team!”

For those, there’s only ONE step-by-step way to do that.

First, clicking on the “Yes! I Want This” button. Then answering one simple question. Then typing in their name and email address. And last, clicking on the red button. With that, they turn into leads.

And that’s how simple and straightforward the lead generation process is. And that’s why lead funnels tend to generate MORE leads than NORMAL websites.

This was an example of the landing page of a lead funnel that generates leads on autopilot without any person needing to be involved in the process day-to-day.

OK, the other two lead generation examples leverage pretty much the same marketing automation strategies.

One of those funnels is the Funnel Hacking Secrets lead funnel. Which builds a great level of curiosity and turns visitors into leads by getting them to sign up to a free web class about…

…a “Weird (Almost Backwards) Funnel Secret That Is Currently Being Used By An Underground Group Of Entrepreneurs To Sell Almost Anything You Can Dream Of!”

And the third example is the 30 Days lead funnel with a longer type of landing page. Same curiosity building marketing automation strategies, in a bit different format.

It gets the curious visitors to turn into leads by getting them to register for a free summit on “30 Millionaire Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Day To Day “To Do’s”

For Taking Their Business From Dead Broke To Success In Just 30 Days!” In the description, you can find the links to these lead funnel examples.

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OK, let’s move on. What is still coming up later on, is the simple but POWERFUL hack that can give an instant ROI in lead generation for any small business, on autopilot.

But before that, right now, I’ll share with you that tiny, quick-to-set-up tool that can boost conversion on autopilot by an average of 17.4%.

Lead generation best practice No. 4: Provide Proof On Autopilot. First of all, why does social proof have such a HUGE positive impact on lead generation for small businesses?

Because of human nature, when we are about to do something, if we see that others have already done that recently then we get more curious and motivated to take that action.

In this case, when your landing page visitors can see that others have recently typed in their email address to find out more, then your visitors more likely will do the same action…

…and that way you get more leads. Such a social proof can be short testimonials to build extra curiosity OR big numbers on how many people joined so far OR dynamic notifications of the recent opt-ins.

Dynamic notifications are the quickest and easiest to start with because you can do it WITHOUT any testimonials or big, existing opt-in numbers.

And the other benefits of marketing automation related to notification social proofs are you set it up once…

…and you can leave it to boost your lead conversion on autopilot after the first few tracked opt-ins it will give you almost full boost, so you can get more leads with it quite quickly.

The best social proof tool I found so far is ProveSource. You can find the link to the free trial in the description. This is the social proof software that I use on 47smi.com.

And on all lead and sales funnels I launched in the past few years, the first time I used it, it increased the opt-in rate by about 10% really quickly.

Because of that boost, the easy setup in minutes, and the automated nature of it, I don’t even launch any funnels without it now.

And according to the ProveSource website, the average conversation boost the users get is even bigger, 17.4%.

Those are the KEY lead generation benefits that put this tool onto this list of marketing automation best practices for small businesses.

And now, let me quickly show you a few examples. The first is, what I mentioned a bit earlier: 47smi.com. In the bottom left corner, about every 10 seconds, a new, little social proof notification shows up.

With details like first name, country, what they did, and when.

And on the ProveSource website, it’s easy to see a few other variations as well like recent sales with product image, a bigger number of visitors, and even a short testimonial notification.

Just like with other examples, you can find these in the description as well.

And there’s a lot more to come in this series like the simple but POWERFUL hack that can give an instant ROI in lead generation for any small business, on autopilot.

Because I’m committed to keeping the episodes around 10 minutes, we’ll continue this series in the next episode.

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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.”


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