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7 Reasons Your Marketing Automation Can Fail

By Istvan Bujdoso | The 47 Marketing Show

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Sep 30


7 Reasons Your Marketing Automation Can Fail

“Marketing automation is an amazing tool you should use for your lead generation efforts.”  — As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard this line many times in the past and may have heeded the advice of using automation tools for lead generation. 

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about marketing automation that entrepreneurs don’t know. As a result, some of them were not able to maximize their tools and get the results they want. 

Are you planning to integrate marketing automation into your digital marketing campaign? Maybe you’re already using automation tools but aren’t hitting your goals? To make the most of your marketing automation tools, it’s essential to learn how to use them the right way. Otherwise, they’ll end up as just another set of tools in your digital marketing toolkit. 

Today, you will discover: 

  • How to choose the right marketing automation tools for your business
  • Why it’s important to focus on quality than quantity when it comes to lead generation 
  • How to generate leads by being consistent with your messaging 
  • The effect of too much promotion on your leads 
  • The most effective way to nurture your leads 
  • Why testing and analyzing are crucial to your lead generation campaign 
  • The importance of cleaning up your lead list 

Marketing automation is effective in boosting your conversion rate. However, they are not magic potions. Without proper research and the right strategy, you may still not get the results you want. Don’t rush into marketing automation. Check out these common reasons automation may fail, so you could make the most of your marketing automation tools. 

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Welcome, Freedom Hero!
Automation is incredibly beneficial in the area of marketing. But if you’re not careful, it can also cause damages instead of bringing results.
In this episode, I’m going to walk you through 7 reasons why your marketing automation can fail and of course, you’ll discover how you can avoid those mistakes.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show.
Reason #1 is Using Automation Tools Without Proven Marketing Strategies
Tools by themselves are nothing more than tools. Just think about a hammer in real life, it can be the perfect tool to build amazing things…
…but without the RIGHT strategy it can also be the tool that causes incredible damages. Automation tools are just like that.
So many entrepreneurs are trying tools after tools, not seeing the results they want, wasting time and money and then throwing away those tools and saying, “the tool is not working.”
In the past, I did that too multiple times. And the BEST way to avoid this is simply look out for proven marketing automation strategies FIRST.
Pick the one that fits your business the best and ONLY after that select automation tools specifically the ones that support implementing your chosen marketing strategy.
This approach not only will give you better results, it can also save you a lot of time and money. Okay, let’s move on to the next reason.
Reason #2: Focusing On Quantity Without The Quality
It’s a fact not all leads are equal and not all customers are equal. Focusing only on the quantity of leads and customers can backfire quite quickly.
Just imagine a case when hundreds of people would be joining your email list every day to get a free lead magnet: an eBook, or a video, or something else.
But NONE of those leads would be able to afford any of your services or products. How much would those “leads” be worth to you? Pretty much nothing, right? Now, imagine a really opposite situation.
Only 10-20 people would join your email list every day and 50% of them would buy something from you. Would the second list be much more valuable? Yes, of course.
The TRUTH is that BOTH the quantity AND quality matters. So, always calculate your marketing goals and results based on the combination of those two.
Reason #3: Repelling Your Leads With Too Many Promotions. One of the quickest ways to get people annoyed and drive them away from yourself is by constantly trying to sell them.
And once they leave frustratedly, you can count on that they will never return. Obviously, the main goal is to monetize your lists.
But that only happens at its maximum when your marketing automation is smart and strategic. And there’s a RIGHT balance between giving value and selling, which exactly depends on your specific list…
…and situation. But, generally speaking, giving more value than selling always pays off long term.
Okay, reason #4, Not Being Consistent With Your Messaging
Or in other words, sending irrelevant emails to your list. Let me give you a simple but extreme example.
Let’s say you would be giving away a free eBook to new dog owners on how they can teach their dogs to behave.
And your email automation would be sending some emails about dogs and then about toys for cats, then about dogs again, then about cows.
Yes, I told you it’s going to be an extreme example, but I guess you’re getting the point. For example, if your leads join your list to learn about lead generation then stay consistent to that topic…
…otherwise, you will lose leads. Obviously, there is some flexibility of consistency, like related topics in case of lead generation, email marketing, traffic generation…
…and so on are still okay and considered consistent. To avoid inconsistency, before you add a new email to your automation, always ask yourself, “What did my leads sign up for? Is this relevant to them?”
Okay, reason #5: Forgetting To Nurture And Protect Your Greatest Asset
People buy from people who they know, like and trust. And when somebody knows you, likes you and trusts you, they will give you their money easier. These are simple facts, right?
And many entrepreneurs know these facts and still forget to nurture their lists: Email lists, Facebook lists, text lists.
Their marketing automation sends a series of messages at the beginning when the leads join the list. This way, they start relationships. The leads get to know, like and trust them to a certain level.
And then, the automation ends, and the leads are abandoned, and they turn back to cold leads again. And that’s a HUGE waste of money and time and here’s why.
For example, we have people on our list who joined years ago, and for years they didn’t buy anything. But, because they were nurtured consistently…
…and kept getting messages with values through our automations, one day, they turned into a client, which we have missed out without nurturing our lists.
And, to give you another example: Every time when you launch a new product or service or you have a sale, do you think messaging your list of leads who know you…
…like you and trust you would drive you some sales to you? Can you understand now why nurturing your greatest asset, your list, is so important?
Okay, reason #6: Not Testing And Analyzing
Marketing automations tend to lead to a HUGE mistake for a lot of businesses and that is the mindset of “set it and forget it.”
Just because they are called “automation” it doesn’t mean they can be left completely alone and they will perform at their best until they are stopped.
In general, you set automations up, they do their job, and they save you time and money. We live in an ever evolving world, things are changing constantly.
And because of that, sooner or later, every automation will stop generating the results you want. So from time to time…
…you’ll need to adjust your marketing automations to keep generating the results you want. That is one reason and here’s another one why the “set it and forget it” method doesn’t work.
No matter how advanced a market is, it’s really rare that a marketing campaign or automation brings the BEST results from the very beginning.
The fact is that there is always space for testing and analysing your marketing to optimize your results.
Okay, reason #7: Not Getting Rid Of Your Deadweight
There are always some leads who join your email list and after a while stops reading your emails for some reason.
Maybe they changed their email address or no longer interested in the topic you’re emailing about but they didn’t unsubscribe.
After a few months of not opening your emails, they can be considered as disengaged leads. Over time, the number of disengaged people can build up.
The smaller issue is that they are damaging your statistics and can mislead your optimisation efforts. And the biggest issue with keep emailing disengaged contacts is that Gmail and other email platforms…
…when they see that a lot of people didn’t open any of your emails for months, they can start marking your emails as spam. And because of that, even the leads who love your emails can miss them out.
And you can lose out on business opportunities. To avoid these issues, from time to time, clean up your disengaged contacts from your list.
Okay, these were the 7 reasons your marketing automation can fail and how to avoid them. Thank you for being here today.
Before you go, let me quickly share with you one more marketing automation tip.
The TRUTH is that, in today’s business world…

…getting the right leads or NOT… can mean the difference between growing your business… or losing it!

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Are You Sick And Tired Of Cold Calling & Chasing Leads? Discover The Solution


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