7 Ways To Generate Sales Leads That Convert


7 Best Ways To Get Traffic That Converts For Services And Coaches 

High website traffic doesn’t always mean a high conversion rate. You don’t want to attract just any traffic — you want to make sure you’re getting traffic that converts. 

How do you do that? There are many ways to generate sales leads that convert. With the right strategies for lead generation through digital marketing, you could easily have your leads go through your marketing lead generation sales funnel and warm them up. Once they get to the stage where you need to call them or talk to them, it won’t be difficult for you to close the deal anymore. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • How to repurpose content to attract warm leads 
  • How to retarget leads using Facebook ads
  • How to build your email list 
  • How to make the most of Facebook chatbots
  • How to maximize viral loops
  • How to develop a group of affiliate partners
  • How to get affiliate referrals 

You don’t have to churn out thousands of content to get traffic and warm leads. By making the most of the content you already have, you’d be able to attract quality leads that convert.

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“Are you still looking to get traffic that is easy to turn into leads and clients? If so, then stick with me till the end of this episode because we’re going to explore the 7 Best Ways To Get Traffic That Converts For Services And Coaches. 

Welcome, Freedom Hero to The 47 Marketing Show! My name is Istvan Bujdoso. 

And, the first traffic source that we’re going to talk about is Publishing With Repurposing. From all traffic sources, publishing has the biggest benefits. First of all, every single video, podcast, blog post, social media post and other content you publish is working for you 24/7/365 days driving you warm traffic and build your authority which results in better conversions. As long as you leave those contents on the Internet, they are working for you relentlessly. It’s kind of like replicating pieces of yourself and sending them out to network and build you an audience of people who like you and trust you. Just imagine 100s, 1000s, or even more of yourself being out there in the world, all day, all night, warming your dream clients up and promoting your services. Besides those HUGE benefits, content creation also allows you to easily 10x – 20x the power of one content piece by repurposing it. For example, you can shoot one video and that can be easily repurposed into podcasts, blog posts, various social media posts, different videos, images and so on. This way, maximising the power of one content piece while minimising your work. Does this make sense? 

Publishing also has a beneficial effect on your advertising costs. And, this leads us to the 2nd traffic source on our list that converts, Retargeting Facebook Ads. Those who watch your value videos on Facebook, they like you, trust you and find your content useful, they are your warm audience. Retargeting them with ads and sending them to your sales funnel convert better than cold traffic and on a lower cost. Are you following this so far? 

The next traffic source on the list is your email list. This is an incredibly powerful one because you own this traffic source no matter how Google, Facebook and other platforms change, that doesn’t affect your email list, you have full control over this traffic source. Using the previous 2 traffic sources, publishing and Facebook Ads, you can consistently grow your email list, your audience and increase your warm traffic. And when you nurture your email list with value emails, they’ll like you and trust you, and when you send them an offer email, they will more likely to convert. 

Alongside with your email list, using the first two traffic sources, you can also build a list of audience for Facebook Chatbots which is the 4th traffic source on the list. By sending them automated value messages on Facebook, you can warm them up and when they get to see your offer later, they will more likely to convert. A huge benefit of Facebook Messages is that their open rate is quite high. In some cases it’s over 90% which is exciting, don’t you think? 

No. 5 on our traffic source list is a special one. It’s called Viral Loops. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to share a video of yourself dressed like a green tiger and trying to play football on an ice skating rink unless you want to. Viral Loops is a bit like referrals. You give away something useful to your leads in exchange for them referring or sharing your funnel. Some of their friends will also refer/share your funnel and some of their friends will do the same thing and so on and so on creating a Viral Loop. This will keep growing your email list, Facebook Messenger list and your audience who you can warm up even more up on autopilot and increase the chances that they will convert when you send them to your sales funnel. Sounds good, right? 

The No. 6 traffic source that converts well is Affiliate Referrals. People who worked with you previously and members of your warm audience who trust you and love your services and products can be great affiliate partners. They can send warm and hot leads into your sales funnel in exchange for commission on sale. That traffic of warm and hot leads converts a LOT better than if you try to send cold traffic into your sales funnel. Affiliate partners not just will bring you traffic, leads and clients, it will also lower your marketing costs and most importantly, it will allow you to reach people who you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Which is awesome, don’t you think? 

And last but not least, number 7 is the Dream 100 strategy. It’s kind of like the supercharged version of Affiliate Referrals. From the previous traffic sources we talked about in this episode, you can see that building an audience, nurturing them, warming them up, getting them to know you, like you, trust you is a process that takes investment of time, money and energy. The good news is that there are people who already have an audience of your dream leads and clients. Building great relationships with those people can turn into an amazing traffic source for you to reach high conversion rates. Their audience is already nurtured, warm, knows them, like them, trust them so your Dream 100 partners can send you high converting traffic into your sales funnel. But, those who already built an audience, they value that and won’t recommend you just because you ask them. First, you need to give them value, build a relationship and trust with them before you can ask them and successfully get them to recommend your services and products. Yes, it takes time and effort to build those relationships but it’s incredibly worth it. Just imagine, one of these relationships has a warm audience of your dream leads and clients, 1000s of people, 10000s of people or even more. Just imagine, what would happen when they would send their warm audience into your sales funnel. Can you imagine how many leads and clients you could get just by ONE of your Dream 100 partners recommending you? Now imagine, more than one of those Dream 100 partners sending you warm traffic. Can you see how powerful this traffic source is? 

Okay, this is it for today. If you’d like to find out how you can implement these traffic sources into your own business, then visit 47funnelsecrets.com and enter your email address where we can send you the details. You can find the link in the description. Thank you for staying till the end of this episode. I really appreciate it. My name is Istvan Bujdoso and see you in the next episode.”


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