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9 Tips To Maximize Digital Marketing Productivity – Part 2

By Istvan Bujdoso | The 47 Marketing Show

Jan 06


9 Tips To Maximize Marketing Productivity – Part 2

How many hours should you work to grow your business?

I’ve met many entrepreneurs who work 9 to 12 hours a day trying to grow their business and they ask the same question. “Is working round-the-clock all I could do to grow my business?”

The answer, my friend, is no. You don’t have to work long hours or spend a fortune on online marketing tools to ensure business growth. What’s more important is to make sure you’re maximizing the time that you’re working for your business. 

And today, that’s exactly what’s in store for you. 

I’m going to share with you the strategy that I use to this day for my business. 

You will learn: 

  1. How to get rid of distractions 
  2. What a focused session is and it could lead to maximum productivity 
  3. How to schedule and what to do during meetings so they don’t eat up a lot of time 
  4. The best way to communicate with your team to boost productivity 

Excited to learn and give these tips a try? Whether you’re creating landing pages that convert or planning your next digital marketing campaign to grow your business, this strategy will help you make the most of your workday. 

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Welcome, Freedom Hero!
One of the most annoying things in business when you work a lot but at the end of the day/week, you still feel like you haven’t made the progress you want.
If you’ve ever felt that way, you’ll find this episode really useful. In the previous episode, we started a series on 9 tips to maximize marketing productivity and we went through 5 of those tips.
And now, we’ll continue and complete the list.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show. Let’s continue where we left off in the previous episode
Tip #6: Kill Internal Distractions. Trying to keep everything in your mind is a source of productivity loss. It leads to 2 things.
Either you forget some things, or your mind gets cluttered with all the info inside and it uses up a lot of your energy and brainpower.
Get yourself an app like WorkFlowy, or Evernote, that you can access from your desktop and your phone and take notes. This way, you won’t forget anything. And at the same time, your mind stays free as well.
The other HUGE internal distraction is our uncontrolled thoughts. Yes, we all have those. Like thoughts commenting on what’s happening in front of us. Or replaying past events.
Or worried thoughts about the future. Or many other uncontrolled thoughts. And in stressful times, it can be really noisy inside our head. You know what I’m talking about, right?
Either you’re spiritual or not, take 15 minutes in the morning to meditate. And simply focus on your breathing, relaxing your body and quieting your mind. It takes practice, but it’s really worth it.
Especially when during a stressful day you can calm your mind, get rid of the internal distracting chatter and refocus on the marketing activities you’re doing and be productive again.
Tip #7: Focused Sessions. I picked this up while I was listening to the “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard.
Around that time, my weeks usually went something like this On Mondays, I started working early and kept grinding till late with only a few breaks.
Tuesday went somewhat similarly with a bit less work but still a lot of work. Then Wednesdays came and I already felt tired, most of the time I was unproductive that day, so I finished earlier.
On Thursdays and Fridays, I felt tired and guilty because of the unproductive Wednesday, so I pushed through and kept grinding. And that all left me exhausted for the end of the week.
Leaving me 1-2 days to rest on the weekend and start everything all over again on Monday. And that working habit not only damaged my performance in marketing and business…
… it also negatively impacted the rest of my life. Time with family and friends, my mood, health, spirituality, and other important parts of my life.
When I was listening to the “High-Performance Habits,” and the author was talking about very similar working habits to mine. I had a light bulb moment. I had to change my habits.
The good thing was, he also explained the following simple performance strategy for that situation. And I’m still using this strategy till this day because it made such a huge difference.
So here’s the simple performance strategy: Work a 45-minute FOCUSED session. After that, take a 10-minute break. And do 4 of those 45-minute work, 10-minute break 4 times.
Then take a one-hour break. After that, start again. 45-minute focused work, 10-minute break, and do those 4 times. And that’s all work for one day.
In your focused sessions, focus on one thing at a time, start to finish, without jumping back and forth among different activities. On your breaks, do something significantly different than your work.
For example, if your work requires a lot of thinking and staring at the screen, then on your break, stand up, stretch, go for a short walk, meditate, etc. Use your break to rest and refresh a bit.
Although, you might work less hours in a week, but if you make your work sessions truly focused then you’ll be more productive overall.
On top of that, your energy level will be more stable throughout the week. And you’ll have more energy left at the end of the day and week.
Which means you’ll feel the positive impact on other areas of your life as well. Here’s one more thing before we move on to the next tip.
Keep checking the time to keep the 45-minute work sessions and 10-minute breaks can be distracting and easy to slip away. What I found is the best to use a flexible chime app.
You set it up once, and at the end of each work session and break it notifies you with a sound. This way you know when to switch between work and breaks without you needing to keep checking the time.
Tip #8: Avoid Or Shorten Meetings. Avoid all unnecessary meetings because they are usually wasting a lot of time for multiple people.
If it’s absolutely necessary to have a meeting, make it as short as possible, 15-20 minutes maximum. And always set a goal for the meetings upfront, and by the end of it make clear, actionable decisions.
Tip #9: Communication. For marketing activities that are ongoing, complex, and require quite some communications among multiple people using email threads for that, is absolutely unproductive.
Looking through 10, 20, 50 emails to find specific information for the current task is hard and inefficient.
Use Trello or another project management system to keep you and your team’s marketing tasks organised.
And always communicate on the relevant card or task so when the relevant information is needed it’s quick and easy to find.

Okay, these were another 4 tips, and with these, we went through all the 9 tips to maximize your marketing productivity.
Thank you for being here today. Before we wrap up this episode, let me share with you one more thing.
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As I tiredly closed the lid of my laptop a long sigh slipped through my mouth.

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Another week feeling stuck without quality leads passed.

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