Avoid This Mistake to Scale Your Business & Digital Marketing


Avoid This Common Mistake And Scale Your Business And Marketing FAST 

Are you doing your business and digital marketing journey alone? Don’t worry, many entrepreneurs started that way. But, as you grow your business, you shouldn’t stay being a one-man/woman team. 


While working on most aspects of your business on your own gives you the necessary experience and skills, it leaves you no time to focus on the most important things. Also, this isn’t a sustainable way to grow your business or even scale up your digital marketing or lead generation efforts. 

So, what should you do? 

One of the best things you could do is to hire freelancers that are experts in areas that you may want to delegate to others. 

For instance, you’ve been trying to find out how to get leads and convert them, why not work with a freelancer that has experience in lead generation? Have you been spending on digital marketing training? Consider working with a digital marketing expert for your business. 

Are you ready to achieve business growth and scale your marketing efforts quickly? 

Today, you will learn: 

  • The importance of working with expert freelancers 
  • How automation could help you scale your business 
  • The benefits of having systems and tools in place to boost your digital marketing and lead generation strategies
  • Why you should consider replacing yourself in some areas of your business

Growing your business doesn’t mean being stressed out or sacrificing family and personal time. You can effectively scale your business efforts with the help of experts, automation, and systems. 

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Welcome back to the show!
Today’s episode is about one of the most commonly made mistakes among entrepreneurs. And most importantly, how you can avoid that simply.
And that way get more marketing done in less time, grow your business fast, and even win more free time for yourself.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals smart tips and efficiency hacks for busy entrepreneurs to get more marketing done in less time.
In a minute or two, you’ll see exactly what that common mistake is that I referred to at the beginning of this episode. Before we get there, I want you to understand where that mistake is coming from.
So a lot of entrepreneurs start their journey and business alone. And they do everything themselves to get their idea off the ground. I started that way too.
And it is understandable, when we have more time on our hands than money then we have to learn and do things ourselves.
Like getting leads, driving traffic, writing the sales copies, delivering, and many other marketing and business activities.
On one hand, it’s good to have all that experience in each key area of marketing and business. Soon, it will make sense why that is good.
On the other hand, that “do-everything-myself” behavior is a HUGE mistake, for two reasons. First, because, sooner or later, you’re going to hit the time ceiling.
We only have 24 hours a day. And nobody even wants to work that much. A lot of entrepreneurs block their business growth by running out of time over and over again. And the second reason is…
…when you’re juggling too many things alone at once, it’s really easy to drop and break things in marketing and business. And a common solution to that mistake is simply hiring people.
Which is another BIG mistake. Because there’s a much better strategy than simply hiring. And that strategy is replacing yourself. And here’s why:
By doing that you can get more marketing done in less time, get more free time for yourself, level up your business to 10, and grow it fast. There are 3 key elements of replacing yourself.
In a few minutes, we’ll go through those. Before that, I want you to understand one more important thing about this strategy.
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Thank you for supporting us with your ‘like’. And now, let’s get back to the episode.
If you’ve been doing your business alone so far then replacing yourself may seem a scary or even impossible task.
Even though it’s going to be out of your comfort zone, once you start doing it and get a good taste of it, you’ll realize how much it is worth it.
Currently, you’re the most skilled person in your business, with multi-talents, and with an enormous drive for success.
When you’re replacing yourself you won’t find somebody just like you, who has the same skills, talent, and drive.
The goal is to replace yourself in parts with the combination of three key elements: automation, freelancers, and systems.
Automations are software that you can use to get certain tasks done on autopilot. From lead generation, through email marketing, and many other marketing and business activities.
Freelancers are people who can help you to carry out tasks that can’t be automated. And the systems are the guides that tell what, how, and when things have to happen in your business…
…especially when you’re not there. Let’s go through the “what and how” of replacing yourself. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a good thing when you have experience in all key parts of your business.
You can leverage that to define what things need to be done in your marketing and business. Chop them up into parts…
…and define the tools, freelancers, and systems that are needed to get those parts done without you. To give you an example, creating and publishing content is a complex activity of marketing.
That can be chopped up into parts, like researching, scriptwriting, recording, video editing, graphic designing, transcribing, copywriting, and publishing.
For each and every part, you can define the best tools, expert freelancers, and most efficient systems.
You can replace yourself the quickest way when you focus on the ongoing tasks and apply the 3 key elements to those.
Another benefit of replacing yourself with multiple tools, people, and systems is that you can level up your marketing and business.
When you do everything by yourself, there’s not enough time to reach level 10 in every area. So when you pick the automation tools, the expert freelancers…
…and create the relevant systems, go for a higher level than you can do by yourself.
Let me give you 2 examples. Instead of using a self-built WordPress website to generate leads on an average level, pick a level 10 automation tool in that area like ClickFunnels.
I’ll leave you a link in the description where you can check that out. Another example is… Instead of editing your own videos on an average level, find a level 10 video editor freelancer.
This is how you can use replacing yourself to level up your marketing and business at the same time.

Another area where you can replace yourself is when you’d need to learn a new specific skill that would take a long time.
Then you can quickly get a “just-enough-knowledge” to select the automation software, the freelancer, and create the relevant systems.
Before we move on to how you can get started and scale up, here’s one more important element. If your goal is to still do some business and marketing activities…
…then do what you love and replace yourself in the other areas. Every entrepreneur has one or two level 10 skills, usually, those are things they love to do.
OK, let’s quickly touch on how to get started and scale up. Think about your marketing and business, and find the ongoing activities that you do every day or every week.
Pick one of them that is simple to do, but it takes relatively a lot of time. To give you an example… I used to spend 1-2 hours every day on Linkedin, building connections and messaging people.
It was a simple task but took a lot of time to do. Once you pick a simple ongoing task like that in your business, research if there’s an automation tool that can help you.
Hire a freelancer virtual assistant, for a few hours a day or week, who can do the parts that are not possible to automate. And work out the system, what the VA needs to do, how, and when.
It’s going to take some time for you to set this up and pass the learning curve. Once that’s done, you’re going to have more time each day or week, while the job gets done as well.
And you can use that time to pick another ongoing marketing or business activity and replace yourself in that area too. And this way, step-by-step, you can scale up this strategy…
…get more marketing done in less time, grow your business fast, and even win more free time for yourself.
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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.”


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