Avoid Time-Waster Cold Leads with a Lead Generation System


How To AVOID Time Waster Cold Leads (‘No-Shows’, Free Advice Seekers, Price Hunters…)

Are you spending 30 to 40 hours every week to find leads and convert them into sales? Do you feel you are wasting time? Apart from the fact that it’s not efficient, manual lead generation isn’t effective too. 

How many times have you booked an appointment with cold leads who don’t show up or simply take the free advice that you’re offering? It’s frustrating! This never-ending cycle would eat up your time and energy. 

For better time management and higher lead conversion, consider using a lead generation system for your business. It won’t just help you get automated leads. The system will also help you qualify leads so you only engage with those who are ready to sign up or know more about your business. 

In this episode, you will learn how I was able to ditch that ineffective manual lead generation strategy and avoid those time-wasters! You will also discover lead generation and automation software that truly works wonders. 

Stop doing cold calls and giving too much effort to leads that simply waste your time. Use a better lead generation system that could boost your sales without requiring more effort from you. 

If you’d like to find out more about how to get qualified leads without cold calling or wasting time on cold leads: www.47funnelsecrets.com



Welcome, Freedom Heroes! 

Today, sitting in my parents’ garden, this is going to be another special casual episode. I’m back to Hungary for an unfortunate reason. My grandpa passed away and we’re going to have a memorial for him. So, this is a special episode because I want to dedicate this episode to him. I spent many, many special and amazing summer holidays when I was young at my grandparents’. I have so many amazing memories about my grandpa and learned quite a few things from him and so this episode is dedicated to him and even though what I learned from him is more about building and hands-on things, some of them I kind of apply it in my business, the mentality of building and being hands-on and today we are going to still talk about marketing so don’t worry. We’re not going to build a house today even though I learned some skills that would help me to do that from my grandpa. 

But today, we are going to talk about marketing as well and I want to share a story that basically started me on the journey of automating lead generation and finding a way to do that. A couple of years ago, I went through a period of time when I was on the phone, basically, what I did I got people onto the phone, I got them to book an appointment and I had a conversation with them, I told them what my business is doing, what we can provide them and I was trying to sell them a service and it was an interesting way of doing things because some of them actually signed up but really, really a few of them and there is a really annoying thing about it and there was a big problem about this approach to trying to try to sell on the phone in a way that with cold leads because I had basically a week– okay, well, not one week, actually, multiple weeks when I was excited at the beginning of the week. In my calendar, I had five to ten appointments booked for that week and I was really excited and as I was going along the week following things happen. There were a couple of no shows who didn’t show up on the call and never actually being able to communicate with them again. There were a couple of people who rescheduled it, there were people who came onto the phone call but they were more like, “Yeah, we’re not sure.” “We are thinking about starting in six months.” “We are not ready yet.” “We are just looking around.” These were the people who are looking for, either price hunting or they were looking for free juicy information, free advice and I just wanted to grab the free advice and run with it and use it and they didn’t want to sign up to any service. I had this for many, many weeks. So, basically, I went through the no shows, the ones that were looking for free information, free advice and I have people who just wanted to basically get the price right way, to find out the price about it. There were people who just really just, “Yeah, we’re thinking about starting but we’re not sure,” and da-da-da-da-da. There were many weeks when I had at the beginning, I was excited about five to ten appointments and I closed the week with zero sales. It was so annoying because I spend so much time telling every single one of them at five, ten people to tell them that what we are doing, how we’re doing it, how we can give them value and how we can give them results and talking about proof, social proof, talking about with other people that we helped and went through there spending so, so, so much time into them and without any results and I found that really annoying just getting so many people manually, getting so many people to even just to sign up to an appointment, to book an appointment and then after that, it’s just not having anybody. 

I believe if you’re watching it and you have a service and probably you already went through this or you’re going through this period right now that you have phone calls, you have people who got onto the phone call but they’re cold leads and so many of them just wasting your time and so many of them just not moving forward. One of the things that I realized, instead of spending so many hours like 30 – 40 hours a week to manually lead generate, to manually getting people to book appointments and still talking to cold leads directly on the phone, I found that there is a much better way to do this, to 30 – 40 hours in manually lead generating just booking appointments, that whole process can be automated and even much better thing about it is while you’re automating it, it is possible that you’ve warm up the leads along the automated process. By the time you get onto the phone call with them, they are either warm or hot so you don’t have to go through this whole process like what you’re doing, what results they can get from you, they already know that by the time they get onto the phone call and they actually get onto phone call expecting that this is going to be a sales call. So, in a way, it is possible to automate because it works much better to basically capture the leads, the cold leads, warm them up, qualify them and then get them onto the phone, book that appointment automatically and by the time they’re onto the phone, they’re warm and hot and it’s much easier to sell to them, much easier to get to sign up and it’s just much, much better. It saves an incredible amount of time automating lead generation and you get a lot of time, you get a lot of money, the saving is really huge and benefit as well that is who are coming is much easier to sell. 

So, this is one of the things that, basically, I wanted to talk to you about that why it’s so, so amazing to automate lead generation and even I would love to share with you like right now how you can do it but to be honest, this is big–it is a huge topic to actually cover it in five – ten-minute video so what I would love to give you is to go to– If you want to find out about how you can get more warm and hot leads onto the first phone call while you’re saving money, saving time doing this whole process automatically then visit 47funnelsecrets.com and check that out. You will find really useful information and more information about how you can do that, how you can go through that process and the result is really amazing to getting so many savings, so much time, so much money and getting extra better results and it’s much easier to do that way that you’re not spending your own time. It’s an automated lead generation is working for you. So, go check out 47funnelsecrets.com and thank you for being here today. I hope you enjoyed this episode, a special, casual episode from the sunny Hungarian garden. I hope you enjoy this episode and see you on the next one.


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