Best 5 Content Creation Tips For Growing Your Business


Best 5 Content Ideas For Growing Your Business – Content Marketing Tips

When it comes to making a content marketing strategy, one of the things you have to think of is the types of content you’re going to create. What will grab the attention of your audience and help build your relationship with them?

As an entrepreneur, you’ll also have to think of ways to efficiently maximize your time so you can have time for every aspect of growing your business. 

Unfortunately, thinking of content ideas for your business isn’t always easy for everyone. And that’s why I’m here to help you out! 

Today, I will be sharing content creation tips that won’t just help you become more efficient and productive. You will also discover content ideas that could help grow your business. Are you ready? Let’s get started. 

You will learn: 

  • Top five content types you should include in your content marketing strategy 
  • How to do all your content in an efficient way 
  • Why include specific Q&As as part of your content marketing mix 
  • Why write reviews and comparison posts
  • The beauty of creating lists

Are you ready to give these content creation ideas a try? Let me know how it works for you! 

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Welcome back to the show!
Before we dive into the core of this episode, here’s what you’ll find out about and in what order. First, we are going to go through the top five content types that will help you to grow your business.
Second, you’ll understand why they are the best content marketing tips. And after that, you’ll see how to do all your content in a much more efficient way, with less work and time.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals smart tips and efficiency hacks for busy entrepreneurs to get more marketing done in less time.
Number 1: Specific Q&As. Your target audience has different problems they are trying to solve and they have questions about those.
And before they’d buy anything, the first thing they do is searching on Google or YouTube to find answers to their questions.
That’s why one of the best content types you can leverage is answering specific questions of your audience. So when they search, they can find the answers through your videos and other content.
Through this, they will start getting to know you, like you, and trust you. And after your content gives them answers, it can gently direct them to the next step, to your product or offer.
Depending on your audience and their situation, their questions can be different. But here’s a few examples to give you some inspiration. “How to get leads without paid advertising?”
“Do I need a lawyer to buy a house in the UK?” “What to eat in the morning to build muscles?” And the list could go on and on.
Do your research on your audience, what SPECIFIC problems and questions they have.
The next content marketing tip is #2: Lists.
Sometimes your audience thinks and searches in a different way. Instead of a specific question, they are hunting for ideas like: “Best marketing automation tools for small businesses…“
…or, “Ways to invest into properties,” Or, “Healthy and quick dinner ideas.” Or some other search phrases like those.
Because of that, creating lists that help your audience to find inspiration and answers is another one of the best content types.
Just like the contents that answer specific questions, lists also build trust and can gently direct your audience to your products and services.
With these two content types and the next ones as well, avoid a huge mistake that many entrepreneurs make. People don’t like to be sold. So your content is NOT a promotion.
It is a way of giving value and building trust FIRST. And only gently direct the viewers who are ready to your offers. Okay, let’s move onto the next content marketing tip.

Number 3: Software Or Product Reviews. Those people who have already done some research, and found some answers may continue searching for more details on the topic.
For example, for specific software and product reviews. Like, “ClickFunnels review,” or “ActiveCampaign review,” or “SocialPilot review,” or some other specific tool or product.
So this is another great way for you to get in front of your audience and help them. Related to your service or product, think about other products and software and create reviews about those.
Let’s say help people get leads online, then you can record review videos on specific funnel building tools, email marketing software, and so on.
If you’re a health coach, you may want to review specific healthy foods in your content. In case you’re a financial advisor, you can review specific money-saving software one by one.
And even if you’re something different, I hope you got some ideas and inspiration to find the software and products related to your niche.
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Thank you for your support. And now let’s continue.
Number 4: Top Reviews. This content type is very similar to the previous one but still different. While in the previous case, people search for specific tools or products.
In this case, our goal is to show up in front of those who search for reviews in a different way. For example, they search for something like “best funnel building software reviews…”
…or “US mortgage provider reviews,” Or, something different. For example, “top organic coconut oil reviews.” You get the point, right?
Just like with any of the previous types of content, with this one as well, the goal is to give value and build trust first and then gently direct the viewer who is ready to your offers.
And with that said, I’m going to a shameless plug now. After you finish this episode, make sure to check out the description for more marketing resources on this topic.
And now, let’s talk about #5: Comparison Reviews. Those people who are researching for more details may find multiple products or services that trigger their interest.
And they tend to search for things like “ClickFunnels vs Shopify,” Or, “Sony a6400 vs Canon M50 Mark II,” Or, “NUTRiBULLET vs VitaMix blender.” And the list could go on and on.
You have your services and products, find related products and tools you can compare and review. That way your content can act as a special bridge between your target audience and you.
A bridge that gives value and builds trust.

In a minute, you’ll see how to do all your content in a much more efficient way, with less work and time. And before that, let’s talk about why these are the 5 best content ideas for growing your business.
Those people who are searching are already taking action to solve their problem, and because of that, they are more ready to buy.
If you noticed, all of the content types you heard about in this episode are focused on them, and to the types of contents, they most likely search for.
And now, let’s quickly talk about how to get all your content done much more efficiently.
Some people prefer to watch videos, others like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks and there are those who love to read. In your target audience, there are all these types of people.
Besides that, some of them prefer Facebook, others YouTube, or LinkedIn, or blogs, or some other platforms.
Serving your audience in different ways and on different platforms is a lot of work, as you can imagine.
The best way to make your content creation a lot more efficient is by recording videos and repurposing them.
For example, you can get a couple of freelancers, and from each video, get them to create various images, podcasts, emails, blog posts, social media posts, and so on.
That way, you only spend time recording one video that can turn into 15-20 content assets without your work.
And in a nutshell, that’s how you can do all your content in a much more efficient way, with less work and less time. In one of the previous episodes, I went through that repurposing process in more detail.
And if you want to learn more about that topic, you’ll find a link to it in the description.
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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.”


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