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Digital Marketing Strategy: Shortcuts to Grow Your Business

By Istvan Bujdoso | The 47 Marketing Show

Apr 14


Digital Marketing Strategy For Solopreneurs – Shortcuts

Don’t you wish there’s a shortcut to grow your business and boost your productivity? As a solopreneur, you’re probably doing everything on your own, which takes chunks of your time away from the money-making tasks of your business. 

What if I tell you there are shortcuts you could use to grow your business so you could finally focus on tasks that actually expand your business? Wouldn’t you want to give them a try? 

Today, I will share with you some productivity tips and a digital marketing strategy that I use to grow my own business. 

You will learn: 

  • What is the “Lazy way” mindset and why you should try it. 
  • Building blocks you should prepare first to get your work or any project running. 
  • How to use marketing automation tools 
  • The benefits of working with freelancers 
  • Why you should leverage processes and systems others have built

Many solopreneurs wish they had more time in a day so they could do everything that needs to be done for their business. But really, it’s not about having more time. It’s about learning to maximize your time and making the most of the tools and processes accessible to you. 

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“Welcome, Freedom Hero!

Today we are going to talk about shortcuts for solopreneurs in digital marketing. The “lazy way” of doing things efficiently.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals smart tips and efficiency hacks for busy entrepreneurs to get more marketing done in less time.

By the end of this episode, you’ll understand why thinking in a lazy way is actually positive in business and marketing. If you don’t know it yet, I’m coming from a technical background.

In those 10+ years of coding, we used a strategy over and over again to make things happen a lot faster and more efficiently and most of the time, we also got better end results.

Don’t worry it’s nothing technical, it’s a shortcut mindset. A way of thinking. Which makes marketing and business much more efficient as well.

At the beginning of every new project, no matter how unique they seemed, we did the following:

We brainstormed and researched if there were any tools, frameworks or libraries we could use as shortcuts.

Those things are kind of like building blocks that you can put together and build something more complex and bigger.

And the reason why they were so useful because some of those building blocks took years of hard work for several experts to create.

And compared to that we could pay a small amount of money to save a lot of hard work and stress.

Plus, the building blocks they had created were a lot better than if we had done them ourselves.

And by leveraging several building blocks like those we could complete some projects in just a few weeks instead of multiple years.

And this lazy type of thinking, this shortcut strategy can be easily transferred into marketing and business. Whatever your goal is, others already did parts of it.

And you can leverage that to get more marketing done in less time, with a better quality if you’d try to do it yourself.

And now, I’ll tell you about some real shortcut examples in marketing, so it will make more sense what I’ve been talking about. The first example is leveraging marketing automation tools.

Somebody already spent a fortune and years on creating those tools. So you don’t need to do that.

You can just grab those software, those building blocks, usually with a small investment, and grow your business with them.

Besides that shortcut, marketing automation tools also offer other ways to get more marketing done in less time.

For example, tools like ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, SocialPilot, and the list could go on and on. You’ll find a few links in the description that you can explore after finishing this episode.

The next example for shortcuts is world-class templates. Like email, social media, Facebook ads, sales copy, and other templates.

By using them as building blocks, you can save a huge amount of time, especially if you’re not a copywriting expert.

One of my favorite template collections —well it’s actually more than that, it’s called FunnelScripts.

And in 10 minutes you can do copywriting magic with it even without experience. You can see some more details in the description about this as well.

Okay, the third marketing shortcut example is borrowing the expertise of others.

Instead of spending years to get to an expert level in a skill, you can hire an experienced person quickly who has already invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into developing that skill.

One of the ways to do that efficiently is by hiring freelancers for specific projects through trusted portals like Upwork.

The next shortcut is licensing digital products from others and plugging those building blocks into your own offer.

This especially works well when you don’t have the expertise in an area of business or marketing or you don’t have the time to create a course…

…or software, or another digital product yet you want to make your offer a no-brainer.
Okay, let’s move onto the next business shortcut.

Leveraging processes and systems that others built. For example, some marketing and business activities like consistent content creation and publishing can eat up a lot of your time.

Unless you have that time to invest, and you also want to do that, then it’s a much more efficient way to find somebody who has been doing that activity for a long time…

…they have a tried and tested, and optimized process in place and leverage that. Buy that system or process and plug it into your marketing and business.

From these type of shortcuts that I’ve just told you about, sometimes you’ll find a building block that you can use as it is right away. Other times, you’ll need to tweak it.

But as long as it helps you to grow your business ethically easier, better, and quicker, then it makes sense to use that shortcut.

Let me know in the comments below… what your biggest takeaway is from this episode.

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