Get More Done in Less Time in Digital Marketing & Business


How To Get MORE Done In LESS Time In Digital Marketing And Business

As an entrepreneur, you want to grow your business the best way possible, right? However, many business owners typically start as a one-person team. As such, you always have an endless list of things to do. 

One of the challenges of solopreneurs is learning how to get more done in less time — all while making sure they are growing their business. 

If you’re struggling with productivity and making the most of your time, you’re in luck! Today, you will discover productivity hacks and tips to grow your business and do more in less time. 

Are you ready to get started? Today, you will learn: 

  • What O.S.T.C. activities are and why you should focus on them
  • The benefit of setting clear goals 
  • Why having an outline of how to get things done is essential 
  • Why you should take massive, immediate action 
  • The key to launching an offer or business and why you should test and optimize
  • The importance of scaling your business
  • Productivity tools for entrepreneurs

Getting more things done in less time requires careful planning and dedication on your part. Once you get it down to pat, you’ll be amazed at what more you can do with the available time you have.   

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3 Key Productivity Tools For Entrepreneurs – How To Maximize Productivity In Digital Marketing



If you’re like most entrepreneurs, then you always have plenty of things on your to-do list. And you want to make the most out of your days.
In this episode, you’ll find out about a 7 step productivity system that you can use in your marketing and business to get things done in LESS time and with LESS work.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso, and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals productivity hacks and tips for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time in digital marketing and business.
And now, let’s get started.
Number 1: Focus On The O.S.T.C. Activities First.
Those activities can give you quick wins and free up a great amount of your time. O.S.T.C. stands for Ongoing, Simple, and Time-Consuming.
In every business, there are these types of tasks, and they are essential for growing your business. But doing those activities yourself is NOT efficient at all.
Later in this episode, you’ll see specific examples of that and the 3 key productivity tools you need to replace yourself and, at the same time, get MORE of those activities done in LESS time.
OK, let’s talk about the next step of this productivity system which is #2: Set A Clear Goal.
This may seem a simple and obvious step, but because it’s so important, we touch on this quickly. Write down EXACTLY WHAT you want to achieve…
…and WHY so you know the destination and reason you’re going there. Here are a couple of examples of clear goals.
I want to post to the major social media platforms daily, so my warm audience will get bigger and bigger that can be turned into leads and clients.
Or, I want to get 500 new leads every week on autopilot so our business can consistently grow.
The next step is #3: Outline An Efficient Strategy.
Besides planning the steps on HOW to achieve your goals, also outline how to get it done with as little of your ongoing involvement as possible.
The reason why you need a bullet point list of the strategy BEFORE taking any other action is because planning requires a completely different state of mind than what you need when you’re taking action.
It’s also really important to avoid overplanning, stay productive. Even though a strategy is essential, actions will bring the results. So, create your outline as a bullet point list as quickly as possible.
Like in 10-15 minutes, or in maximum of half an hour. In a minute, we’ll go through an example.
Before that, remember, the primary goal is to get MORE marketing and business done in LESS time without your ongoing involvement.
These are the 3 key productivity tools for entrepreneurs to do that: Automation software. Delegation. And systems.
The rule of thumb is to automate as much as possible, delegate what is not possible to automate, and systemise what, how and when need to happen without you.
In a previous episode, I talked about those 3 key productivity tools in detail. You’ll find the link in the description. And now, let’s focus on an example outline.
We’ll stick with one of the goals I mentioned earlier: posting to social media daily. So an outline can be something like this, a bullet point list using the 3 key productivity tools.
In the area of Automation software: Register to a social media management tool, like SocialPilot, for publishing. Register to a task management tool, like Trello with Butler.
In the Delegation area: Hire freelancers (a copywriter, a graphic designer, and a virtual assistant).
And in the Systems area: Create separate video and written guides for each freelancer, so they know what, how, and when to do it.
Automate task management in Trello Once you have a simple outline like this, you can move on to the next step.
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And now, let’s continue with the next step of the 7-step productivity system.
Number 4: Take Massive, Immediate Action.
The previous steps were focused on the preparation, which is important to get real results, but we also need to take massive immediate action.
Even if the outlined strategy takes more time than you have right now, still get started with it right away and trigger your momentum. And later, you can get back to it and continue it.
Once you’ve done all the action steps in the 3 areas, automation software, delegation, and systemization the next step is…
Number 5: Launch.
A lot of entrepreneurs make a HUGE mistake at this point. They think it’s all done.
But the reality is there’s still work to do, which leads us to #6: Test And Optimize.
No matter how great your choice of marketing automation tools are, And even if your team of freelancers are awesome And the systems are pretty good, there is always a learning curve.
For a while, keep your eyes on what is going the way you intended it and what things are not. Adjust your software, team, and systems to make things the most efficient.
And the next step is #7: Scale.
It takes time to replace yourself in different areas of your marketing and business. Once it’s done, you can easily scale those areas.
And then you can enjoy the benefits of getting more things done in less time.
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