How to Choose Marketing Automation Software — Part 2


Which Marketing Automation Software Is The Best For A Small Business? – Part 2 

Previously, we talked about “Which Marketing Automation Software Is The Best For A Small Business” based on saving your time and money. Today, we will be focusing on 10 essential things to look for once you’ve started a trial with a marketing automation software. 

When making a decision about marketing automation tools for small business, you always have to take into consideration several factors — and I’m not just talking about the price and features that come with the software. 

When learning how to choose marketing automation software specifically for your business while you’re on trial period, it’s best to get nitty gritty and dig deeper into the software and the company that offers it. 

Today, you will learn: 

  • Why you should test the marketing automation software both on desktop and mobile app  (if a mobile app is available) 
  • How to check for user-friendliness
  • Why you should factor in the training you will receive from the company 
  • The importance of a reliable support 
  • Why you should also consider the community that the company has built 
  • The best way to test marketing automation tools 
  • Other things to look for beyond what the product that the company is offering to get the best bang for your buck

Are you ready to discover the best marketing automation software for your business? Get started on a trial or a money-back guarantee program and take that marketing automation software for a spin! 

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In the previous episode, we started a series on “Which Marketing Automation Software Is The Best For A Small Business?” from the angle of picking the best tools SPECIFICALLY for your business…
…without wasting your time and money. We talked about 10 important things to check BEFORE trying out a marketing automation software.
And in this episode, you’ll find out about the 10 essential things to check DURING the trial.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time in digital marketing and business.
Let’s continue where we left off in the previous episode These are the 10 things that are important to check WHEN you’re testing a tool.
As most of the marketing automation tools are cloud-based, I’ll refer to them that way.
Number 11: Features. Either you’re doing an actual trial or you paid for the tool that has a money-back guarantee, this is the very first important thing to do after registration.
On your desktop, in the browser, go through every single menu one by one to get a bit familiar with the marketing automation software overall.
Then, the next step is to go and look at the specific features that promise to solve your problem or to help you to achieve your goals. At this stage, you’re not doing a deep test yet.
It’s more about playing around with those features and getting more familiar with them. And later on, we’ll get back to the dedicated testing. Before that, there are some more things to check as well.
After you get familiar with the marketing automation tool on your desktop, if they have a mobile app, install that one as well and play around with it, get familiar with that one as well.
See if it’s offering the same features, or different ones, or less or more features. Either you prefer working on your desktop in a browser, or on your phone…
…if the tool has cloud-based and mobile app versions as well then check out both of them to get a better big overall picture of the software.
Number 12: User Friendliness. Most companies aim to create user-friendly tools, but this area is quite subjective.
Depending on your past experiences and skills, a new software can be hard or really easy to use for you. See it for yourself and feel how straightforward it is to use.
Can you find your way around in it easily? Are the features obvious? Can you use it without any training? Or is it the opposite of that and you feel lost.
If you feel a bit lost at this stage, that’s OK, don’t throw the tool away yet. Obviously, every new thing in life has a learning curve. So keep going and check the following elements.
Number 13: Training. Either you find the software straightforward or feel lost when you use it check out the training the company provides.
Look out for 2 types of training. First one is the ‘Strategy’ type, and the other type is ‘How To’. The ‘Strategy’ type training is more about a big picture.
Let’s say if the tool can be used to get leads, and sell digital products, and do eCommerce, and other things All of them need a different marketing automation strategy.
Depending on your specific situation, what you want to achieve, you’ll need the relevant strategy for you.
Check out if the company provides relevant ‘Strategy’ type training that shows how to use the software to carry out that specific marketing strategy.
The companies that really want you to succeed, they have ‘Strategy’ type training. At the same time, it’s not always included in the price of the software… have a look if the training would be an extra investment. The other type of training is the ‘How To’, which is more about the details of the marketing automation tool.
Where you can find features? Which button is doing what? Step-by-step guides of the features, and so on. Usually, this is included with the software.
Check out the ‘How To’ trainings a bit. At this stage, just get a feel for them, see how easy it is to find them if they seem to be good, if it seems like covering all areas of the tool.
Number 14: Support. Almost all marketing automation tools come with some sort of support. The BIG question is how good it is.
See what type of support they provide: ticket-based, email, chat, or phone support. Check out what level of support is included. Sometimes premium support is an extra cost.
Depending on what’s in it and on your needs, it may be worth investing into it. A bit later in this episode, we’ll get back to the support.
Number 15: Community. Most tools will have an official community. If you haven’t joined it during your research, then do it now. Spend some time in the community. See how active it is.
What people are talking about in the community. Are they friendly, welcoming and helpful? Is there any official presence of the company in the community? Are they active, friendly, welcoming and helpful?
Number 16: The Test. Do an actual test of the marketing automation tool and the related elements.
Set yourself a small goal that you want to achieve during the test and work on that to have a more real experience. Test a ‘Strategy’ training and any relevant ‘How To’ training.
Pick the ones that will help you to achieve the goal you want to reach during your test. Ask help from the support, even if you don’t need any help. Test them.
See how quick, helpful, precise, and polite they are. It is important to test them now, because in the future, when you have problems, and you need support, they gotta be great.
Ask help from the community as well. Again, even if you don’t need any help at the moment, test the community.
Sometimes it’s quicker to get an answer and support from the community than from the official support. So check out what you can expect from the community.
Before you make a final decision, check out a few more things that can help you to decide if this is the right tool for you.
Number 17: Hidden Golden Nuggets. This is a bit deeper research in the universe of the marketing automation software.
You can even ask the community about if there are any hidden golden nuggets you should know about.
This way you may find out about things like being able to access an extra video streaming service, full of amazing training videos you can watch…
…or find out about a special deal so you can get more value for your money or being able to get a free T-shirt or a free domain or find an extra hidden tool you haven’t known about yet…
…and so on you get the idea, right? With some research, you may find some amazing hidden golden nuggets.
Number 18: Affiliate Program. Depending on your situation, this might not be a big factor in your decision, but it still makes sense having a look. So check out if they have an affiliate program.
If you will love the software and will recommend it to others, why not benefit from it financially as well.
You may even get to the point when you get more affiliate commissions than you pay for the marketing automation tool.
Number 19: Beyond The Tool. Look and ask around what else the company does beyond the tool? See if they normally do live events, when there’s no global pandemic, obviously.
It is a lot of fun to meet in person with people who are on a similar journey to you. See if the company does any webinars, podcasts, YouTube channels, books, and so on.
These can be awesome resources of information that can help you on your journey. Check out how valuable those contents are. These are more of a plus to the big picture than a deal-breaker.
Number 20: The Culture. By now, based on all your research, you should have a good picture of the culture of the company that creates the marketing tool.
Is there a face of the company? Is he/she a positive character? Or is the company radiating more of a corporate feeling? Are they giving back? Are they supporting any charities?
Do they have a positive overarching mission? Do they have a strong tribe or just a loose community? And think a bit about similar things and you can decide how much you factor this into your decision.
Through these 20 steps, you planned, researched, tested, and looked beyond the obvious elements of a marketing automation software.
Now, you have plenty of information to make an informed decision if the tool is RIGHT SPECIFICALLY for you and for your business needs.
Do the training and the software have a REAL POTENTIAL to solve your problems? Considering everything you found out, do you like the overall value you’ll get for your money?
Do you feel it is worth your time and money investment to give it a REAL GO? Are you excited and ready to use that marketing tool for REAL?
If you say yes to those questions, congratulations, you’ve found a great new software for yourself.

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