How to Do Lead Prospecting That Will Help You Get More Hot Leads


How To Get Qualified Leads For Services WITHOUT Cold Calling Or Wasting Time On Cold Leads…

Ever wonder how other entrepreneurs are able to get more qualified leads without cold calling? If you think you need to follow a complicated lead generation funnel system, think again. 

There’s a much simpler way to conduct lead prospecting and be successful in getting the hot leads! Stop wasting time on cold leads! Focus your energy and attention on leads that are ready to buy or get your services. 

In this episode, I will show you a simple three-step process that I personally integrated into my marketing. You will learn: 

  1. How to make your leads give you their email address on the first step
  2. What information to give once they’ve given their email address
  3. The most effective way to prepare a lead for a call with you

As a bonus, you will also learn to identify your hyperactive leads! The best thing is, you won’t have to do it manually. You could use an automated lead generation system to help you with all these. 

Are you ready for a better lead prospecting process? I’m excited to share this process with you! 

You can find the best and most simple tool to start you own 3-step lead funnel without any technical experience here:

If you’d like to find out more about how you can get qualified, hot leads for your service then visit



“Welcome Freedom Hero to The 47 Marketing Show! 

Let me ask you a question before we start this episode. Have you ever wished that you could get qualified, hot leads for your service without cold calling or wasting time to cold leads? 

A couple of years ago, that’s exactly what I dreamt about too when I got obsessed with automated lead generation. And I found a simple 3-step process that works even when you’re sleeping which is an exciting result, isn’t it? 

My name is Istvan Bujdoso, and let me tell how you can apply that simple 3-step process to your service as well. 

The first thing I want you to understand quickly is, “What is a funnel?” A funnel is a step-by-step process that leads your leads where you want them to go. In our case, it means, the funnel leads them through a simple lead capturing, warm up, and qualification steps online. So, by the time you talk to them for the very first time, they are already hot and qualified. Does that make sense? 

Okay, this funnel is a simple 3-step online funnel. 

Step #1 is about ONE thing and only ONE thing. Getting your leads so CURIOUS that they give you their email address to find out more information. At this step of the funnel, it’s NOT about telling them what you do and how you do it. It’s ONLY about showing them a HOOK, and making them CURIOUS so they give you their email address. Why do we do this? Because as soon as you have their email address, you have UNLIMITED opportunities to follow up with them, to give them value, to make them like you, to build trust in them and in an AUTOMATED way. Can you see the reason now? The more info you try to give them in Step 1, the more they can get CONFUSED, make ASSUMPTIONS and leave without giving you any chance to communicate with them and turn them into clients. And this is why you can maximise your opportunities by only showing them one HOOK in Step 1 of the funnel and make the CURIOUS to give their email address to you. Does this make sense? 

Step 2 of the funnel is about 3 things. First, showing to your leads the BEST results you achieved for previous clients who used your services. And second, also showing them social proof that SIMILAR people to your leads were happy with your services. These two things are NOT about showing them what you do and how you do it. They are ONLY about showing them the results they can get from you. That’s the no. 1 thing leads want to know, what results they can get. And, the third thing is inviting your leads to fill out an application form to have a free discovery call with you. Those who fill out the application form are most likely warm or hot leads. And based on the answers they give you in the form, you can qualify the leads if they are worth your time to have a call with them. This way you can filter out those leads who wouldn’t fit into your service anyway and save your time. Are you following this so far? 

Step 3 of the funnel is all about preparing that leads who applied for a discovery call with you. This is the step where you can let them know how and when you are going to contact them to arrange the call, also what they can expect from the discovery call and how they can prepare for the call. And in this step, you can find the hyperactive leads by inviting them to give you a call right away. When they call you, that’s worth a lot more because they are easier to sell than the ones that you need to call. OK? Can you see how you can get hot, qualified leads for your service with a 3-step simple funnel WITHOUT cold calling and WITHOUT wasting time on cold leads? 

Okay, this was it for today. If you’d like to find out more about how you can get hot, qualified leads for your service, then visit Thank you for being here today! My name is Istvan Bujdoso and see you in the next episode.”


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