How To Get Qualified Leads Through These 6 Key Areas


How To Get Clients Easier By Qualifying Your Leads In The 6 Key Areas?

Which is a better scenario: having many cold leads and spending time trying to get them to get your services or having qualified leads and getting them to sign up quickly to your services? 

The best entrepreneurs value their time and don’t waste time on leads that will not convert. The question is, how do qualify leads to determine which ones are most likely to get your services?

Through a sales lead qualification process that focuses on six key areas, you find out which leads you should nurture and will likely get your services and which leads you should ignore. 

In this episode, you will learn the following: 

  • Important factors to zone in when qualifying leads 
  • The right questions to ask leads to determine if they match your target client 

The best part of this sales lead qualification technique is that you can automate it. Yes, you can take better control of your time and still get warm leads through an automated lead qualification strategy. Learn more about it and try it out today to discover a more effective way of growing your business.

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“Welcome, Freedom Hero! 

Stay with me till the end of this episode because you’ll find out about how you can get clients easier for your services. My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show. Qualifying your leads in the six key areas not just saves a lot of time that you would spend on cold leads otherwise. It ALSO makes it a lot easier to get clients for your business. Let me walk you through the Six Key Lead Qualifying Areas so you can start using them in your business today. 

The no. 1 key area is “General Situation.” Ask questions from your leads to find out about their current situation so you can see that they are generally a good fit and are matching with your target audience. Here’s a couple of ideas that you can ask your leads about: Ask them to describe their business and themselves; what stage they are in; what results are they getting currently in the area of your services? Does that make sense? 

The no. 2 key area is “Challenge or Problem.” Ask from your leads to find out about their biggest challenge or problem so you can see if your services can solve that for them. In general, the bigger the problem you can solve for your clients, the more money you can charge for it. Here are a few things that you can ask your leads about: What is their biggest problem? How do they feel about the problem? How big is it for them? What are they struggling with specifically? And, how long have they been struggling with it? Are you following me so far? 

The 3rd key area is “Seeking for Solution.” Ask questions to see how your leads are trying to solve their problem currently but failing on some level and if your services would genuinely help them. You can ask them similar things about these: How did they try to solve their problem? How long have they been trying to solve the problem? What did work for them? What didn’t work for them? What do they think their current “solution” could be different and better? And, what is their view on using your type of solution to sort out their problem? Are you getting this? 

And, the no. 4 key area is “Goals and Desires” Ask questions to have insights about the goals and desires of your leads so you can see if you and your services can provide them that. The MORE specifically your leads can explain their goals and desires, the MORE likely they will be happy and satisfied when they get the results from you. People who are not certain about what they want, their goals and desire, LESS likely will be happy with the results you provide them and I’m guessing, those are not your ideal clients either. You can ask your leads about similar things like these: What are their overarching goals and in what timeframe? What is their desired next level and in what timeframe? Could they handle those desired results at their current scale? And, one of the most important questions: when are they looking to get started? Does that make sense? 

The 5th key area is called “Values.” Ask questions to find out about your leads’ value system so you can how serious they are. Here are some things you can ask your leads about: What is the desired result worth to them? How do they feel about investing in your type of solution to get their desired results? What amount are they willing to and able to invest in to get the desired results? And, are they serious, willing to take action, grow, change and so on? Are you following me so far? 

And the last, the 6th key area is “Contact Details.” Ask questions to get their contact details. A few things that are worth asking for: Their FULL Name, email address, mobile number and position. 

Okay, this is it for today. Make sure that you qualify your leads in all of these six key areas and it will help you to get clients easier for your business. Just last thing before we go, if you’d like to ignite your automated lead generation in 15 days without any tech experience, then visit You can find the link to that course in the description. Thank you for staying until the end. I really appreciate it. My name is Istvan Bujdoso and see you in the next episode.”


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