How To Replace Yourself In Your Business? A.D.P. Strategy


How To Replace Yourself In Your Business? The Ultimate A.D.P. Strategy 

As an entrepreneur, has there ever been a time when you wished you had a clone to help you manage your business? Many small business owners and solopreneurs often feel this way. 

Did you know that it’s possible to learn how to replace yourself in your business while still growing its revenue? Yes! With marketing automation for small businesses, you could have time for other things that matter while achieving your business goals. 

Amazing, right?

If you’re excited to learn how to grow your business by replacing yourself, stick around to find out: 

  • Why replacing yourself in your business is the best strategy in your marketing arsenal
  • What the A.D.P. strategy is all about and how you could apply it in your business
  • What does marketing automation do 
  • Benefits of marketing automation for small businesses 
  • The difference between automation and software
  • The best strategy to delegate to team members 
  • What are system processes you could use for your business 

Are you ready to have more time while growing your business? Try these tips and let us know how it goes! 

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“If you’ve ever felt that on a busy day “I wish I could clone myself,” then you’re not alone. Every entrepreneur, especially solopreneurs, feel that way from time to time.

That’s why in this episode I will share with you how to replace yourself in business with the ultimate A.D.P. strategy. And at the same time, grow your business.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time…

…and ultimately replace yourself in digital marketing and business.

If you’ve been in business for a while, most likely you’ve heard that Entrepreneurs are the only people who are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40-hour weeks.

Even though it’s funny and true, most of us didn’t start a business to be trapped in working long hours. Rather our motivation was getting more freedom and making more money than in a 9-5 job.

And to achieve that the best strategy is to become replaceable in your marketing and business in a good way.

Let me explain what I mean The more you’re involved in the day-to-day operations, the more you’re the bottleneck in the growth of your business.

Especially if the business stops functioning when you’re not around. There are many-many ways to take yourself out of your business, but only the right strategies will lead you to thrive as well.

Let me show you the best one, the ultimate A.D.P. strategy, including a few examples so you can not only replace yourself, but also grow your business.

The A.D.P. strategy is a SYSTEM. Most people, when they hear that word, they think about a piece of technology. But the simple fact is a system is a lot more than that.

It’s a combination of 3 core elements. Which are Automation, Delegation, and Processes.

In a moment, I’ll tell you more about each of these and then we’ll go through some examples of marketing and business systems.

Automations are different types of softwares that can automate activities and make the business work more productive. These include marketing automation and other automation tools.

Delegation is simply your team who do the digital marketing and business activities that are not possible to automate. And the MOST important of the 3 core elements of a system process.

You can have the most skilled people and the best tools but if it’s not defined and not clear what, how, and when your team and tools need to do, then your systems will fall apart.

And then, you’re either back to working long hours or your business can fall apart too.

The best way to avoid that is to create simple, clear, and well-defined processes on what, how, and when need to be done.

And the easiest method for that is to pick an activity, create a bullet point list in a document with the main steps then simply record your screen as you’re doing that activity step-by-step…

…and add the link of the video to the document if you missed something in the video, then add a few notes to the document as well. And with that, you have a process ready.

And if you want to take that to the next level then you can get one of your team members to turn those bullet points, video, and notes into a more organised and formatted guide.

One of the HUGE benefits of these processes is that you can give it to any new person on your team, they will know what to do exactly, how…

…and when, and they can start producing results quickly without taking up your time.

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Before we go through some system examples, I want to share with you something really important Replacing yourself in digital marketing and business does not happen overnight.

It takes time and work to make that happen. It’s more of a step-by-step transition than a sudden jump out of all the day-to-day activities.

Imagine something like this you pick an ongoing activity, you create the related process, you hire a freelancer to do that work then you give him or her the process and marketing automation tools.

With that, you have a system that gives you more time while the job gets done as well.

Now you can create another A.D.P. system, and then another, and just like that, step-by-step, you can transition out of the day-to-day activities.

And at the same time, improve your digital marketing and scale your business as well.

As a rule of thumb, go for the quick wins, for the low-hanging fruits first, pick the simple ongoing activities that take up the most of your time and systemize those first.

OK, let’s quickly go through a few key system examples in digital marketing and business. The first one, a system for consistent content creation and publishing for social media and other platforms.

Which can build your audience and generate you warm traffic. This can work minimal or none of your ongoing efforts. Another great system example in the area of lead generation and sales.

Replacing yourself with online funnels to do those activities. If you don’t know, online funnels are kind of like websites, but funnels are a lot more efficient in lead generation and sales.

The next example is a system that you can use to replace manual follow-ups with automated ones. Like email, text, and other automations.

If you’re doing one-to-one type of teaching, that delivery can be replaced with a system of the combination of online courses, products, and your team.

And the list could go on and on. All the activities that currently happen in your business and marketing can be systemized, which means those systems can replace you.

And that not only will give you more time, it will also give you better efficiency and a way to grow your business faster.

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