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Humans Vs Automations: Which is Best for Lead Generation?

By Istvan Bujdoso | The 47 Marketing Show

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Nov 11


Marketing Automations vs Humans. Which is better for lead generation?

Lead generation is one of the many challenges every marketer needs to face. With many lead generation processes, strategies, and techniques you’ll find online, it can truly be confusing. 

One of the most popular discussions in the industry is about using marketing automations for your lead generation. Should you join the bandwagon or stick to your manual lead generation processes? 

I’d like to shine some light on this discussion and help you choose the right strategy for your business. 

Today, you will discover: 

  • The framework I use to plan and start any marketing campaign 
  • The best way to automate your lead generation marketing campaign 
  • The benefits of having a personal approach to lead generation marketing
  • The importance of creating a process for your lead generation

Are you ready to improve your lead generation marketing processes? Try my framework and let me know how it goes! 

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Welcome, Freedom Hero!
It’s not a question that lead generation is a challenging area for most businesses.
Some marketers are huge believers of automation while others believe in getting leads through a more personal approach, communicating with potential leads one-by-one.
In this episode, you’ll find out about which one is better for lead generation, marketing automations or humans.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show.
In the past 8 years, I had my fair share of experience with the ups and downs of the two sides. Although, I’m coming from a software background and have been fascinated with them for decades.
Between 2014 and 2016, I was a member of a VIP business mentorship program and through that, I learnt a lot about generating leads on one-to-one bases.
In those years, I practised a lot getting leads via networking events, one-to-one online chatting, some cold calling, organising live workshops, and building relationships. Can they work?
Yes, it is possible to get leads and clients that way. But they have a negative side of them. They are usually time consuming and sometimes can be really inefficient.
For those and for some other reasons, in 2017, I started seriously exploring marketing automations as the primary way to generate leads.
After playing around with automated funnels for a few months, I managed to 20X the lead generation of my company. Which is pretty exciting…
…but you’ll see in a few moments even that result doesn’t decide which one is the winner, marketing automations or personal approach. And here’s why.
Although I love marketing automation, in some areas, the human factor has a huge advantage over automations while in other areas the opposite is true.
And because of that, the TRUE question is not which one is better, it is how to combine the BEST parts of marketing automation AND the personal approach.
Let me show you the framework I use every time when I plan and start a new marketing campaign. It has these 5 stages.
Number 1: Planning.
Open a Google doc or use a white board and just start coming up with ideas of what you want to do in that marketing campaign. In this stage, don’t think about if it’s realistic, if it’s worth it.
Just keep dumping ideas from your mind onto the whiteboard or into the document. Ideas for getting traffic, capturing leads, warming them up, qualifying them, and following up with them.
Ideas like getting traffic via leads, and podcasts, and interviews and sending video brochures to influencers and postcards to leads and giving away free software and doing viral videos and so on.
The goal is to come up with as many relevant ideas to your project as you can, including simple ones, creative ones, and even crazy ones.
Stage #2: Elimination.
After you have all your ideas in front of you, it’s time to think through which ones are actually worth doing.
Think about things like which ones of them can bring you the most lead generation results? What combination of them is ideal for your specific marketing campaign?
Potentially, how long they will take to START bringing you results and for how long? Which ones fit into your budget? Or how you can increase your budget to fit them in?
Which ones are ideas that seemed good at first but you’re not willing to do? Through questions like these eliminate those ideas that are not viable.
Okay, the next stage is #3: Automation.
The rule of thumb here is to automate as much as you can and as much as it makes sense. Usually, these will be activities that are ongoing and repetitive.
The same things over and over again like sending daily emails, getting new leads onto your email list, delivering warm up videos, driving traffic, and so on.
Look out for the repetitive patterns in your marketing. For a lot of those things, you’ll find relevant existing 3rd party tools that you can start using really quickly.
Number 4: Team.
It is not possible to automate every marketing activity, or it is more beneficial to use the personal approach.
As I mentioned earlier, generating leads with a personal approach is time-consuming and if you do it alone, it can easily eat up all your time that you could use in a better way.
That’s why having your own team is essential, even if they are part-time freelancers, so you can make the most out your time.
Plus, without a team, you are the bottleneck of your lead generation, when you’re not working, you’re breaking the consistency of your marketing. Let’s move on to the last and most important stage.
Number 5: Processes.
No matter how great tools you have, or how many team members, without processes your entire lead generation can fall apart.
And even if it stays together without processes, it will be inconsistent with unstable results. The processes are the magic glue that makes the combination of marketing automations…
…and the personal approach work together successfully.
So make sure you create internal processes to optimise your lead generation, and to make it work smoothly and consistently even when you are not there.
Thank you for being here today. Here’s one more tip for you before we go…
It was another long Friday evening in the office in 2016.

As I tiredly closed the lid of my laptop a long sigh slipped through my mouth.

I hoped it would relax my tensed muscles a bit and ease the stress and frustration. But it didn’t.

The events of the week kept spinning in my head… Cold calling: failed. LinkedIn: got only bad leads. Networking: zero leads. Website: a few bad leads.

Another week feeling stuck without quality leads passed.

Let me ask you… Do you feel like the only obstacle standing in the way of your success is not getting enough of the right leads?

That’s how I used to feel too.

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Are You Sick And Tired Of Cold Calling & Chasing Leads? Discover The Solution


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