Is Marketing Automation A Tool? What Can It Do?


Marketing Automation vs Email Marketing? Which ONE Is Future Proof?

Which ONE is future proof?

Marketing automation or email marketing?

Besides the answer to that, I’ll also share with you…

A surprising benefit that grows small businesses beyond what is normally possible.

And a tiny, 2-minute hack that can give a HUGE marketing and sales boost to any company.

You will discover:

  • Is marketing automation a tool?
  • What can marketing automation do?
  • What is marketing automation?
  • Why marketing automation is important.

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“Which ONE is future proof?

Marketing automation or email marketing?

Besides the answer to that, I’ll also share with you…

A surprising benefit that grows small businesses beyond what is normally possible.

And a tiny, 2-minute hack that can give a HUGE marketing and sales boost to any company.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs…

…to get MORE done in LESS time, and ultimately replace yourself in digital marketing and business.

First, let’s talk a bit about the 5 Key Areas Of Marketing Automation…

…so you can understand how all the pieces are connected together.

Key area no. 1 – Audience Building

In a nutshell, turning strangers into a group of people who know you, like you, and trust you to a certain level…

…by leveraging the power of published content assets as marketing automation.

Key area no. 2 – Traffic

Besides being gerate audience builders, published contents also can generate warm traffic to your funnels and websites on autopilot.

Marketing automation key area no. 3 – Lead Generation

Lead funnels, which are special, step-by-step websites that turn traffic into your leads.

Which is a great way to get leads in an automated fashion.

And that leads us to…

Key area no. 4 – Online Sales

Funnels not only excel in the area of automated lead generation, they are also GREAT at making sales on autopilot to any small businesses.

Which brings us to…

Marketing automation key area no. 5 – Follow Ups

The area where the real money is. Later in this episode, you’ll see EXACTLY why.

The majority of automated follow ups are the BEST to happen through email marketing for most entrepreneurs…

…because of the nature of emails.

Emails are part of everyday life for most people.

Although the misleading comment that “email marketing is dead” has been circling around for many years now…

…the reality is that emails have been around for a long time, they are still here, and they are going to be part of our life for a long time.

And as long as people use emails, and they get the value THEY want from the emails…

…email marketing is going to be part of many people’s lives.

As you can see, email marketing is a KEY part of marketing automation. They go hand in hand.

And how future proof are they?

As far as we can see ahead into the future…

…marketing automation and email marketing are BOTH going to be KEY strategies for any SUCCESSFUL small businesses.

In a moment, I’ll share with you the top 5 benefits of email marketing…

…including that surprising benefit that grows small businesses beyond what is normally possible.

And after that you’ll also find out about the tiny, 2-minute hack that can give a HUGE marketing and sales boost to any company. ||

OK, now let’s talk about the Top 5 Email Marketing Benefits…

They are not in a particular order, but the last one is the best. So stick with me through the list.

A top benefit of email marketing is that you can get MORE marketing done in LESS time.

The reality is that most people who will join your email list won’t buy from you right away.

They will need to get more value from you FIRST to build trust in you.

And only then, and only some of them will buy from you.

The more leads you have the more challenging it would be to follow up with them and give them value one by one, every day.

And that’s where marketing automation and email marketing give you the HUGE benefit to be able to follow up with every lead, every day.

And as minimal of your ongoing efforts as possible.

OK, the next benefit is that the email marketing automations you set up work for you 24/7/365, even when you’re sleeping.

Another big benefit of email marketing is that it’s much more reliable to do consistent follow ups than any human being can.

Also another HUGE benefit that automated email follow up sequences can replace you in a significant part of your marketing…

…which can support you to ultimately take yourself out of the day-to-day business life and have more freedom.

And as I promised, here’s the BEST email marketing benefit…

…a surprising one that grows small businesses beyond what is normally possible.

Let me share with you a quick story about it…

It was many years ago when I first heard the sentence “The money is in the follow ups.” .

At that time, it felt a bit mystical what that really meant. Until I experienced it first hand though my business.

I started promoting a new affiliate product that could help my audience.

The promotion happened through multiple channels, like my email list, Facebook ads, and other channels.

After seeing the initial sales coming in, I looked into which channels were performing.

And the most surprising finding was how the related email marketing automation was performing.

When I looked through the details of each sale, I realized most of the people were on my email list for years…

…and some of them didn’t even buy anything before that.

For those people, it took years to gain enough trust, to be in the right state, place and time, to be ready to purchase.

WITHOUT automated email follow ups almost no chance I could have reached out to the right people, at the right time, and got those sales.

That was the first time I experienced it first hand how true it is that “The money is in the follow ups.” .

And ever since, automated follow ups keep bringing in more sales.

That’s the BIGGEST benefit of email marketing, that you can reach out to your leads EVERY DAY, on autopilot…

…and be in front of them at the right time, when they are ready to buy.

And do all that WITHOUT you needing to be there or manually follow up with them.

It is an amazing way to grow a small business beyond what is normally possible.

In a minute, we’ll touch on a few email marketing strategies, so you can get more insights of the power of this part of marketing automation.

And then, I’ll tell you about the tiny, 2-minute hack that can give a HUGE marketing and sales boost to any company.

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And now let’s continue…

OK, here’s a few really useful email marketing strategies…

First, welcome new leads with a 6-email sequence.

When people opt-in to your email list the first time it’s really beneficial to tell them 6 KEY information…

…which will warm them up to a certain level.

These are those 6 KEY information. Each of them should be covered by a separate email.

First, who are you?

Second, what do you do?

Third, how do you do it?

Fourth, how did you learn it or earn it?

Fifth, who do you do it for?

And sixth, how can you do it for the reader?

The next useful email marketing strategy is letting your email list know about new content, or reminding them of older contents.

For each video, podcast, blog post you publish, write an email teaser.

A short email that creates curiosity in the reader to click on the link in the email and watch, listen, or read your content.

Great way to keep warming up your list and giving them value.

OK, the next email marketing strategy on our list is a 3-email promotion.

It can be used for any products or services.

The first email is a short teaser to get the reader curious, get them to click the link and visit the sales page.

The second email is a longer one with a hook, story and call to action.

The hook is to get the reader curious to read the email…

…the story is about building a relevant belief in the reader…

…and the CTA is to get the reader to the sales page.

The third email is a short one again with building real urgency in the reader and visiting the sales page.

OK, the next email marketing strategy is basically a great solution to if you regularly feel you don’t know what to write about.

In each email, write a story and connect it to your offer.

The story can be things that are happening to you nowadays, or things that happened in the past, or relatable stories about life, and so on.

Anything that can entertain your audience and can be related to your offer, even if just indirectly.

OK, one more useful email marketing strategy is reminding leads who abandon their cart to come back and finish the order.

People abandon their cart for various reasons like changing their mind, or getting distracted, or wanting to come back later, and so on.

Having a short 3-email sequence in your email automation can bring some of them back and generate you extra sales with ease.

These were 5 useful email marketing strategies. And there are a lot more.

Let us know in the comments if you’d like us to create a whole dedicated episode on email marketing strategies with a lot more details.

OK, now let’s talk about the tiny, 2-minute hack that can give a HUGE marketing and sales boost to any company.

I call this The Loop Hack. And solves the following problem…

Coming up with DAILY email ideas, writing them, and scheduling them takes a lot of time.

And if you’re like most entrepreneurs you have a lot of other marketing and business activities to do as well.

This tiny, 2-minute hack is a great way to send daily emails to your list, even if you don’t have time and resources to write daily emails.

Really simply, you send out your daily emails with an email automation…

…and the hack is, instead of letting people finish the daily email automation and then not get any email until you add new ones…

…instead of that, you create a loop, once they get the last email in the automation…

…from the next day, the loop will start sending them the daily emails from the first one again.

This way the leads on your email list will get something every day, they never idle and get cold.

And because of that you can experience a boost in your sales.

I recommend you to have at least 3 months of daily email in your loop.

If they don’t read an email for the first time, it will be NEW for them.

And even if they read it the first time, months is enough time for people to forget, or simply see it as a reminder email.

And whenever you have time and resources you can keep adding new emails to the loop, and expanding it.

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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.”


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