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Lead Generation Tutorial: 10 Quick Hacks You Can Do Today

By Istvan Bujdoso | The 47 Marketing Show

Are You Sick And Tired Of Cold Calling & Chasing Leads? Discover The Solution

Sep 02


10 Quick Hacks You Can Do Today To Get More Leads

Lead generation is a challenge for newbies and even experts. With tight competition in your space, it’s not enough to have a lead magnet. It’s also crucial to ensure your landing page is set up for effective conversion. 

The good news is, you won’t have to spend too much time improving your landing pages or learning how to get leads to improve your conversion rate. 

Some of the hacks that I’m sharing with you today only take a few minutes to implement and you’ll be on your way to seeing improvements in your lead generation results. 

Here are some of the things you’ll learn today: 

  • Why you should be limiting what you share on your landing page 
  • How to create an effective call-to-action and why you should only get the most important information from your leads 
  • The secret to creating effective hooks 
  • Why you should have social proof on your landing page
  • How to drive traffic to your site

Are you excited to revamp your landing page and get more leads? Get started on this lead generation tutorial and let me know how it works out for you! 

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“Welcome, Freedom Hero!
Are you having performance issues in your lead generation? If so, you’ll enjoy this episode because you’ll discover 10 quick hacks you can do today to get more leads.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show.
Here’s an important reminder before we go through the list. The purpose of a landing page is one and only one thing: to get the visitors so curious that they enter their email address to find out more.
The hacks that we are going to go through will help you to increase the curiosity level of the landing page give away more of your free lead magnet, and of course get more leads.
Okay, #1 on our list is Minimize What You Share Upfront.
The less info you tell your visitors upfront, the more curious they can get, and more likely they will enter their email address, and turn into your leads.
The first time I heard about this in 2018, I found it so interesting, I had to put it to a test right away. I had a landing page where I was giving away a free website-related course.
That page had a lot of info on the course and quite a few images. And it was converting 23% of the visitors into leads.
After finding out about that hack, I removed about 90% of the content from the landing page in about 20 minutes. And that pretty much overnight pushed up our conversion rate to an average 57.5%.
Which is more than double of the original rate. Can you see how minimizing what you share on your landing page upfront can get you more leads?
Okay, #2 is Hook.
The visitors decide in a few seconds after they arrive at your landing page, if they stay or leave. So, you have only a few seconds to grab their attention and make them curious to stay.
And that’s why having a hook on the top of the page is so important. To give you some examples.
Here’s a few curiosity-based headlines we used as hooks on high-converting landing pages: “How To Get At Least 400 B2B Leads A Month Consistently Without Cold Calling”
And another example: “Toolkit For Automated Lead Generation: The Ultimate List Of The 37 BEST Tools And Resources To Get Leads WITHOUT Cold Calling.”
Okay, let’s move on the next hack which is #3, Story-Based Curiosity Boosting Subheadline
Telling a one-sentence exciting story on how you learned or earned the knowledge they will get in the lead magnet can also boost your conversion.
Here’s an example of a story-based curiosity boosting subheadline: “After analyzing 100+ lead funnels and nearly 1,600 B2B leads, these are the lead generation secrets we found.”
Can you imagine how a subheadline like this can turn more visitors into leads?
Okay, #4 on the list is Curiosity-Boosting Image. Another way to boost the conversion of your landing page is by adding one curiosity-boosting image.
This image has to relate to the copy or the lead magnet somewhat. At least a loose relation.
Here’s a couple of examples: One of the many landing pages I saw was giving away a free eBook, and to build extra curiosity with the image, it used an illustration of a big black book…
…wrapped around with 2 chains and locked up with a padlock. That makes the visitors extra curious what secrets can be in that book that it had to be locked up.
Another example for a great curiosity-based image. Just imagine me standing and talking in an office, wearing a suit, in front of a whiteboard that has papers on it covering up parts of the writing…
…and I’m holding an upside-down Teddy bear in one hand and my other hand making a kind of weird move. And that moment was captured in an image and added to the landing page.
When the visitors looked at the image it was raising questions in their minds and making them more curious.
“What is behind the papers on the whiteboard?” “Why does he have an upside down Teddy in his hand?” “What’s that weird move?” “What lead generation secret can he be sharing?”
Does it make sense now how a curiosity-boosting image works?
Okay, #5, Request Less And Get More.
Many tests proved that the more information you ask on an opt-in form, the less people will fill it in, the less leads you’ll get.
Only ask for information that is absolutely necessary and you’re actually going to use it in your marketing. Obviously, the email field is a must, so you can keep following up with them via emails.
And when you’re giving away a free lead magnet, pretty much that’s all you need to ask for, an email address. Maybe their first name as an addition, if you’re actually going to use it in emails.
By requesting less info from your visitors, you make it easier and faster for them to opt-in to your email list. And that way you’ll get more leads. It makes sense, right?
Okay, the next on the list is #6, Super Clear Call To Action.
Entering an email address and clicking on a button is a simple process, right? At the same time, tests showed that when the call-to-action is super clear, it can increase the conversion rate.
Just adding a simple one-sentence CTA to a form, can do magic and get you more leads. Here’s an example: “Enter your best email address below, and you’ll get the FREE digital report on XYZ.”
Okay, #7 on our list is Social Proof.
It’s a simple fact when people see that others have already done something that they are about to do, they more likely will take that action.
That fact works on your landing page as well and can boost conversions. Here’s a few types of social proofs that can be added to landing pages.
My favourite one is a little pop-up message that shows real, recent opt-ins one by one for a few seconds each.
There are various tools that can do this for you. I’ll leave you a link in the description to the tool we use. Other social proof types: Showing a real number that a lot of people already got the lead magnet.
For example, “Join 31,256 entrepreneurs who are already getting results with this strategy” And the last example for now is adding a relevant, short testimonial to the landing page.
Number 8, Drive More Traffic Quicker.
You can implement all the previous hacks on your landing page, but if you only have low amounts of traffic, they may not make a huge difference in the amount of leads you get.
There are various different ways and channels you can use to drive more traffic like ads, social media, SEO, Dream 100, and many others.
It’s not in the scope of this episode to go into the details of traffic generation. So, if you’d like to explore that, you can find a traffic-related resource in the description.
Okay, the next on the list is #9, Drive The RIGHT Traffic.
Let’s say you’re giving away a free guide on how to quickly teach dogs to do 7 fun tricks in 1 week.
What do you think how many leads you’d get if you’d send hardcore cat owners to that landing page? Probably zero leads.
On the other hand, just imagine what happens when most of the visitors have dogs, they want to teach tricks to their dogs, and they want to do it quickly.
The more precise traffic you can send to your landing page, the more leads you’ll get. Are you getting this?
Okay, here’s the last hack. Number 10, Retarget.
If you’re sending the right traffic to your landing page, those who visit it are interested in that topic. Among those, there are always some people who visit the landing page but don’t opt-in.
And maybe it’s because they had an internet glitch, they got interrupted by their kids, their phone rang, they were rushing. It can happen for many reasons.
Retargeting those who visited your landing page, but didn’t opt-in, can get you more leads and on a lower cost.
Okay, these are the 10 quick hacks you can do today to get more leads. I hope you enjoyed this episode and thank you for being here today. Before we go, here’s one more tip for you…
The TRUTH is that, in today’s business world…

…getting the right leads or NOT… can mean the difference between growing your business… or losing it!

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Thank you for listening, see you at 47funnelsecrets.com



Are You Sick And Tired Of Cold Calling & Chasing Leads? Discover The Solution


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