Marketing Automation 101 For Small Businesses


What Is Marketing Automation? | Marketing Automation For Small Businesses

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner trying to market your goods or services online? You’ve probably heard about marketing automation many times. 

If not and this is your first time hearing about it, you’d be surprised at what can marketing automation do for your business. 

Exactly what is marketing automation and how can it help your business? Read on to see marketing automation explained. 

Marketing automation is tossed around often when people talk about digital marketing. It may sound technical, but once you understand the basics, it won’t be difficult to apply its concepts in your business and get the most from it. 

Today, you will discover: 

  • What is marketing automation
  • Three huge benefits of marketing automation for small business
  • Six key types of marketing automation
  • Examples of how you can use marketing automation in your digital marketing strategy

Are you ready to make marketing automation work for your small business? Try these tips and strategies and let me know how it works out for you! 

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Marketing automation is one of those areas that may sound technical, but once you understand the basics of it. And most importantly, the 3 HUGE benefits it can give to any small business.
You realize it is a MUST-have element of your marketing. In this episode, I’ll talk about “What is marketing automation?” the 3 HUGE benefits of it, and why marketing automation is important.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso, and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time in digital marketing and business.
This is how most normal websites work. Entrepreneurs drive traffic to them; the visitors see a bunch of information, some of them fill in the contact form, the business MANUALLY processes…
…and qualifies those leads the communication goes MANUALLY back and forth between the two sides, then that turns into a MANUAL sales process and MANUAL follow-ups.
And all together, that is a lot of MANUAL and inefficient work, which has a negative impact on the growth of the business.
So, what is marketing automation? In a nutshell, automating repetitive marketing activities.
Like driving traffic, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales, follow-ups, upsells, turning customers into long-term clients, into recurring income.
That is the first of the 3 HUGE benefits of marketing automation. Most of the key steps that a business needs to grow can be automated.
The second biggest benefit is that it can save you and your team a LOT of time. And the third one is that it can increase the ROI of your entire marketing and business.
Besides those, marketing automations have many other benefits, which you’ll see while we talk about how marketing automation works a bit later in this episode.
And I’ll cover the 6 KEY types of marketing automation, including specific examples of each type.
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Earlier I mentioned normal websites. There is a much more efficient marketing automation tool for lead generation and sales. And that tool is called lead and sales funnels.
If you’re not familiar with funnels, in a nutshell, they are special websites that seamlessly lead customers through the buying process…
…and they tend to convert better than normal websites and generate more leads and income. Now that you’re aware of funnels.
Let’s go through the 6 KEY types of marketing automation and a few examples of what marketing automation can do for you.
Number 1: Automated Traffic Generation.

The “If you build it, they will come” strategy only worked in the movie called Field Of Dreams. When it comes to your lead generation, you gotta drive traffic.
And the best way to do that is to automate it as much as possible. Here are three examples of that: First, creating and publishing videos and podcasts regularly.
You create a video or a podcast episode ONCE, and each of them will work for you 24/7/365 days for years to build your audience and drive warm traffic into your funnel.
Second, paid advertising. You set up an ad once, and it can drive you traffic for a while, even while you’re asleep. And third, consistently publishing blog posts and doing SEO.
Just like with videos and podcasts, you write and publish a post ONCE, and the blog post readers can turn into a nice warm traffic into your funnels for years to come.
Another way to add marketing automation to your business is… #2: Lead Generation On Autopilot
The simple fact is that most of your viewers, readers, and visitors will NOT be ready to buy right away. That’s why capturing their email address is so important.
Which you can do on autopilot with a landing page and lead funnel. The number 1 and only goal of a landing page is to make the visitors so curious that they submit their email addresses.
Before we move on, here’s an example of how you can do that.
Imagine a simple landing page with a hook or title on it, like…
…“How To Get Your Next 100 Days Of Engaging Social Media Posts Done In Less Than 30 Minutes WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Social Media Team!”
And below that, a call to action, to enter their email address to find out the details.
Those who do that are your leads, who can go through the next marketing automation, which is #3: Automated Lead Nurturing.
As I mentioned earlier, for most people and leads, it takes time to warm up and be ready to buy.
And that’s where an automated warm-up email sequence can help, give value to your leads and get them to know you, like, and trust you. Here’s an example email sequence of that.
For example: one email per day for six days. The first email can tell about “who you are.” The second shows them “what you do.” The next talks about “how you do it.”
Then another email on “how you learned or earned it” The 5th email can be about “who you do it for.” And the last one, “how you can do it for them.”
With that said, let’s move onto the next marketing automation that deals with your warm leads.
Number 4: Selling On Autopilot.
While automated lead generation happens with a lead funnel selling on autopilot happens with sales funnels. They lead the warm leads through a sales process step-by-step.
For example: First, they can be offered a big value, but low investment offers like a book or eBook.
And for those who buy that, the next step of the sales funnel can offer them an upsell, a bigger product like an online course.
And then, in the next step, the funnel may offer another upsell, for example, a subscription to a relevant monthly service. Some people will buy the upsells; others won’t.
This leads us to the next marketing automation on the list.
Number 5: Automated Follow-Ups.
Depending on what customers buy and what upsells you have left, the customers can be segmented, and they can get different daily emails.
The goal is to keep giving them value through the emails and gently direct them to your upsells. Here’s an example.
Those who only bought the low investment offer, in our previous example, it was a book, they can be in an automated email sequence that keeps sending them daily relevant values…
…and gently can direct them to your next, higher-end product. In our previous example, it was an online course.
OK, the next marketing automation on the list is… #6: Converting Customers To Long-Term Clients.
Although this is really similar to automated follow-ups, it deserves a dedicated item on this list because the ultimate goal is not only to get customers who buy every now…
…and then but to convert customers into clients who sign up to a retainer service and pay every month for a long time.
Just like in the previous example, this marketing automation is a combination of automated follow-ups and at least one sales funnel which offers people a subscription to a service.
These are 6 KEY types of marketing automation. There are a lot more other ones.
But these 6 are the key to automate most of your marketing from beginning to the end, driving traffic, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales, follow-ups…
…upsells, turning customers into long-term clients into recurring income. These will ultimately save you a lot of time, increase your ROIs, and grow your business.
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