The Hot Truth About Traffic For Automated Lead Generation


The Hot Truth About Traffic For Automated Lead Generation…

Lead generation is an important part of any marketing strategy but there’s one thing that many people overlooked – traffic. 

The kinds of traffic you drive to your automated lead generation system is crucial to converting your leads. When you set up your funnel correctly, you could greatly benefit from automated lead qualification. This will help you make the most of all types of traffic that you get. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • The three types of traffic and their role in lead generation
  • The importance of having different sources of traffic for automated lead qualification 
  • What you can do to continue getting hot leads and keep your business afloat when the industry goes through drastic changes

When you understand all three types of traffic, you won’t have to worry about any change that the industry may go through. You can rest assured that your business will continue to thrive because of your effective automated lead generation system. 

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“Welcome, Freedom Heroes! 

This episode is a special episode because we are in Ibiza and I thought it would be fun to do you a quick video in the sunshine. A different one, a casual one this time. We’ll still talk about marketing, still talk about automating your lead generation but in a different environment and different episode, different style. So, let me know what you think about this episode if you like this, like to have more of these episodes, a casual type of episode. 

Today, we will talk about– I will talk about a key part of automating your– Just second. A flight is just passing by and I will continue in a second. As it’s just passing… I just want to make sure that you will hear everything I need to say. 

So, what we’re talking about today is a key element of automating your lead generation and that part is the traffic part. It is really important to think about the temperature of your traffic when it comes to automating your lead generation and there are three types of traffic, cold, warm and hot type of traffic and there are different ways to achieve this element and every single one of them has a different thing about it, how you actually achieve it. 

And, one of the things, when it comes to cold traffic, the way you can do this is, it’s pretty much you can find your target audience in different ways and without actually doing anything with them, you just send them direct to the landing page which can be achieved through PPC, Facebook adverts. And similar to that is directly sending them. And, when you send cold traffic, your funnel needs to talk to them in a different way and when you send warm traffic, it’s another way that you talk to them and if it’s hot traffic, it’s another different way that your funnel needs to talk to that audience. 

When it comes to warm traffic, this can be someone, for example, when you’re putting up YouTube videos, putting up Facebook videos and people keep watching it and you are targeting those who watch your content and you send them. Obviously, these people who already watched your content, they are going to more likely to sign up to your things because they already got value from you. 

And, when it comes to hot traffic– hot traffic can be somebody who actually already purchased something from you and whether your client and your retargeting them with a new thing, with a new service, with a new funnel and it also can be that you’re making up connections, making partnerships with clients who are– not clients, with people who already have the audience that you are targeting, who have a bigger audience and you actually do an interview with them or they do an interview with you or you are providing some sort of value to them and they actually get that audience to come to your funnel. And that way, it’s sort of recommendation, referral is coming to a funnel and basically, you are leveraging someone else’s audience, someone else’s authority that sends you warmer traffic or even hot traffic who are ready to buy and who are ready to sign up to your services. 

So, these are the key type of different traffics and the thing is that, you need to believe with all three of them and in different ways because just trying to send cold traffic, it brings you some leads, but, of course, it will take you time to actually warm them up or basically the automated funnel warms them up, some of them. But, of course, if you want to get more traffic, get more conversion, get more people to actually sign up to a call with you, to your services, sign up to call, basically, to a sales call and these you need to get warmer traffic, you need to get hot traffic. Play around with all three, that’s the best way to do it. And to have cold traffic, warm traffic source and hot traffic source for– Of course, the hot traffic is the best but the reason people need to play around with all three of them because things are happening, things are changing in this industry. 

Just like ten years ago, Google AdWords were the craziest, best thing in the world and people were building on it and some people just built on their business, just on Google adverts and one day, Google changed things and businesses died because that was the only source, only traffic source they built up on. And, Facebook currently is the best thing that’s happening. If you remember last year, at the beginning of last year, they changed something to less– If you have a page, you are reaching less people organically, you need to actually pay money to reach more people. And, one day it’s just going to happen, the exact same thing with Facebook to happen with Google AdWords. Facebook can change something like this overnight, it’s going to cut off for small businesses. It’s not going to be any more good. So, you need to build upon to different kinds of sources that bring you cold, warm and hot leads and hot traffic into your automated funnels. And, that’s the best way to make sure that– I mean, if one traffic source cuts off, you still have other sources that bring you constantly, consistently traffic into your funnel and that gives you leads constantly, consistently. 

So, this is it for today. This is about traffic. I hope you enjoyed this more casual type of episode and if you’d like to find out more about how to automate your lead generation, visit I hope you enjoyed this episode. My name is Istvan Bujdoso and see you in the next episode.”


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