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The Secrets Trilogy Unboxing – Part 3 – Traffic Secrets Book

By Istvan Bujdoso | The 47 Marketing Show

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Aug 12


The Secrets Trilogy Unboxing – Part 3 – Traffic Secrets Book

Over the past weeks, we have been talking about these three amazing books that could help you with your lead generation strategies. Some of the things you’ve learned are the importance of landing pages and funnels, 19 strategies for lead generation marketing, and how to make landing pages that convert. 

For the third part of this information-packed trilogy, I’m going to talk about the book Traffic Secrets. I am actually excited about this book because it talks about how to drive traffic to your funnels or websites with your dream customers. 

Take note, you’re not just driving any kind of traffic to your lead generation landing page. You’re driving YOUR DREAM CUSTOMERS to your funnels! And that’s an important factor when it comes to learning how to get leads and boosting your conversion rate. 

So, today, you will: 

  • discover evergreen traffic strategies you could use for any type of platform 
  • understanding who your dream customers are 
  • learning the difference among the traffic you own, traffic you control, and traffic you earn
  • find out growth hacking methods you could implement when creating a lead generation landing page

I am excited for you to learn about the Traffic Secrets book and how you could implement the evergreen strategies found in this book to your lead generation efforts. Do you already have a copy of the book? If you’re reading it, share with me what you think of the book!

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“Welcome, Freedom Hero!
Have you ever wondered what the secrets are for filling your websites and your funnels with your dream customers?
In this episode, we are going to talk about that and specifically about the “Traffic Secrets” book that contains those secrets.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show. Let’s get started.
And the next book is the “Traffic Secrets” which is all about filling your website or funnel with your dream customers. So, this is the first edition, this is the 2020 first edition of this book.
I had a chance to listen to the audio version of the book so that was definitely a great impression of this book. And, it gave me some great insights what this book is about.
It’s definitely something that I need to read through again, make some notes about it. Actually, implement things because I already picked out a couple of things that I really love…
…and I really want to implement and I think they are going to make a huge difference.
So, one of the first things that I noticed about this book is — you know, like most of the books, most of the traffic books are focusing on strategies and tactics that’s something that are current…
…and pretty specific to current platforms. And, a problem with that, they stop working. So, they stop working. The traffic, basically, traffic is constantly changing.
Year by year, month by month, day by day, it’s completely changing. Google, Facebook, and all different platforms are constantly changing.
And, most of the traffic books, when they focus on specific strategies, it just stops working after months, a year or maybe even a couple of weeks later.
And, what I love about this book, that it is actually — has a lot of evergreen strategies. So, it doesn’t matter what happens with the current platforms like Facebook, Google…
…and other platforms, what happens with them. These strategies that are inside the book, it’s applicable whatever happens…
…and that’s why I really love this because these are the things that I see that definitely worth focusing on, definitely worth investing in time, money…
…and energy and build up sources, build up evergreen traffic sources and use evergreen strategies.
Okay, so, what I’m going to show you is, yeah, it’s about the content or the structure. Similarly to the other two books, it has sections in there. It has the three sections.
And, the first section is all about your dream customers, finding your dream customers. How you can find your dream customers, why you need to find your dream customers…
…how you can find your dream customers and seven different secrets all about focusing on your dream customers which I find it really, really awesome.
And, I think, if I remember well, I did pick something from it. Yeah, I actually got to talk about it in a minute that I really love one of these secrets.
So, yeah, the second one is all about filling your funnel which is, yeah, just a side note about the books. So, the “DotCom Secrets,” this is the science of funnels.
The “Expert Secrets” is the art of funnels and “Traffic Secrets” is how you fill your funnels. I just wanted to point out that there is a connection between the three books.
So, that’s an important thing, I believe, because it’s not just you can read it separately as well but the power is in reading actually all three of them…
…and not just reading it, actually implementing what’s in these books.
So, anyway, yeah. Yeah, the filling of funnels is pretty much just a couple of evergreen strategies.
And then it shows real examples how those evergreen strategies can be applied to you to some platforms, some current platforms.
Just as an example how this works and I believe these can be applied to any future platforms as well. So, anyway, yeah. The third section is an amazing one. It’s growth hacking.
In a bit I’ll talk about that one as well because that one is special as well. I’m going to tell you in a minute why.
So, yeah, the first thing I want to show you is that was a huge ah-ha moment. First, the traffic that you own. This is something I heard about at Funnel Hacking Live as well.
And now, seeing that again is definitely something that is pretty awesome. So, this is something that we started already using, seeing the benefits…
…and I know that there is more that we can do in this area to grow it.
So, yeah, the key thing that I wanted to tell you about that the importance of understanding the difference between the traffic that you earn, the traffic that you control and the traffic that you own.
I’m guessing you already guessed that the traffic that you own is the best one, the best source. So, it talks about that, not just about the importance, it also shows how you can own the traffic…
…and it gives a level of security because no matter what happens with the current platforms: Facebook, Google or whichever platform, you own a traffic source that you can use…
…and drive traffic and that’s what I love about it and it’s definitely something that we keep working on in.
There are things that I wanted to show, this is something new that I spotted. It’s a framework, it’s a six-step framework how you can use, how you can dominate a platform.
Be Facebook, YouTube or TikTok or any type of platform. Very much how you can dominate it and it’s a six-step framework that you can walk through…
…and apply to any type of platform, any platforms and to build out a domination on that platform. I love this one.
We don’t use it yet but it’s definitely — I marked this up already that this is, in the close future, will definitely going to put a lot of energy to actually implement this one. This looks really awesome.
And, the last section, the growth hacking section is something that I told you about at the beginning. I’m going to share with you something awesome about this.
So, when I flipped it through, what I loved about it is growth hacking, it’s a really exciting topic. But, problem with that usually, growth hacking works temporarily.
That something works right now, you jump on it, you drive traffic and in a week, in a month, it stops working.
What I love about this section, this one is actually focusing on the evergreen growth hacking strategies that you can use no matter what happens.
It’s pretty much you can apply it to different platforms, apply it in different ways.
To actually understand these evergreen strategies, it’s pretty awesome because the platforms are coming and going and you can use them to grow your business, to get more traffic.
The one that I really love about this is, I actually had a huge ah-ha moment when I heard about this one in the audiobook and now I’m seeing it again.
That is, if you’re doing marketing, it automatically builds out a shadow funnel which I never heard about it before and when I heard it and I realized it, like, “Oh, my gosh! We actually have a shadow funnel.”
I didn’t know about it, we don’t use it and it’s obviously a great way to get more traffic and a great way to tap into it. When I saw it, like, “Oh, yes, this is something that’s like — this is a must to implement.”
And, it creates growth hacking. Very much, if you have been doing marketing for a while, you already have a shadow funnel which you might not know about.
Yeah, this explains what the shadow funnel is exactly and how you can tap into it and how you can use that.
The rest of the section is pretty much going through other, like evergreen growth hacking strategies which is pretty cool.
And so, yeah, this is the book that I know the least because it’s first edition. I haven’t read it, I only listened to it but I love it.
I already love it and I’m most excited about this one because this has a lot of new things in it. And, besides that, I’m actually excited about all of these.
Definitely, all of the whole trilogy and it’s something that — what I’m planning to do, I’m going to go through, I’m going to actually read them, highlight, make notes.
And, in the future, sometime, I’m good to do a couple of more episodes and I’m going to share with you things from these books and strategies, awesome things…
…I’m going to talk about things that we are using, how we implement it, what results we got from it. And, yeah, so look out for those episodes.
The thing is that, I think, as you can see, it’s like three thick books probably more than a thousand pages all together so it’s going to take a while to actually go through them and make notes from it.
So, probably the next episode about one of these books or maybe all of them, is going to happen like months from now, I think…
…because it’s going to take quite some time because, obviously, we have a business to run and implement things. So, reading is just something happens in the evenings or in the mornings.
Anyway, so, yeah, it’s going to take a while until the next episode about these books. And, if you can’t wait for those episodes, then you can check out these books, you can get these books.
I will leave you links in the description so you can check them out and you can actually read them yourself. So, yeah, this was it. Thank you for staying until the end of this episode.
It was a lot of talking today and yeah, before you go, I want to share with you one more thing…
The TRUTH is that, in today’s business world…
…getting the right leads or NOT… can mean the difference between growing your business… or losing it!

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