Top 5 Automated Lead Follow-Up Tools For Businesses


Top 5 Automated Ways To Follow Up With Leads For Services And Coaches… WITHOUT Spending A Single Second On The Phone…

Did you know that marketers spend an insane amount of time following up with leads just as much as they spend time on lead generation? If you’re still doing any of these things manually, you’re wasting precious time you could allot to more important tasks in your business.

Free up your time and get better results with marketing automation tools. There’s a lot of options for lead automation on the market. You’ll find some for generating leads, qualifying leads, and even for following up with them. 

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Five automated lead follow-up tools you could use to connect with your lead WITHOUT picking up your phone 
  • Six different types of emails you could use for your lead generation email automation strategy

It’s possible to follow up with your leads UNLIMITED times WITHOUT spending a single second on the phone. With the right lead automation tools, you won’t just get your time back. You’ll also grow your business successfully.

The best tools that will help you to add automated follow-up methods to your business:






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“Have you ever wondered how you could follow up with your leads UNLIMITED times WITHOUT spending a single second on the phone? 

Welcome, Freedom Hero, to The 47 Marketing Show! My name is Istvan Bujdoso and in this episode, you will find out about the Top 5 Automated Ways to Follow Up with Leads for Services and Coaches. We are going to explore the list as a countdown. 

So, let’s start with number 5 which is a bit like magic. It’s called RINGLESS voice messages. You can record an audio message and the system can send that message directly to the voicemail of the leads automatically. Their phone NEVER rings. They just get a text message that they have a new voicemail. It works a bit like magic. And when they call their voicemail, they can listen to that audio message. If your audio message sounds like a real message they won’t notice it was automated. For example, a message like this: “Hi, it’s Istvan from 47 Funnel Secrets. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach you now. I just wanted to give you a quick call and say thanks for applying and let you know that in 1-2 business days, we’ll contact you again to arrange the next steps. I’m really excited for you. Speak soon. Bye.” Click. Just imagine every time a new lead fills in your online application form after a bit of time, they get a PERSONAL voice message like this automatically without you even picking up the phone. This is just an example. So, you can use this method in other situations as well. It’s a cool way to add an extra personal touch to your follow-up here and there in an automated way. Awesome, isn’t it? 

The next on our list is number 4, automated text messages. Text messages have a quite high open rate which is beneficial when it’s really important that the leads read the message. This can be used really well for reminding leads for an upcoming call, webinar, and so on. A lot of people get annoyed by regular texts messages, so this method is more of an every now and then option. But it’s a really good automated option to increase the show-up rates for calls and events. Okay, are you ready for the next one on the list? 

Number 3 is automated follow-ups through browser notifications. This is a great way to keep yourself in the mind of your leads especially the ones who regularly spend time in front of their browser. These notifications only stay on the screen for a short amount of time so the hooks of your notifications have to be really good to catch the attention of your leads. The good thing about this method, by sending value-driven content, you can reach out to your leads a few times a week without being annoying. Does this make sense? 

Number 2 on the list is automated follow-ups with Facebook Messenger. The huge benefit of this method is still relatively new and NOT crowded so the open rate of Facebook messages is really high. In some cases, it can be over 90%!! With creative, value-driven messaging, you can reach out to your leads a few times a month on autopilot and get really good response rate as well. Are you following this so far? 

And, we reached number 1 of our list. Drum roll, please. Ladies and gentlemen, the king of automated follow-ups for a long time: Emails. The most widely used, the most flexible and you have the most control over it. Plus, an email list gives you the opportunity to follow-up with your leads UNLIMITED times. With creative emails, you can pop up in front of your leads EVERY single day without being annoying. 

Let me tell you about 6 types of emails you can use for automated follow-ups while giving value and building trust. List email. For example, top 10 list of something. How-to email, showing them how to do something. Case study emails. Telling them about results you achieve for previous clients. Problem and solution email. Talking about a problem and the solution to it. FAQ email. Answering frequently asked questions. And, story email, sharing your story with your leads. 

Today, we talked about 5 automated follow-up methods that you can use. Can you see how these follow-up methods will help you to follow up with your leads UNLIMITED times WITHOUT spending a single second on the phone? 

In the description, you can find links to the best tools that will help you to add these automated follow-up methods to your business and if you’d like to find out how you can get qualified leads for your business WITHOUT cold calling or wasting time on cold leads, then visit You can find that link in the description as well. Thank you for your time today! I really appreciate it. My name is Istvan Bujdoso. And, see you in the next episode.”


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