Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools for Every Small Business


Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools Every Small Business Should Use

Do you want to grow your business but are struggling with finding the time for everything you need to accomplish? 

Every entrepreneur and small business owner has been there. Some may even feel that they are stuck in that position where they are always running out of time for important business-related tasks. 

Did you know that you can use different marketing automation tools to help you drive sales while saving you a lot of time? Yes, that is totally possible! 

Today, you will discover: 

  • The best tools you should have to grow your business 
  • The importance of ClickFunnels in your lead generation marketing strategy 
  • What is ProveSource and why should you use it
  • The benefits of the amazing social media marketing tool called SocialPilot
  • How to use ConnectIO Tools + Facebook Ads
  • Why many entrepreneurs are using ActiveCampaign

Growing your business doesn’t have to take all of your time. With the right marketing software and automation tools, you’d be on your way to achieving success in no time! 

Try any of these tools and let me know how it goes! 

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“Welcome back to the show!
According to a study, close to 80 percent of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for multiple years.
Many, many software are available for small businesses as well which can be quite overwhelming to choose from. And the BIG question is, “What are the best tools?”
From this episode, you’ll find the answer to that question while I’ll share with you the top 5 marketing automation tools that every small business should use.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals smart tips and efficiency hacks for busy entrepreneurs to get more marketing done with less work and in less time.
And now, let’s talk about the best automation tools that can take a lot of work off your shoulders, and give you back a lot of time.
While we go through the list, you’ll also see which tools can be leveraged to carry out certain proven marketing strategies.
Okay, #1: Clickfunnels. This is an easy-to-use marketing tool that you can use to generate leads, and sell digital and physical products through online funnels.
If you’re not familiar with funnels, in a nutshell, they are special websites that seamlessly lead customers through the buying process and tend to convert better than normal websites…
…and generate more leads and income.
The reason why Clickfunnels is considered the top marketing automation tool in this area over other tools is because it’s much more than just a great software that can save you a lot of time.
You can learn all you need for your business success through their relevant education. Either through their books, or challenges, or videos. Whichever format you prefer the most.
Besides that, in their online community, you can find a lot of inspiration, and get help from other entrepreneurs on a similar journey like you.
As the purpose of this episode is to touch on the top 5 marketing automation tools, we are going to move on the list in a moment.
And soon, you’ll see the software that is best in leveraging over 7 essential marketing strategies.
But before we do that, a quick note: In the description, I’ll leave you links to a video series, which is a recent in-depth, 20-step review of Clickfunnels including a special demo.
Make sure you check it out after you finish this episode.
And now, let’s talk about #2: ProveSource: It’s in human nature that we are more likely to take an action when we see others have recently done the same action.
And it is true to the people as well who visit your landing page either it’s an opt-in or a sale page.
By showing that others have already joined your list, or bought your products you can increase your conversion by 17.4% on average.
This is where ProveSource comes into the picture as the best marketing automation tool in this area. Instead of you needing to update the social proof section of your funnel regularly…
…it can do it automatically for you. And it’s not only saving you that time, but also, it is giving your opt-in and sales rate a great boost.
Okay, while the first two software were focused on getting leads and sales on autopilot the next tools on the list will concentrate on a different important area which is traffic, and specifically automating that.
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It is a huge help for us to create more content for you, just like this one. Thank you for clicking on the like button. And now let’s continue.
Number 3: SocialPilot. Publishing content to social media consistently is a proven marketing strategy for two main reasons.
First, it keeps building and nurturing your audience who knows, likes you, and trusts you. Which is an essential fundamental of lead generation and sales for any entrepreneurs and businesses.
Second, regularly published content on social media can be turned into warm traffic, which will convert better.
But, considering even just the major platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest.
And all the formats, like images in various sizes, videos of different length and sizes, and written posts.
To post once or more a day on each platform, with the relevant formats, can be quite a challenge for most entrepreneurs.
That’s why SocialPilot is such a great help because you can automate most of your social media publishing really quickly.
Alongside the other tools in this episode, you’ll find a link to SocialPilot as well in the description. And now, let’s talk about another way to automate your traffic.
Number 4: ConnectIO Tools + Facebook Ads. Even with the recent privacy policy changes on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads, Facebook Ads are still the top way to automate traffic generation.
Especially, that you can combine it with the ConnectIO bundle which currently includes 5 specialized tools to automate and optimize your Facebook ads.
One, that turns your best-performing FB posts into ads on autopilot, and another tool in the bundle helps you to create interest-based targeting in a way you can’t even do in the Facebook ad manager.
Which means no more guesswork in the area of interest targeting. The third tool lets you automatically keep synchronizing your email list into a FB custom audience.
Another tool, on autopilot, can send details from your Facebook lead ads into your email list and autoresponder.
And the 5th tool helps you to track what people do on your website, and then retarget them based on their behaviours.
The ConnectIO tools not only makes it possible for you to automate aspects of your Facebook ads, they also can increase your conversion and sales rates, and overall, grow your business.
And with that said, it’s time to talk about the marketing automation software that is best in leveraging over 7 essential strategies and that tool is… #5: ActiveCampaign.
So far, you have heard about automation tools related to audience building, traffic, lead generation and sales. The simple fact is that the first sale is only the beginning of the relationship with your customers.
There’s a lot more after that to serve them and grow your business. Here’s 7 strategies to do so:
While we are going through them, look out for what is the ONE common element in all of these. First, welcome new leads and customers, and make a good first impression on them.
I assume we all know how much the first impression matters, so let’s talk about the next strategy which is lead nurturing. Most people won’t buy the first time they see your offer.
That’s why keep giving them value constantly is so important so they can get to know you, like you, and trust you.
And the next one is follow-ups, with people who are quite close to the buying decision but they still need a final nudge.
Besides those, one essential strategy for customers who started buying, but haven’t completed the process, remind them to finish their order.
Another strategy for selling to existing customers again and again. Then, one more for collecting feedback from clients so you can improve in different areas of your business and marketing.
And the seventh, asking existing clients for referrals.
These are 7 essential strategies you can constantly use to get more leads and sales, and grow your business. What is the common element in all? Consistency is KEY.
And keep doing all those 7 strategies with your growing lead and client base can be challenging. If you haven’t guessed it yet ActiveCampaign is the solution.
Which you can use to automate all those strategies, and more, via email and text message sequences.
Besides all those, the reason why ActiveCampaign is the best in its area because it’s easy to start with, really flexible, works well with ClickFunnels and with other tools…
…and their deliverability rate is great which means your message won’t end up in the spam folder, your leads and clients will actually get them.
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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.



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