What Can Marketing Automation Do For A Small Business?


What Can Marketing Automation Do For A Small Business? (MORE Than You’d Think) 

Ever heard of marketing automation? A quick Google search will show you a lot of marketing automation benefits and feedback from different brands and businesses. 

But what can marketing automation do exactly for your small business? 

A common misconception is that marketing automation is just a software you use to perform various processes on the fly. While marketing automation does include tools, there is so much more to it than that. 

Today, you will have a deeper understanding of what does marketing automation do and how it can truly grow your business. 

You will learn: 

  • A three-step strategy that lets you maximize the benefits of marketing automation 
  • The top five benefits of marketing automation 
  • Key areas of marketing automation
  • How to scale your marketing automation strategy 
  • How it could work for you even when you’re not around 
  • Its importance on audience building 
  • How it drives traffic to your business and warm up your leads 

Marketing automation is a powerful tool for an entrepreneur — whether you are growing a small business or managing a huge corporation. 

When you know how to maximize it, you would be able to let your business run while you enjoy the freedom of truly being your own boss and making great use of your time. 

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Where To Learn About Marketing Automation Now? How And Why? 



“The greatest misconception about marketing automation is that it is just software. But you’ll see from this episode, it is MUCH MORE than just marketing tools.
In the following minutes, I will share with you what marketing automation can REALLY do for any small business.
And what that exact 3-step strategy is that MAXIMIZES the benefits of marketing automation.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time…
…and ultimately replace yourself in digital marketing and business.
First, let’s talk about the TOP 5 benefits of marketing automation in general so you can see why they are so important. And after that, I will tell you the specific KEY areas of marketing automation.
So, the benefits, leaving the best for last.
Number 1: It gets more done in less time. Because software can do certain tasks a lot faster than human beings, usually, marketing automation will do MORE of the same task in LESS time.
Number 2: Easily scalable. It’s a lot quicker and easier to scale marketing automation up than to hire and teach new members of your marketing team.
Number 3: More reliable. Even the best marketing team members can have bad days, can get distracted, and can make mistakes.
Sometimes making the same mistake multiple times. On the other hand, marketing automation tends to be MUCH more reliable. This is where marketing automation gets even more exciting
Number 4: Works 24/7/365. Unlike humans, marketing automation works 24/7/365. Even on weekends, during holidays, and during nights. It never takes sick days.
It’s just working, and working, and working. And here’s the BEST and BIGGEST benefit of all…
Number 5: Marketing automation can completely replace you.
For most entrepreneurs, the ultimate goal is to OWN a business and have the freedom to do what and when they want to rather than WORKING and being trapped in their business.
And that’s the best and biggest benefit that marketing automation can give you, achieving that ultimate goal.
In a moment, you’ll hear about the specific KEY areas of marketing automation, so all these benefits will make more sense.
And later in this episode, I will share with you the exact 3-step strategy that MAXIMIZES the benefits of marketing automation which is the actual KEY to TRULY being able to replace yourself in business…
…and have more freedom.
OK, let’s dive into the 4 KEY areas of marketing automation now, so you can understand where to use them exactly.
Key area #1: Audience building. There are 7 billion people on this planet, and only a group of them are your ideal potential clients.
And it’s a simple fact that people buy from people who they know, like, and trust. That’s why audience building is really important, to find the right people and build a certain level of trust in them.
What you can do through creating and publishing content regularly. Which can be a HUGE challenge and time-consuming activity for any small business.
And that’s where marketing automation comes into the picture and can save the day, and a LOT MORE than that. A bit later, you’ll see that when we go through the 3-step strategy and the real-life examples.
OK, 2nd key area: Traffic. It’s a simple fact that the “if you build it, they will come” “strategy” doesn’t work in real life. So you need to drive traffic if you want leads and clients.
The most beneficial automated traffic method is publishing content, which not only builds your audience…
…and their trust your content can drive warm traffic into your lead and sales funnels on autopilot, 24/7/365, even years after you publish them.
While this is the #1 marketing automation in the traffic area, there are other great automated methods like Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads, and SEO, and some more.
With that said, let’s talk about the 3rd key area: Lead generation and sales.
Marketing automation, specifically online lead and sales funnels, can fundamentally change the way you get leads and clients and speed up growing your business significantly and with much less of your…
…and your team’s work in this area. Especially, when all your automated traffic methods send the traffic into your automated lead and sales funnels.
Key marketing automation area #4: Follow-ups. The truth is, even if you send warm traffic to your funnels, not every person who turns into lead, will be ready to buy right away.
In fact, MOST leads will need more time, more trust, more value, more info, and so on, to get ready to buy from you.
And the more leads you get, the more challenging it gets to follow up with all of them.
That’s why marketing automation is important in this area because not only allows you to follow up with EVERY single one of your leads on autopilot…
…but also to automatically follow up with them for as long as they are on your list, even for many years to come. Which over time, can result in more new sales and multiple buys from the same clients.
If you want to learn more about marketing automation in these four key areas, then after you finish this episode, check out the previous one. The link will be in the description.
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And now, let’s talk about the exact 3-step strategy that MAXIMIZES the benefits of marketing automation which is the actual KEY to TRULY being able to replace yourself in business and have more freedom.
The 3-steps are automation, delegation, and systems. With the combination of these three, you can COMPLETELY replace yourself in most parts of your marketing and business.
In a minute, we’ll go through two real-life examples so you can see how much benefits, the combination of automation, delegation, and systemizations, can give you.
Just to give you a bit more understanding on these 3 steps, here are a few details:
The rule of thumb is to automate as much as possible of the given marketing task. Delegate the parts that are not possible to automate. And always, I mean, ALWAYS systemize.
Create clear guides on what needs to be done, who needs to do it, how, and when. Especially, when you’re not around.
When you use this trio on enough parts of your marketing and business you can truly replace yourself, while the business keeps growing.
This is why I said at the beginning that marketing automation is MUCH MORE than just software. It is one of the 3 KEY elements of replacing yourself, still growing the business, and having more freedom.
OK, let’s talk about 2 real-life examples.
The first one: I used to spend about 1 hour a day on LinkedIn to build new connections and start new conversations. Which was about 350 hours a year, roughly 46 full working days in total annually.
That marketing activity got me leads and clients, but it was a crazy amount of time, and NOT efficient at all.
First, I delegated that task to a virtual assistant, who was slower and worked on it about 700 hours a year. But as the work was monotonous and boring, multiple virtual assistants gave up on it.
The real breakthrough happened when I applied the 3-step strategy to that marketing activity. I found software to automate the majority of the task.
Delegated it to VA to use that marketing automation tool every day, 1-2 minutes of work, and put a system in place so the entire process could run completely without me.
Ultimately, this strategy gave me back close to 350 hours of my life a year. And most importantly, by focusing some of that time on paying clients, my income has grown significantly.
And overall, I could work less and had more freedom. Can you see what marketing automation, with this strategy, can REALLY do for a small business?
OK, the second example is related to social media.

Normally, posting daily to social media is challenging and time-consuming, especially, when you want your posts to have a REAL positive impact on the readers, make their life better…
…and get them to know you, like you, and trust you. So that audience can turn into warm traffic, and later on, into leads and clients.
By using the same 3-step strategy, automation, delegation, and systemization any small business can overcome that time-consuming challenge.
And instead of WEEKS of work for MULTIPLE people, with marketing automation and the 3-step strategy, 100 days of engaging social media posts can be done in about 30 minutes.
I’ll leave you a link in the description if you want to find out more about this.
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