When To Use Marketing Automation For A Small Business? | 5 Strategies


When To Use Marketing Automation For A Small Business? | Top 10 Strategies – Part 2

In our previous post, we talked about five marketing automation strategies for small businesses. Today, we will focus on when to use marketing automation for your business and also give you another five strategies you could use to grow your business. 

First, let’s answer the question: is marketing automation important? 

The short answer is YES — this is why many big corporations use it to grow their businesses. But it’s not just big companies that could benefit from marketing automation. Even small businesses like yours could enjoy marketing automation benefits!

Today, you will learn: 

  • How you could sell more to your existing customers with marketing automation
  • The importance of reminding your customers to finish their orders and how marketing automation could help
  • The best way to easily confirm that you’ve received your customer’s email 
  • How to collect feedback without spending too much time and other resources on the task
  • The most effective way to create a referral campaign

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Try out these tips and you’d be surprised how effective these marketing automation strategies for small businesses are! 

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“In the previous episode, we went through 5 of the top marketing automation strategies that every small business should use.
And now, we will continue the list and go through another 5 of them to answer an important question: When to use marketing automation for a small business?
The reality is that marketing automation is no longer the privilege of big companies.
Small businesses can easily leverage that strategy too. Which can save you a lot of time so you can focus more on growing your business.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time in digital marketing and business.
And now, let’s continue with the list where we left off in the previous episode. The next marketing automation on the list is…
#6: Sell More To Existing Customers.
For most entrepreneurs, the first sale is just the beginning of the relationship with the customers.
If you’re like the majority of small business owners, you want your clients to buy from you again, and again, and again.
It’s a simple fact that the chance of selling to an existing customer is a lot higher than to a new prospect. Regularly following up with existing clients, giving them more value, building more trust in them…
…and softly serving them with new offers requires a lot of work and consistency.
That’s where marketing automation come into the picture so you can do all that while keeping your sanity and saving a lot of time.
You can use retargeting adverts to a certain level and automated email marketing to reach out to your existing customers daily.
And while providing value to them, also direct them up to the next step on your value ladder. The next marketing automation that every small business should have is…
#7: Remind Customers To Finish Their Order.
Researches show that a significant amount of people abandon shopping carts. They select the products, add them to their basket, they even start the checkout process, then halfway through that they leave.
And this can happen for various reasons. For example, they change their mind, or they are not ready yet, or a lot of times, people get distracted and forget to complete their order.
Reminding those people can bring them back and can increase your sales significantly.
As you can imagine, it’s not an easy task to manually follow up with those customers multiple times, especially if you have a lot of them. The good news is that activity can be automated.
Depending on at what stage they abandon the checkout process, and what contact info you have about them…
…you can use automated retargeting ads, or automated email follow-ups, or even automated text messages, or a combination of those.
In your messages, make it clear what it is about, how they can complete the order, and make it super easy for them to do that.
For example, with a link where they can continue the order process where they left it off. OK, the next marketing automation strategy is really simple BUT incredibly powerful.
And most of the small businesses don’t use it yet. A study clearly shows that this strategy can increase the odds of qualifying leads by 21 times. And that marketing automation strategy is…
#8: Confirm It Immediately That You Got An Email.
According to a study, even just waiting half an hour to reply to an email of a new prospect can pretty much kill your chances.
If you reply within 5 minutes, your chances to qualify that lead are 21 times better than half an hour later.
Catching and replying to those emails manually within 5 minutes is pretty much impossible if you’re doing other things than constantly checking your emails. That’s why automating this process is key.
There are various automated marketing tools that can monitor your inbox 24/7/365 days and reply to those emails with a confirmation immediately.
It can be even something short and simple like this, “Thank you for contacting us. We received your message. Somebody from our team will be in touch with you soon.”
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Thank you for the thumbs up. And now, let’s continue. The next marketing automation that every small business should have is…
#9: Collect Feedback From Clients.
Either the feedback is positive or negative, you can benefit from it. If it’s negative, you can see what went wrong, solve the problem, learn from it, and adjust things to prevent future damages.
And if it’s positive, that’s awesome, because you can see what went well, and you can learn from that too, and then replicate that success with other customers.
Keeping in mind and asking for feedback can be a resource-consuming activity especially when you provide a recurring service and have more than a few clients.
With email-based marketing automation, you can take this task off your shoulders. And once a month, reach out to your customers on autopilot to give you feedback through a web-based form.
OK, the next on our list…

#10: Ask Your Client For Referral.
Most people completely or somewhat trust the recommendations from others they know. Which makes word-of-mouth a really great marketing strategy, and probably the most trusted way of advertising.
The majority of people are busy in life. Normally, even your happy clients most likely only recommend your products or services when a related topic happens to come up.
Which may only happen every now and then. And if you want to take a bit more control over recommendations, you can remind and incentivize your client regularly.
With email automation, you can reach out to them regularly, and offer them a gift, or a coupon, or a commission for referring others to you.
To make it easier and more effective for your clients to recommend you to others, you can give them special tools.
By this, I mean, give them something cool they can give away to their friends and others for free. For example, a valuable mini online course that can be accessed after filling in an email address.
This way everybody wins. You get leads through recommendations. Your clients get a gift or a commission, and the good feeling of helping their friends and others.
And those who are being recommended get value through a cool mini online course.
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