Which Marketing Automation Software Is The Best? Follow Ups


Which Marketing Automation Software Is The Best For Follow Ups? 

Are you doing follow-ups to your clients and prospects? If not, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities! 

One of the reasons some entrepreneurs skip on follow-ups is the amount of time they think it takes to do it. This makes sense — if you’re doing things manually. BUT, did you know that there’s a way to automate follow-ups?

One of the benefits of marketing automation is to save you time and resources on sending follow-up emails. With the right marketing automation for small business, you could maximize your marketing automation to not only save you time but also improve delivery and conversion rates! 

Intrigued? Today, you will learn which marketing automation software is the best for follow-ups and how to choose marketing automation software. 

Are you ready? Here’s what you will discover today: 

  • Benefits of automated email follow-ups
  • How marketing automation can help you in different aspects of your business 
  • What to look for in a marketing automation software 
  • How to nurture leads through marketing automation
  • The importance of evaluating a service provider’s support and community
  • Why you should take advantage of trial offers and how to extend it

Marketing automation for small business offers a myriad of benefits. It’s a great and valuable investment for any small business owner. 

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“It’s a well-known fact among successful entrepreneurs that “the money is in the follow-ups”.

Which process, if done in a wrong way, can be an underlying bottleneck in the growth of any small business.

And that’s why today, you’ll find out about which marketing automation software is the best for follow-ups that can accelerate the growth of your business…

…through the combination of 5 KEY marketing strategies.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time…

…and ultimately replace yourself in digital marketing and business.

Some people misleadingly say that email marketing is dead. While it is true that email open rates were better 10-15 years ago.

The reality is email marketing is still the no. 1 marketing automation strategy for follow-ups, with many benefits. And it’s going to be around as long as we are using emails.

Let’s quickly go through the top 3 benefits of automated email follow-ups so you can understand why it is no. 1.

First, most people check their emails almost every day, which is a chance for you to get in front of your leads and clients every day.

A bit later, in this episode, you’ll see why it is so important to show up in their inbox DAILY. And which is the best software to do that with, and why.

The second top benefit is related to the fact that the more leads and clients you have, the harder it gets to follow up with every one of them manually, on regular basis.

By using marketing automation, it is as easy to follow up with hundreds, thousands, or more leads and clients as following up with ONE person.

Which truly makes it possible to follow up with ALL your leads and clients daily, no matter how many you have.

And the third top benefit is…

Automated email follow-ups not only make it possible to get MORE done in LESS time in this area of marketing, it is also a KEY part to be able to ultimately replace yourself in marketing and business.

These are the top 3 benefits, and soon, you’ll see more as I’ll tell you about which is the best marketing automation tool for follow-ups…

…that can accelerate the growth of your business through the combination of 5 KEY marketing strategies.

Before I reveal the exact name of the best software, I want you to see what this tool can really do for you and your business. And we’ll do that through the 5 KEY marketing strategies.

Number 1: Automated Traffic. Email marketing is a great source of warm, and even hot, traffic.

Any time when you release a new video, or a podcast, or a blog post, or a new offer, you can direct your leads and clients from your email list to your new content or offer.

Which can be a nice amount of traffic. It not only works with new stuff, you can also turn your email list into traffic for older content and offers as well.

Number 2: Audience Building. Automated email follow-ups can also help you to build your new audience.

You already know what topic people on your list are interested in, the topic that they signed up for. For example, if you create videos around the same topic regularly, and publish it to YouTube.

And you direct people from your email list to those videos. That will result in more views and engagements on your YouTube videos.

And YouTube will recommend your videos to more new people which means that will keep building your audience on that platform.

Number 3: Lead Generation. The new audience we’ve just talked about can turn into new leads. That’s one way automated follow-ups can help you generate more leads for your business.

And the other one is when you launch a new offer you can email your list and find those people, those leads, who are interested in that new offer.

Number 4: Lead Nurturing. It is a well-known fact that people buy from people who they know, like, and trust. Some people gain that trust quicker while for others it takes a long time.

And that’s why daily, automated email follow-ups are the perfect way to keep reaching out to your leads give them value, get them to know you, like you, and trust you, over time.

And that leads us to… #5: Sales On Autopilot. As I mentioned earlier, it takes people time to gain a level of trust in you to take out their credit card and buy your product or service.

Besides sending value emails to your list, from time to time, send them your offers as well. Some people will never buy, others will buy sooner or later.

The HUGE benefit of marketing automation and being in the inbox of your leads and clients daily is that your offer can be in front of them at the right time, when they are ready to buy.

Without automation, you’d miss out on many-many sales.

So these are the KEY benefits that you get when you leverage the best marketing automation software for follow-ups. In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly what that tool is.

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The best marketing automation software for follow-ups is ActiveCampaign which can accelerate the growth of your business. And besides the great benefits we talked about earlier, it can give you more.

Let me show you some of that. So, let’s talk about the first impression when you go to the home page of ActiveCampaign.

Their website is clear and professional and it explains that you can do more than just automating your emails. You can also drive growth with customer experience automation.

And, as you scroll down, you can see key features and key things about ActiveCampaign. It is the number one automation platform. You can use it for eCommerce.

You can use it for B2C companies, B2B companies. And, they show you in four sections that are many useful and really amazing features that can help you in these four areas.

And, you can see that they are committed to your success. They provide one-to-one training. They provide free migrations and a helping hand whenever you need it.

So, they’re really committed in all different ways to help you to succeed with the platform, which is really helpful especially when you are starting out with email marketing and email marketing automation…

…or even just you are starting to use ActiveCampaign instead of another platform. It is really helpful to get up to speed really quickly and smoothly. So, let’s go through a bit more.

There’s a couple of key features in these areas, email marketing. I will talk to you more about it in the automation area, and the CRM area, and the website messaging area.

Just a key highlight on what the possibilities are with this. And, as I mentioned, it doesn’t stop at email marketing ActiveCampaign.

There are other features that are really useful that’s reporting, training, CRM, sales, which really give you the opportunity to start with email marketing.

And then, keep expanding with other automation like CS automation.

Just to move forward, it integrates with a lot of systems, a lot of third-party systems like WordPress, PayPal, ClickFunnels, and various other systems.

Overall, I think it gives a really good first impression and they have upsides. And, this is a company, this is a marketing automation platform that has been around since 2003.

And currently, they are providing marketing automation software for 150,000 plus customers. It is a long-established, stable, and successful tool.

It’s not surprising that so many businesses, so many customers love this platform.

So, let’s talk about the trial, the way that you can try it out because it’s not just about seeing what the website says, truly you can only see the benefits and how it works when you try it out.

And, the great thing that ActiveCampaign provides a 14-day trial. On top of the home page, you can see sections where you just type in your email and it’s that simple to start a free trial.

It is a 14-day free trial. And, here’s a simple trick that you can do.

Basically, around the end of the 14-day trial, you can contact their support and ask them to extend that trial.

If you write them that you need a bit more time to actually decide to test it and decide if it’s the right system for you, then they tend to extend it.

So, even though it’s a 14-day trial by default, you can extend it a bit. And, it gets more time to test it and learn it. Even if there’s a free trial, obviously long-term, you are going to pay for it, invest in it.

So, they provide four different packages. And, depending on your situation and what you need, you can basically get more features.

Just to give you an insight into this, everything that we’re talking about in this episode, email marketing automation to harvest all those benefits that we talked about, the Lite package is enough.

So, just to give you an insight at how much, it includes just a Lite package that’s starting out with it, it’s perfect to even start with that one because it gives so much benefit.

So, it starts at $9 per month and it gives you benefits like marketing automation that we talked about.

And, I would say more about in this demo, email marketing just like we talked about it earlier in this episode. This is a key thing, unlimited email sending.

So, some of the other platforms, they limit how many emails you can send in a month and which is quite limiting sometimes. And, this really gives you the opportunity to send as many emails as you want to.

And, it’s really helpful especially when you’re at least accruing and you’re sending them daily emails or even more than one email per day. It gives you a drag and drop editor, which is really simple to use.

Or later, you will see this gives you email templates. You don’t even need to have skills to design, you can just select simply the template and use it.

And, not just that, the designing part is actually tested on many email clients who when you send that email, it’s going to arrive in that form.

Okay, so, you can send newsletters, you can use subscription forms, segment your list.

So basically, you can send the emails, not only to the whole list, but just a segment of it, a relevant segment of it, somebody who purchased something from you…

…or they are in a specific country or in different ways. Then always, you can track events and get reports on different automation and emails, which is really useful.

There are benefits in the sales area, in the services area, in the platforms, not going to go through with every single thing. There are plenty of benefits just in the Lite package which is great.

And, as I mentioned, it integrates with a lot of systems 850 plus currently and they keep extending.

These ones, Facebook, WordPress, Google Sheets, Stripe, and plenty of others that you can’t see here, ClickFunnels and other systems.

So, the pricing is based on the packages and the features that you can get. The Lite package is fully enough for many people, for many, many businesses.

And, based on the contact, it changes the price. But, pretty much when you’re starting out, if you don’t have a list or you have a small list, you can easily start out with this in any time. You can keep upgrading.

And, basically, the way it’s set up, that’s amount of 500, with 500 people. If you do email marketing well, you should be able to make more money out of that small list than what you invest into the package.

And, it’s true as you’re going through the bigger and bigger packages or contact amount. Okay. Let’s move on to the features.

As this episode is about email marketing automation, to stay on topic, I will tell you specifically email marketing automation-related features and a bit more about other marketing information side.

But, ActiveCampaign provides a lot more than that, what I’m going to share with you right now.

So, the email marketing automation area, you can send broadcast emails, which means that’s like your entire list or basically if you have multiple email lists in one account, you can send everyone.

This is really helpful when you need to send an announcement or something that is just one-off email. You can set up triggered emails based on different events like dates and times.

And, if someone visits your website or their specific engagement, or they open an email…

…or they didn’t open an email, various different ways to trigger emails automatically, which has a lot to set up logical ways to automate things. You can send targeted emails.

This is a segmentation of what I talked about, but not just a whole list but just a segment of it.

You have features to have email autoresponder features, email funnel features, you can send scheduled emails specific times, which is great. You can send actually like everyone.

You see in that time zone at 10 a.m. in the morning, you send an email and I just like, “Hey, I’m sending you an email at 10 a.m. in the US…”

…and that means that somewhere in the other parts of the world is going to be middle of the night or late in the afternoon. You can actually set it up that way in that specific time zone.

So, no matter where they are in the world, they’re going to get it 10 a.m. in the morning. So, it provides great flexibility in that area as well. I talked about all the dimension templates, which is great.

Later on, I will show you this editor, how easy it is to use. And, pretty much we’ll talk a bit more about what about the automation and the flexibility.

You can personalize emails so it gives you the opportunity to not just– here, I’m going to send the same email to everyone on the list, you can actually personalize it.

When somebody reads it, it feels a bit more unique, a bit more personalized. And, obviously, people nowadays knew that they are getting automated emails.

But, it still feels nice when they can see their first name at the beginning of the email or some personal detail.

Okay. I mentioned analytics, which is pretty great and reporting because you’re not guessing that like, “Hey, does this email work?” Does this subject line work?

You get feedback numbers that you can see in this email, the subject line is working or not working.

And, you can tweak and test based on that, which helps a lot to actually increase the conversion rates, increase your revenue and income, what you get through these emails.

So, it’s pretty awesome to see those numbers. We talked about integrations and deliverability read, which is really, really important. It’s a key feature.

It’s a key thing and important thing to check with any email systems that you use.

Deliverability means that when you’re sending an email, that email is actually going to land in the inbox of the reader and not in the spam folder…

…because some systems, it doesn’t pay that much attention to this. Or, if they are not that great in the deliverability area.

And, what you send emails end up in the Spam folder, which means people, your list is not going to read it because it’s in the Spam folder.

Other than that, if they even see it, then it’s going to ruin and damage your reputation because your email is going to the spam.

But, with ActiveCampaign, they pay a lot of attention to help you to basically make sure that the emails that you send, your leads, and clients will see it in their inbox…

…which gives a great chance to be actually read it and engage with that email. Email templates. We talked about that.

And, basically, all the tools that you need for successful email marketing, you can find it. I’m not going to go through all these details.

The link is in the description, so you can check this out, this page, and other pages to test it.

So, in the marketing automation area, what I want to show you is a bit later in the demo, you will see this in live, basically the editor.

But, to give you how logical you can set up basics and automation, it provides many, many options that you can trigger in events.

So, for example, in this case, when a contract visits a webpage, that can trigger automation and wait an hour. Then, after that, send an email and then be it a day.

And then, after that, decide if whatever happens, then based on that, decide what other action needs to be taken. And, it’s really, really great. Okay, so, let’s talk about user-friendliness.

It is a really flexible email automation platform. They made it as easy as possible to use it. I got to be honest because it is so flexible, it has a bit longer learning curve than some other platforms.

But, once you’re over that learning curve, it will be easy to use. And then, you will really enjoy the flexibility of ActiveCampaign over the other providers.

In a minute, I’ll show you in a demo how flexibility it is and easy to use. So, it’s really worth getting on with it and to that learning curve.

So, let’s talk about the training because obviously, it has a learning curve. If you’re new to it, it’s going to have learning curve.

And, to make sure that your learning curve is quick and smooth, they provide demos, videos, how-tos, articles, and more.

And, there’s an ActiveCampaign University where you can find maybe helps, talks, communities, marketing automation-related videos…

…and guides, sales section, videos, guides, articles, email marketing guides, videos that are webinars.

And, even if you need a more hands-on learning than one-on-one help, some of these are, you can basically reach it without registering.

Some of these other things, you need to register, but it gives you a great opportunity when you need help to speed it up to get someone on a call…

…an experienced person and to help you out to how to do things. Let’s talk about the support.

So, anytime when you need help, they provide really great support. It’s a friendly team. You can contact them through online forum, you can contact them through live chat.

If you have questions or need help, there is a community, which is a forum on the website. It is an active community, so people are posting asking questions.

It’s great to have a boost, the support and community. I recommend you, to when you are trying out any softwares, this or any other softwares, try out the support and community.

Even if you don’t have questions, ask a boost of them, like ask the supporters, the community and see how easy, and basically how friendly and helpful they are. ActiveCampaign is great.

I found it friendly and helpful both the support and the community. When you have questions, you can ask both channels, support, community.

One of them will get back to you sooner quicker. And, let’s talk about the test.

So, whenever you’re trying out new software, always test it, always register a free trial.

Or, if they have a money-back guarantee, then register and test it out, set yourself a goal, a specific goal that you want to test, and do that.

So, I’m going to show you quickly because we are talking about email automation, that area. So, this is the after, like registering and actually logging in. You’re going to see something similar.

This is my account that I’ve been using for many years now and I built 161 automations just in this account. And, I’m going to show you this.

It does do a lot more and provides a lot more. But, let’s just quickly go through an automation. This is a test automation that I quickly set up just to show you simply how it works.

So, for example, when somebody subscribed to this list, the 47 links email list, then this automation is going to be triggered automatically.

And, when it’s triggered, basically this system is going to send an email, a welcome email.

And then, he’s going to wait for one day, then he’s going to send another email, a different one that’s going to wait another day…

…and it’s going to decide if someone opened this email, then it’s going to go down this path and they’re going to do these actions.

If somebody didn’t open the email, then it’s going to go down this path and do these events.

So, in this case, they’re going to get an email, wait another day. And, they’re just simply going to go through this place.

So, anybody who read it, they’re going to get an email, they’ve watched this video, email. If they didn’t read this email, then they’re going to get this one and they’re going to get to watch this video.

This is flexible. You can move around everything. Just to show you that, the flexibility. Currently, this is a trigger that once someone subscribed, but basically you can click here.

And, there are many options, many events that you can start this. It can be database. It can be an event.

Again, some goals achieved, many others, many options that you can trigger or somebody subscribe to another list.

Whenever you see like a plus sign, you’re going to add elements, like sending an email, sending a text or notification. You can update elements.

You can start another automation, or end this automation, or end another automation, or like advanced when you trigger the Webhook and contact section. You can subscribe to someone you like.

They’re going through this automation, you can automatically subscribe them to another of your list, or unsubscribe them, or updates their details.

And, there are some Salesforce integrations. And, there are other integrations.

So, basically, in this automation, you can automatically, you can add it to Google Sheets or send them a text with a third-party provider…

…or you can verify that email address or many other ways that you can use these, or you can send a Slack message.

And, just to show you how easy this drag and drop editor, you can literally drag and drop it and move elements and copy elements. And, really simply, you can delete an element.

And, it’s that simple to move things around, delete them and flexibly create the logic that you want to follow. You can easily send them different emails and build up a logic that automatically runs down.

And, it’s really amazing that once you build an automation, it can just run by itself and save you so much time and do so much work for you. Let’s edit this email.

So, you can see that this is the automation, that was the automation that we’re talking about. And, this is an email editor.

Currently, what you see, this is a template I grabbed from the templates of ActiveCampaign. This is one of 125 email templates. It’s nice and designed.

Well, I ordered the editor, so it’s a bit changed around, but it gives you a view on that. You don’t need to be a designer. You don’t need to be technical.

Really simply, you can just use templates and send beautiful emails. Pretty simply, you can easily just click and edit text.

Just as easily, you can highlight and change the color, you can change the text size, you can move around things just simply grab it…

…and move it around, you can easily either delete elements and you don’t need this.

And, if you change your mind just as easily, oh I just need a text block here, you can order it and you can click here and edit it and say like– I want this in the middle.

Most of the elements that you click on, you will see options on the right-hand side to change the backgrounds, and colors, and font size, and options that you can really flexibly design it.

As you can see, it’s a really simple to use drag and drop editor with this input to put something beautiful together that you can send your list.

So, when people open your list, open your emails that you can see something, something really beautiful or you can send something simple as well if you prefer that.

So, this is the test, this is the demo that I wanted to show you so you can see that it’s really simple to use it.

And, even though I could tell you a lot more about why ActiveCampaign is the best marketing automation software for follow-ups, ultimately you will only truly see it when you try it out yourself.

So, I really recommend you to come here and actually try it out. There’s a link in the description. You can use it to register for a free trial, 14-day free trial.

You can use the tips as well. You can use the tip as well to extend your free trial.

But, I really recommend you to go and try it out yourself because that’s the true way, that’s the ultimate way that you can see the benefits of it. You can see how it works.

You can see how much it actually matches with your business and how much it can provide you. That’s the best way to try it out and test it yourself. That’s the best way to see the benefits.

Okay, this is it for now.

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Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.”


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