Which Marketing Automation Software Is The Best?


Which Marketing Automation Software Is The Best For Lead Generation And Sales? 

If you’re a non-techy entrepreneur, marketing automation for small business may seem intimidating to you. This is often the case for many small business owners and the common reason they pass up on marketing automation. 

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be intimidating at all! With the right marketing automation tools and software, you’ll be on your way to saving time and money while growing your business. 

But, before finding out which marketing automation software is the best, it’s important to know marketing automation basics and its benefits. 

Today, you will discover: 

  • What marketing automation is
  • Marketing automation benefits for small business owners like you 
  • The most popular and trusted marketing automation software today on the market
  • How to use this marketing automation software to help you achieve your business goals 
  • Why learning from the experts in marketing automation is crucial to growing your business 

Marketing automation is truly a wonderful tool for both non-techy and techy entrepreneurs. Whichever phase you are in growing your business, having a marketing automation tool to help you would definitely save you time, money, and more! Try the best marketing automation software today!

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“In today’s market, it can be quite challenging to find the marketing automation tools that are specifically the BEST for your small business.
From this episode, you’ll find out which marketing automation software is the best for lead generation and sales and why.
And at the same time, you’ll see a 20-step review framework that you can use any time when you need to pick a new marketing tool.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show that reveals marketing automation strategies for busy entrepreneurs to get MORE done in LESS time, in digital marketing and business.
Before we go through the review, let me share with you a few things. For over a decade, I’ve been involved in building various web applications…
and in the past 5-6 years my main focus has been marketing automation. Because of that background, when I look at a marketing software, I tend to see things from a different angle.
But in this review, I try to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur who has recently started exploring marketing, wants to keep things simple…
…and wants to get more marketing done in less time WITHOUT needing to be technical. OK, let’s go through the ClickFunnels review from that point of view so you can see if it is worth it for you to try.
Number 1: Get Super Clear. Generally, either you’re looking for a software to solve one of your problems or to achieve a specific goal.
It is absolutely fundamental to become super clear about your problem and goals before you start looking for any tool as the solution.
Otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll end up wasting time and money on marketing softwares that are not good for you.
For the sake of the review, I’m going to give you a very short example but you can get more clear on your own situation.
Let’s say you’re a business owner who wants to get more leads and customers online but experiencing problems in this area.
Your goal is to get more leads and customers to keep things simple without technical hassles and do all that without marketing eating up your time and life.
And you heard about ClickFunnels, a potential tool to solve that problem. With that said let’s move on to step 2 which is…
First Impression. Simply open ClickFunnels’ website in your browser and have a quick look around without making any final decisions.
You can find the link to the official website in the description. Their website looks clean and professional. On the top of the page, starting with a compelling promise in video and text format.
We’ll get back to that compelling promise in a minute. As you scroll down on the page, you can see key numbers of the tool, clear information on funnels…
…the various benefits you get, a quick and easy demo, multiple case studies from different industries. The overall look and feel of the website is professional.
And it’s a promising first impression that makes you feel having a deeper look, which we’ll do in the following steps.
Number 3: The Big Promise. Check if the software PROMISES to solve your specific problem, or to help you to achieve your goals.
Obviously, even if the promise is there, it’s not a guarantee it will really work, but it is a good sign, and it shows the potential of the marketing tool.
The big promise of ClickFunnels is on the top of their website…
…which is “Quickly Create Beautiful Sales Funnels That Convert Your Visitors Into Leads And Then Customers (Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!)”
If you’re looking to get leads and customers in a simple way that doesn’t require a tech team and want to do it time efficiently, then, their promise shows good potential.
Number 4: Other Claims. Besides seeing that the tool can potentially help you, look around to see what OTHER benefits the tool can give you.
You may see something that can be the solution to other problems you have. Or it can replace one or more of your current tools. Or it can save you more time and money you expected at first glance.
And those extra benefits or the lack of them can help you to make the decision later. In case of ClickFunnels, here’s a few benefits that are worth noticing.
They not only give you the software, you also get relevant marketing strategies with it, conveniently in one place.
Later in this review, we’ll get back to this because this is an important factor for choosing any type tools. And now, back to the other benefits which include Simple drag and drop website editor.
Pre-designed funnels that generate leads and sell your products. Revenue boosting hacks like “1 click upsell.” Follow-up funnels, which make it easy for you to reach out to your customers via email…
…social, text, and desktop notifications which are great ways to maximize the efficiency of your follow-ups and boost your sales.
Backpack, which is the name of a tool that makes it simple for you to run your own affiliate program that can motivate more people to recommend your funnels and products.
As it seems, they are not only giving you a tool to build funnels, you’re getting a bundle of things that can help you in each step of lead generation…
…and online sales to turn visitors into leads and customers to follow-up with them through multiple channels to increase your revenue and more.

Now, that we’ve seen the benefits ClickFunnels can give you, the next step is #5: Can It Work For You?
Research the tool’s website for signs that show it can potentially work for you. Things like Your industry or similar ones. Keywords that refer to similar business like yours.
And check the reviews if you can see similar people like you who have achieved success with the tool. You can find these information on ClickFunnels’ website, on the second half of the page.
Around the middle, there’s a quiz that helps you to find out which funnel is the best for growing your specific business.
And in that section, you can see different business types like agency, e-commerce, coaching, info product, local business, and more.
Around the third quarter of the page, there are testimonials from people with various businesses who have achieved success by using ClickFunnels.
Look through the quiz and the testimonials, if you can see your type of business and similar people like you who have achieved success, then that’s a good sign.
The next step is #6: Social Proof. Have a look around for some numbers of the tool, testimonials, and reviews.
For example, there are some informative numbers on the top of their website like close to 150k entrepreneurs are actively using ClickFunnels.
Their customers combined made almost $10 Billion dollars, with a B, through ClickFunnels. These numbers show that it’s a really popular marketing tool…
…and is helping entrepreneurs to achieve quite a success which is a good sign. A bit earlier, I talked about the testimonials you can find around the third quarter of the page.
If you haven’t yet, check them out. Besides those, read some reviews outside of the tool’s official website. For example, on reputable consumer review sites, like Trustpilot and others.
On Trustpilot, ClickFunnels has over 1,000 reviews with an average 4.6 rating, out of 5, which is a good sign. Read some reviews and remember about reviews in general.
When you read a bad review, pay attention if it feels like coming from a hater who wants to tear down the company, or if it feels like authentic feedback listing the good and bad things as well.
And take the good reviews with a pinch of salt. They show you the potential, obviously, they are not guarantees, but good signs.
The next step is #7: The Age. Check out how old the tool is. If a marketing software is relatively new, the social proofs may come from the early hype of the tool, and may not reflect the reality.
On the other hand, if it has been around for a while, and shows long-term steady success, that’s a better sign. ClickFunnels was born in 2014 and seems to steadily and successfully helping businesses ever since.

OK, next thing to check out is #8: The Tricky Price. Let me explain why the price is always a tricky element when it comes to selecting any tools.
Taking a quick look at the number and making a decision based on that is overlooking a lot of important things. The 3 BIG questions are… First, What is included in the price?
In my experience, it is common that you can’t see all the values you get until you actually try the software, research the areas that only members can access, and research the community of the tool.
And only after that, you get the full picture on what is included in the price. And when it comes to ClickFunnels, it is really true.
Their website highlights the key benefits you get, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. And after trying it out, you’ll see a more full picture of it.
Later on, I’ll get back to this and tell you more about what is included in price, covering the hidden golden nuggets as well. The second question is Are there any hidden charges?
ClickFunnels has straight price plans without hidden fees which is great. They have 2 plans. The ClickFunnels plan, which is great for starting out, and it’s $97 / month.
And the other plan is ClickFunnels Platinum, which includes a lot more things, and it’s $297 / month. Either plan you choose, each month you pay the same amount, there is no surprise in the fees.
So you can easily calculate your investment into your budget. Again, these are just numbers. Later in this review, you’ll find out more about what value you can actually get for it. The third question is…
Are updates and future features included? It’s definitely a plus point when the company is constantly improving the tools and the related materials.
And you’re getting more and more value for the same amount of money over time. ClickFunnels is constantly improving its software and related materials.
And so far, they kept adding them to the plans. More and more value for the same money which is great.
OK, the next step is #9: Trial As I mentioned earlier, you can’t really get a full picture of a marketing software until you try it. So always check out if there’s a trial and see how it works exactly.
In case of ClickFunnels, there’s a 14-day free trial. And through their website, that’s the only way you can get started with it.
In the description, you can find a link to the trial. For those 2 weeks, you get full free access to your selected plan. You can play around with the software, use it, and start benefiting from it.
Like a lot of other companies, ClickFunnels ask for your credit card details up front so you can enjoy an uninterrupted experience when your free 14-day trial ends.
And either you’re fully happy or you can simply cancel your trial anytime. Which makes it simple and easy for you to give it a try.

OK, the next step is #10: Money Back Guarantee. This is more important in the case of those tools that don’t have free trials.
Or you feel like you need more time to try the software than the given trial. Clickfunnels gives 2 weeks of free trial which is a good amount of time to test it.
Hey, how’ you doing? If you’ve been enjoying this episode so far then let me ask you a favor. Click on the “like” button right now. With that, you can support us to create more videos for you just like this one.
Thank you for your thumbs up and now let’s continue.
Let’s quickly talk a bit about the trial registration. You can find the link in the description.
On the website, there’s a really obvious “Start Free 14 Day Trial Now” button, which will take you through a quick and easy registration process.
You’ll need to enter a few details like name, email address, and a password. Then, simply, you’ll choose one of the two plans.
Remember, it’s a FREE trial, so it makes sense to try the Platinum plan and try everything inside ClickFunnels. If you change your mind, you can cancel or downgrade anytime.
After that, the next step is entering your billing information quickly. The reason you fill this in upfront so after the free 14 day period you can keep enjoying the software without any interruption.
In the next step of the registration process, you’ll have an option to join the One Funnel Away Challenge. I’ll tell you more about that later in this episode.
And the last step of the process is, claiming your free FunnelHacker T-shirt. After the trial is registered, you’ll have your access to ClickFunnels.
And with that said, let’s jump into what the essential things are to check DURING the trial.
Number 11: Features. The very first important thing to do after registration is to go through every single menu one by one to get a bit familiar with ClickFunnels overall.
Then, the next step is to go and look at the specific features that promise to solve your problem or to help you to achieve your goals. At this stage, you’re not doing a deep test yet.
It’s more about playing around with those features and getting more familiar with them, on desktop and mobile. And later on, we’ll get back to dedicated testing.
After registration, the first page you’ll see is the Dashboard, which gives an overview of a few important things like how you can schedule a free onboarding call with a ClickFunnels specialist.
It’s an option that can help you to get started easier. Besides that, there’s a checklist to help you to take all the key steps to set up your funnel and follow up system.
and on the second half of the page, you’ll be able to see key numbers later on, like opt-in, sales, and commission numbers.
There’s one more exciting thing about the dashboard, and later on, I’ll tell you more about that and why it’s so cool. For now, the next step is to explore the rest of the software There are 5 key areas.
The first one is the menu called ClickFunnels. Under which, you can find all the relevant features for building and managing your funnels, contacts, sales insights, funnel marketplace, and more.
Remember, at this stage, just have a quick look around and get a bit familiar with the tool overall and later on you will dig deeper.
The second key area is the Follow-Up Funnels menu, including everything you’ll need to set up and manage your automated follow-ups, email, text, messenger, and browser notifications.
The third key area is the menu called Backpack, which is a tool that will help you to run your own affiliate program, so people will be more motivated to recommend your funnels and services.
And all you need for that is under that menu. Things like your affiliate dashboard, the details of your affiliates, commissions, payments, leaderboard, commission plans, affiliate types, and settings.
The fourth key area is the Help menu, where you can get technical support, join Virtual Hackathons, or a zoom call called Office Hours a bit further down on that page you can find guides, video training…
…the podcast, the blog recommended business books the One Funnel Away Challenge, which I’ll tell you more about later on.
And, you can also join the ClickFunnels community that has over 250,000 entrepreneurs in it.
The fifth and last key area is the Profile menu with profile settings account, billing, and other settings and with a “What’s New” section ClickFunnels is always improving…
…and the users are getting more and more value over time and there’s an Affiliates area as well, something that will get back to later.
Going through all the pages one by one gives a bit more insight on what’s included and where to find things. And later, we’ll dig deeper and I’ll show you a quick demo on building an actual funnel.
Before we move on to the next step fo the review, just a few notes on the mobile app of ClickFunnels.
At the time of creating this episode, it has very minimal functionalities, shows a few stats and links to the Marketing Secrets podcast and site. And that’s all.
So almost always, you’ll use the desktop version with all the features available. And considering the nature of the tool, most likely you won’t miss the mobile app at all.
Number 12: User Friendliness. Most companies aim to create user-friendly tools, but this area is quite subjective.
Depending on your past experiences and skills a new software can be hard or really easy to use for you. From the point of view of a non-technical entrepreneur…
I’d say it’s relatively user-friendly and straightforward to find things and use them. As you could see it earlier, there are quite a lot of promising marketing features available for the users.
And just like anything new in life, it requires some learning curve.
The good news is that it’s quite intuitive so you can learn some things as you use it and if something is not clear, you can easily find the relevant guides or ask the helpful support.
Number 13: Training. When you test any tools Look out for 2 types of training First one is the ‘Strategy’ type.
And the other type is ‘How To’. Relevant ‘Strategy’ type training will show you how to use the software to carry out specific marketing strategies.
The companies that really want you to succeed have ‘Strategy’ type training. At the same time, it’s not always included in the price of the software…
…so have a look if the training would be an extra investment. The other type of training is the ‘How To’, which shows things like where you can find certain features…
…which button is doing what, step-by-step guides of the features, and so on. Usually, this is included with the software.
ClickFunnels is one of those rare companies that go all out on providing relevant training to help their users to truly succeed. They provide a free onboarding call.
You get access to an entire streaming service called FunnelFlix. Including training by Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Tony Robbins, and a lot more experts.
People normally pay for those training individually a lot of money. And some of these courses are exclusive and not available anywhere else.
The normal ClickFunnels plan includes some of that, while the platinum plan includes ALL of them.
Those training cover all the up-to-date key strategies that you need for generating leads and online sales and more. It is an absolute marketing knowledge gold mine.
Besides that, in the Platinum plan, you get access to the Virtual Hackathons that show you how to build your funnels step by step, and you can also ask any questions about your funnels.
In the official ClickFunnels group, they do live training from time to time that you can watch for free. They provide multiple free webinars and summits on various different marketing topics.
And these are just some of the free training you can access when you use ClickFunnels.
And there’s more. On top of all that, you have many options to get extra training by ClickFunnels amazing books like DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets…
…and Copywriting Secrets and in-depth online training, 30-day challenge, and more.
The last one I mentioned is called the One Funnel Away Challenge, which is a 30-day challenge to get started with your first or next funnel the RIGHT way.
Unlike normal online courses, in this challenge, you not only get a great training, you also do the challenge alongside thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs.
So you’re not alone in it, you get the benefits of a great community and accountability as well. Which can help to achieve success easier.
And I could go on a lot longer telling you about all the training options they have. The KEY point I want to make is that ClickFunnels not only give you a marketing tool…
…they also provide you relevant strategy and how-to trainings so you can be truly successful. If you’re thinking about right now, that sounds like a LOT of things to learn.
Those trainings are OPTIONS, which means you can pick the relevant training you need right now, study it, implement it and achieve success with it.
Like if your goal is to get leads and build your email list, you can watch the List Building Secrets course, implement it and achieve your goal. OK, after checking out trainings, the next step is…
#14: Support. Almost all marketing tools come with some sort of support. The BIG question is how good it is. ClickFunnels provide an easy-to-use support system inside the tool.
On every page, you can easily and quickly contact the support which is a great thing because if you’d need any help it’s right at your hand.
The company has 200+ members on their support team all around the world. They are really helpful with any questions. Usually, within a few hours, they reply. Sometimes a lot quicker.
A bit later in this review, we’ll get back to the support because there’s one more important thing about it. The next step is…
#15: Community. The official community of a marketing tool can be a great place to meet like-minded people, get inspired, get some insider information.
In case of ClickFunnels, their main community is in a Facebook group, over 250,000 entrepreneurs. It’s a really active group.
If you have questions, you can post them and somebody quite quickly will give you answers and recommendations. You can also help and network with others.
People are sharing their success stories which is really inspiring. There’s also some official presence in the community. Sometimes ClickFunnels do special live trainings inside the group.
Most of the community is friendly, welcoming, and helpful. If you haven’t done it yet click on the like button right now. That gets this video to reach and help more entrepreneurs like you.
Thank you for your “like”. And with that said, let’s get back to the review.
Number 16: The Test. The best way to get the most out of your trial is to actually test the tool and the related elements. Set yourself a small goal that you want to achieve during the test.
And work on that to have a more real experience. Besides testing the software, test 1-2 relevant trainings that can help you to achieve your test goal.
In case of any new software, it’s a good idea to test the support and the community as well. Ask them questions and see how much they help you.
When it comes to ClickFunnels, a good small goal can be “setting up a funnel”. And in the following demo, I’ll show you how to do that.
Okay, let’s start setting up a funnel. Let’s say the goal is get some leads for your business. So we’ll go in that direction.
There is one thing that we need to prepare before we do this. So let’s go the Follow-up funnels email list. In a few minutes, you’ll see why we’re doing this time.
So let’s create a new email list. Just simply set a name for it and create a new list. Leads, here you will be able to see the subscribers, the people the leads opted in. Let’s go to ClickFunnels.
This menu is called Build Funnel, let’s start with this. There are two ways to build a funnel. One of them is actually creating a custom funnel.
As you’re new to the process, you can start with the super-easy way and just follow the step-by-step guide. As you can see, you can choose a goal.
You can collect email addresses to build your list, sell your products or host a webinar. In our case, let’s go for building a list to get leads. And, let’s choose this one and then you set a name.
Let’s name it “Lead Funnel” just for the test. As you can see, there’s a bit of information here about how it’s going to look like on a landing page, in a thank you page.
And when you click on the Build Funnel button, it will take for a moment to load those tabs. As you can see, it’s created two tabs.
One of them is the opt-in where people will land in the thank you page. In a moment, we’ll go through those tabs. A bit above this there is a Launch Checklist that you can open if you need a bit of extra help.
It gives you a list of things to do to launch this funnel.
Then, a couple of tabs on the top, this Steps, we’re looking at right now. In a moment, I’ll explain everything here.
There is a Stats where you will be able to see how many people opted in and then what days and dates. There is a Contacts tab where we will be able to see the people who opted in.
There is a Setting tab which has — from these settings like the name of the funnel, which word is set, and more advanced settings throughout…
…things like connecting to other apps like Gmail and different other apps These are more or advanced settings. For now, for the test, let’s focus on that specifically for the test.
There are two things I want to mention. One of them is the domain name. So by default, your funnel will be available on the ClickFunnels domain name.
At the moment, we are not able to see that. Later on, I will show you. First, we will need to choose this, and then with a CD domain.
Anyway, by default, the domain is going to be a sub-domain of ClickFunnels. If you want to change it to your own brand-own business, then you can select here the Domain.
There’s a link here you can open it and add new domains. Just click on it, and then, there are two options.
One of them is registering a new domain via ClickFunnels and that option is using an existing domain name that you already have. And whichever you choose, there are easy steps to follow.
In this demo, we’re not going to go into that deeper but you know where you can do that. And the other one is the Head Tracking Code where you can add Google Analytics…
…and Facebook Pixel and similar tracking codes. And what you want here is going to be added to each step of the funnel. Those are two notes. Let’s move on to the Optin step.
So basically this is the Steps funnel and here’s the Optin. As you can see you have many options to choose from.
Many pre-designed opt-in pages that you can choose from. Anything that you like, you can just move your mouse over it and there’s a preview button and you can actually check it out on a bigger screen.
I say this is not what we want to choose. So we scroll down and just go through it and let’s see. This looks like something out of your imagination, for example. Then you can preview it.
And OK, this looks like something that you can imagine. Then, the next step that you will need to do is select the template, this button.
It takes a few seconds and that opt-in page is going to be imported into your account and it’s set up. What you need to do here is basically simply click on the Edit page button…
…and it will open a really simple and intuitive editor where you can change anything.
If you move your mouse around over the elements, things are going to pop up like if I’m here, as you can see, there’s a green panel. This shows a section.
If you click on the gear icon, you can set things on the section. For example, let’s say, I want to change the padding, the gap that is on the top in this section.
You can just move this and it simply changes right away. As you move your mouse around, the blue ones are rules in this area.
Again, you can click on the settings icon and you can easily change things around and it shows right away. The smallest elements on the page are the elements that shows with an orange fringe border.
With the elements, usually, you can do two things. If it’s text, you can click into it and you can edit the text simply as you would edit it in a Word document.
You can highlight and you can just underline things or cross and use these.
Besides that, that is a gear icon, settings icon as well where you can change things, you can change font sizes. You can change the color of the text and many other options.
There is an Advanced at the top as well where you can change things, you can set border, and similar things. When you want to move around things, it’s really simple.
You can just grab and move things around easily. Just drag and drop it. Simple to move things around as you wish. Also, if you don’t like elements, you can delete them.
In a moment, I will show you that as well. You can add sections, rows, and elements. Simply, let’s say, once you add a new section to the top and simply add a new row, let’s say, two columns.
When you add a new element, it will show up in a side panel and you have many options from headlines, paragraphs, bullet point lists, images, videos…
…and many other options that you can choose from and add it. Let’s say, a headline. I’m just going to drag and drop it here.
It’s not visible so we can click on the settings and change the color to white. Now, it’s visible.
On the side, let’s say, once you add image, just simply click on it and click on the settings icon and you can select an image.
You can upload your own image or you have the option to search for new images on Pixabay or you can find on Unsplash and just import them. For now, we’re going to use this image.
And as you can see, it’s really simple. With the columns, you can resize them easily. With the image as well, you have settings. You can set links and you can set maximum size for it.
If you don’t like an element and you don’t need it anymore, when you move your mouse around, you can see sections and the rows and the elements, all of them has this delete icon.
So you can simply remove any of them as you wish. Just like that, you can change colors, you can change anything on the page that you want to.
There’s another section, the settings, where you can set some general settings, the fonts, the backgrounds, some advanced settings like custom CSS, custom design, and tracking codes.
You can set SEO metadata. Again, this is the more advanced part but still really simple and easy to use. As you can see, title, description, keywords. You can set a social image.
This is the image, when you share the link of this page, then Facebook, Twitter, for example, they pull in this image and it’s more outstanding on social media which is great.
And there is an integration. So basically what happens with that, people are going to opt-in, they’ll type in that email address.
Obviously, when they type in that email address, their email address needs to go somewhere which is the email list. And if you do remember, we created an email list a bit earlier in this demo.
In the settings integrations, let’s set this to select. If you’re using Platinum plan of ClickFunnels, then you will see this ClickFunnels Internal (Actionetics) that you can use.
And Action, let’s say, Add to List. And List to Add the leads, this is list that we created. Just by selecting it, you choose it, it’s connected. Let’s see, it’s this one.
Once you change around things and you like it, you can preview it with this button and it will show the way that people are going to see it.
When people click on it, this shows up this form where they can type in. In a moment, we’ll test this. For now, I’m going to close this one and let’s go back.
You can click on the exit because the next thing that we need to do is actually prepare the thank you page. The thank-you page is the page that people will see after they opt-in.
Just like with the opt-in page, you have many options that you can select from. You can just scroll down, look it through, preview it.
Let’s say, in our case, on the landing page, on the opt-in page, we said that they’re going to fill in their email address that they’re going to get a video.
Let’s say, your goal is to get the list who watch the video and then after watching the video to get them to call you then. Then, for example, this page is — this can be a good option or this one.
For now, let’s use this one and just simply select the template. And then, here, again, edits the page. Look at these pages as fundamentals.
It may not going to be exactly the way you want it to be but the editor is so easy to use to move around things and change text. Congratulations, maybe you want to say “thank you” instead.
You can simply change it and edit images, change the logos, the text. The video, for example, set things again.
From YouTube, we need is just paste in the YouTube URL here and that we know is going to show up in this element. Just like on the opt-in page, you can move things around, change things, delete things.
It’s really simple. Once you have done that, simply save it. You can preview it as well to make sure that that looks the way we want it to look like.
After that, the last thing I want to show you is — Let’s leave. It’s to actually test it. Once you edited the opt-in page, the thank you page and it looks like the way you want it to look like.
Then, you go back to opt-in page and there is a button here with that one, you can open this funnel. And as you can see, this is how it looks like, and simply test it.
Let’s test it just like a user would click here and would fill-in the details like fill-in the email address here. Normally, this wouldn’t show up like this. So your best email address, they fill it in.
And when they click on this button, it’s going to take them to the thank you page, what we set up. And they can watch video, they can call you. It’s that simple.
As you can see, it is really simple to set up a funnel. It’s relatively simple and easy. Obviously, it requires some of your time to learn it.
But it’s just like everything else in life, every new things, it requires some learning curve. As you can see, in just about like 10-20 minutes easily, you can put something together.
It requires some time to get used to it but it’s relatively easy and simple even if you are not technical. OK, so this is it for the demo. For now, let’s get back to the review.

Number 17: Hidden Golden Nuggets. With a bit deeper research and asking the community, sometimes you can find quite amazing hidden golden nuggets in the universe of a marketing tool.
In case of ClickFunnels, here are a few examples. On the dashboard of the tool, there’s a kind of hidden panel, because pretty much everything else stands out more on that page so it’s easy to miss it.
And that panel is called FunnelFlix Training, with links that take you to a full-blown streaming service, which is included in your ClickFunnels plan.
To give you an idea why that is so cool You can watch full trainings by Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Tony Robbins, and a lot more experts.
People normally pay for those courses individually a lot of money, but you get access to them included in ClickFunnels. And some of these trainings are even exclusive and only available on FunnelFlix.
The normal ClickFunnels plan includes some of the trainings, while the platinum plan includes ALL of them.
And a warning about FunnelFlix, it can be highly addictive, and you can end up binge-watching a lot of great marketing videos in one go.
OK, the next hidden golden nugget is something you can’t find on their website. If you stick around for a while, use ClickFunnels…
…and keep your eyes open you’ll see these special free web classes popping up from time to time. Sometimes in emails, other times in a Facebook Live or ad.
What is so special about those free web classes? First of all, you can learn some amazing actionable marketing hacks on it. Just to give you two examples of many.
“How To Ethically Steal Over $1,000,000 Worth Of ‘Funnel Hacks’ From Your Competitor For Under $100” And another one is… “
How To Get The Exact Same Customers Who Are Going To Your Competitors’ Websites To Start Coming To Your Funnel Instead!” And that’s not all!
Usually, those web classes offer something special at the end of the class that is not available anywhere else.
Sometimes that opportunity is to get 6 months of ClickFunnels for free, other times something else amazing.
Either you jump onto the offer at the end of the training or not, the web class delivers a ton of value for free that you can implement and benefit from it.
I’ll leave you a few links to some of those hidden, free web classes in the description. You can watch them even without a ClickFunnels trial.
OK, the next golden nugget is something I mentioned in the previous episode as well. If you take your time…
…pay attention while you’re registering your free trial, you’ll see an option to claim a free FunnelHacker T-shirt in your size. These are a few hidden golden nuggets of many.
And there’s ONE more special one I want to share with you. In a minute, I’ll get back to that, and you’ll see why.
Number 18: Affiliate Program. Depending on your situation, this might not be a big factor in your decision when you’re choosing a marketing tool…
…but it still makes sense having a look because if you will love the software and will recommend it to others, why not benefit from it financially.
When it comes to ClickFunnels, they have a pretty impressive affiliate program with various products. For example, when somebody signs up to ClickFunnels via your affiliate link…
…you get a recurring commission each month till they are using the software. Besides that, you have the affiliate opportunity to recommend various other, related marketing products…
…like amazing books, summits, challenges, and online courses. By leveraging the affiliate program, you can get to the point when you get more affiliate commissions than you pay for the marketing tool.
And for those who recommend 100 active ClickFunnels customers, besides getting the monthly commission for all of them, you also get an extra $500 per month towards your dream car.
And when 200 customers sign up via your affiliate link and they are actively using the tool, then you get $1000 extra per month towards your dream car.
Plus, when you hit those numbers you also get an award for each of them, normally on stage, on a live event, in front of thousands of entrepreneurs.
Obviously, as nowadays, large live gatherings are not allowed, the winners get the award in the post. When you register to ClickFunnels, you’re automatically added to their affiliate program.
It’s an optional opportunity you can decide to use if you want to. Either you’re only focusing on using the marketing tool or decide to recommend it to others…
…explore the Affiliate Dashboard that you can find under your Profile menu. In a minute, I’ll tell you about another hidden golden nugget there.
So, first, you will see some useful information on the affiliate program like the recurring commission rates, the dream car contest rules, link to the ClickFunnels affiliate community…
…link to a free affiliate boot camp, link to an affiliate best practices ebook, and more. And in the top right corner of the page you can log in to your affiliate dashboard by clicking on a button.
On the Affiliate Dashboard, you’ll be able to see your earnings and other numbers. And most importantly, below that, you can find the products you can recommend.
And by clicking on the “Affiliate Tools – Get My Link” buttons along the page you can access relevant marketing materials and your affiliate link.
Earlier, I mentioned you to check out the affiliate area whether you want to recommend ClickFunnels or not.
There are some hidden golden nuggets there Some of the products and courses, like the software and the books, are easy to find publicly.
But other amazing products and courses are kind of hidden from the public, and people only see those by recommendations, or bump into them in a random blog post…
…or see an advert someplace, sometimes. But inside the affiliate dashboard, you have a list of ALL of those amazing courses and products.
And you can cherry-pick the most relevant ones for you, and benefit from them. OK, let’s move on with the review.
Number 19: Beyond The Tool. Have a look around what the company does beyond the software.
It helps you to gain a wider view of the big picture and get an insight into how you can benefit more from being in the universe of that tool.
In case of ClickFunnels, you’ll see that they do an awesome annual live event called Funnel Hacking Live. Great speakers and even better networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs.
Normally, it’s a live physical event. Due to the pandemic, temporarily, it turned into a virtual event. Besides that, ClickFunnels does free marketing webinars.
I mentioned those earlier. And you can find them in the description as well. On top of that, you can pick up a lot of useful knowledge from their two podcasts…
…the Marketing Secrets and Funnel Hacker Radio, which you can find on major podcast streaming platforms for free.
Check out their official YouTube channel as well, search for “Russell Brunson – ClickFunnels”. There, you’ll also find great marketing videos.
They are pretty much active on all major social media platforms as well and providing various values. Besides trying out the software, go and explore all those resources as well.
Either you decide to keep using the tool or not, you can benefit from the podcasts, videos, etc. a lot. And before we move onto the last step of the review, there’s one more exciting beyond-the-tool element.
They not only help entrepreneurs to succeed, they celebrate the success of the entrepreneurs with them.
Those who make 1, 10, or 100 million dollars using Clickfunnels, they get a 2 Comma Club Award. I believe they handed over 1,000 awards like that so far. OK, the last review step is…
#20: The Culture. From this review series, by now, you should have a good picture of the culture and universe of ClickFunnels. Just a few additional notes to it.
You can quite quickly realise, although it’s a large company, it radiates a more personal vibe with Russell Brunson as the face of the brand. He’s one of the co-founders.
When you spend some time in the universe of this tool, you’ll hear about the ways they are giving back to society. They support two major causes publicly.
One that is liberating children from modern-day slavery, and other one that is building schools and educating children in Africa.
And just by using ClickFunnels, you’re part of that as well. Because every time you make a funnel live, $1 is donated towards one of those causes.
And a dollar may not seem much, but the reality is it can feed an African child for a month. OK, one more thing before a quick recap and conclusion.
If you spend some time in the community, you can feel that it has a stronger community or tribe than most software out in the market.
I wanted to add these notes to the review and you can decide how much you factor this into your decision.
OK, it’s time for a quick recap and conclusion.
If you watched or listened to the previous two episodes and this one, you can see there’s a lot of great things going on around ClickFunnels all focused on helping entrepreneurs to succeed…
…to get more leads and online sales and grow their business.
We went through 20 strategic steps in this review series, from the things to check BEFORE the trial like, how you can see if it truly gives the benefits you want if it really has the potential to work for you, and…
…how you can avoid the pitfalls of misleading reviews, and why to avoid making rushed decisions based on only ONE number, the price and more.
Besides those, we also covered the things to check DURING the trial like, what is the first and most important steps to take right after starting the trial…
…and how you can see if the company really wants you to be successful, and how to truly test the software and get the deepest insights of all that helps the most to make your decision…
…and how to make the best out of your trial and what the hidden golden nuggets are and more. And now, let’s talk about the conclusion…
My opinion is if an entrepreneur’s goal is to get more leads and customers to grow their business to keep things simple without technical hassles…
…and do all that without marketing eating up their time and life then I believe ClickFunnels is a really great all-round solution to that.
They not only provide a marketing software, they provide various ways for entrepreneurs, with any level of marketing skills, to learn the relevant successful marketing strategies.
Either somebody prefers reading, or watching videos, or a more interactive challenge format, they provide great options to choose from.
I’ll leave you a link in the description where you can get your free 14-day ClickFunnels trial. Give it a go and let me know how it goes.
If you enjoyed this video, click on the like button. It helps the channel a bit.
And make sure to subscribe and hit the bell so you get notified of the future videos just like this one.
Thank you for watching. And see you in the next one.”


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